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Yuanqi forest fights fiercely in the Red Sea market

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Vitality forest goes to sea , With Liu Zhen's resignation, it had to come to an end .

not long ago , Media reports said , Liu Zhen, a senior executive in charge of Yuanqi forest's overseas business , Confirm your resignation from Yuanqi forest , from 2021 At the end of the year , Liu Zhen works in Yuanqi forest 1 year 3 Months , period , Yuanqi forest official once called Liu Zhen “ Led the team to explore overseas markets and achieved better than expected results ”.

And before that , The other two news also made the vitality forest on the tuyere receive a lot of attention from the outside world , One is that in the past six months , In addition to Liu Zhen, two senior executives of Yuanqi forest have left , Zong Hao and ran Hao at the vice president level , Responsible for brand operation and human resources respectively ; The second is from the 3 From the end of the month , The news of vigorous forest layoffs has been spread on the Internet for many times .

By convention , Yuanqi forest responded to the above hot spots one by one , But whether it's Liu Zhen's overseas business , Or the domestic market that has been popular for several years , Vitality forest has encountered the trouble of growth . future , The vitality forest that has created the myth of growth , Can it still be used “ Bubble ” Blow up greater opportunities ?

01 Internet “ Sparkling Water ”

The vitality of the forest blows “ Bubble ” How valuable it is ?

There are many previous statements , But now this number should be 950 One hundred million yuan .2021 year 12 month 20 Japan , Released at Hurun Research Institute “2021 Global Unicorn list ” in , But 5 In, Yuanqi forest ranked ninth in China's top ten list , Valued at 950 One hundred million yuan . In the giant beverage industry , The fledgling vitality forest has changed from a net red to a black horse .

To the outside world , The luck of Yuanqi forest is a little too good . Long before the founding of vitality forest , Founder Tang Binsen has never had a deep understanding of FMCG industry , Actually, from college , He has been dealing with computers .

1982 Tang Binsen, born in , Similar to other Internet giants , I've been in the mouth of parents since I was a child “ Somebody else's child ”, But the difference is , When other little friends are aspiring to become scientists 、 People's teachers , He wants to be a businessman 、 Rich man .

During the study period of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics , Tang Binsen chose computer major . In my senior year , He won the gold medal in Cannes computer program competition, France 25 Ten thousand yuan bonus .2008 year , Tang Binsen, a graduate student, established zhixingtong Technology Co., Ltd , The first game happy farm was developed in a short time , And quickly achieved success , This made Tang Binsen earn the first pot of gold in his life ——2012 In, he made a profit of ten million yuan only by overseas business .

2014 year ,32 Tang Binsen, 19, passed the company's smart stars to 26.6 Sold to... For 100 million yuan Chinese media , Successful realization of wealth and freedom , At a time when domestic entrepreneurship is booming, angel investors in transition . From the perspective of the time , Tang Binsen is undoubtedly a “ Head iron ” Investors , Because in the choice of track , Tang Binsen insisted on going to the fully competitive Great Red Sea track . The reason why the red sea became the Red Sea , The reason why blue ocean is still blue ocean , It is precisely because the Red Sea probability corresponds to good industries with large market space , Even if there are many players involved , But it's still profitable .

After study , Tang Binsen thinks there are great opportunities in the field of consumer goods , He picked the right drink track , At the time , Coca Cola in the beverage industry has a market value of 100 billion . The reason why Tang Binsen dared to use his knife in the traditional beverage industry , An important reason is its proud Internet product R & D model .

Tang Binsen believes that , Yuanqi forest's beverage products should learn from the game company , value “ Data driven ”. Compared to traditional companies 1 to 2 Year R & D cycle , Vitality forest compresses time to 3 to 6 Months , And do a drink taste test once a day or two on average . The test steps and indicators are also processed and standardized , After passing the internal test , Will enter the external test process .

Yuanqi forest burning tea is the first generation achievement of the above research and development methods , It has repeatedly tested dozens of drinks on the Internet . therefore , Different from other competitors, pricing pushes back costs , Vitality forest usually designs products first , Finally, add the profit margin , Then price . Of course , The premise supporting this model , Tang Binsen's strong financial resources , Otherwise, it is likely to die in the trial and error stage .

Now? , Yuanqi forest has nine main sub brands , The corresponding product category is : Sparkling Water 、 Milk tea 、 Lactobacillus drinks 、 Functional drinks 、 Sugar free tea 、 Plant fiber tea 、 Mineral water 、 Badan wood milk and yogurt , By analogy , The price of Yuanqi forest is generally higher than that of its competitors, at least 0.5 element .

Only fast people push the new speed one step 、 The decision-making chain and market strategy are obviously not enough , Another major feature of the Internet attribute is good at marketing .

In terms of product concept , Yuanqi forest is mainly focused on 0 sugar 0 fat 0 card , Has led to “ Bubble water is unhealthy ” The traditional concept of . what's more , In order to make a circle of vitality, the forest is willing to spend money . Tang Binsen once said in an interview :“ We dare to earn 20 100 million hours to take out 18 Billion to advertise .” With such courage , Yuanqi forest invited Zhang Yuqi 、 Jackson Yi 、 Gu Ailing and other stars make endorsements , It is also named online B Stand on the eve of the new year , stay 《 Our band 》《 A vigorous brother 》 Wait for the variety show to implant .

The effect is obvious , from 2018 - 2020 year , The revenue of Yuanqi forest is 2 One hundred million yuan 、6.6 Million dollars 27 One hundred million yuan ,2019 Years and 2020 The annual income growth rate is respectively 300% and 200%. stay 4 month 15 At the media communication meeting in Japan , Vice President Li Guoxun said ,“2021 year , The revenue of Yuanqi forest is 2020 In the same period of 2.6 times .” Based on this calculation , company 2021 Annual revenue 70 Billion yuan .

However , What worries the market is , Li Guoxun also revealed that the company's performance in the first quarter of this year increased only by 50%. This is not only far from the previous year-on-year growth rate of two or three times , Even just what Tang Binsen said at the end of last year “ Next three years 50%-60%” The lower limit of growth rate .

The problem is coming. , The vigorous forest that frequently creates the myth of high growth , Why lose confidence ?

02 The net becomes a public enemy

“2022 year , There will be no more bubble water from the vigorous forest on the market .‘ Two music ’ Both sides have met , Make up your mind to work in the forest .” not long ago , A middle and senior Coca Cola official once said so bluntly .

Why are beverage giants so hysterical about vitality forest ? One of the important reasons is , Vitality forest not only robbed their market , And ruined their jobs .Euromonitor data display ,2020 year , The global soft drink market is 7700.58 Billion dollars . among , Coca Cola occupies 14.9% Share , Pepsi 、 Nestle 、 Danone came next , To occupy separately 7.2%、2.8%、2.0% Share .

Industry concentration is so low , The parties with less track intersection should not interfere with each other's development , But the opposite is true . It is because “ Two music ” The giants are not performing well in new categories , And the vitality forest, whose sales volume is close to, has always been the main 0 sugar 0 card 0 The health concept of fat , It will further destroy the image of carbonated drinks with high sugar , It can be said that the rise of vigorous Forest Sales , It was done by stepping on the opponent's job .

therefore , Encircling the vitality forest has become the duty of almost every track player . Li Bingqian, general manager of Yuanqi forest production center, once talked about , stay 2018 - 2020 In, due to the interruption of supply by many agent factories , There was even a time when a manufacturer for an international giant directly stopped the production of Yuanqi forest , And didn't even give the reason , Only one month's transfer time is given . More Than This , Yuanqi forest has also been besieged and intercepted by international giants on the beverage bottle embryo and carbonated beverage production line .

actually , In addition to these off the table actions , The frontal confrontation between players has never stopped .

The bubble water in the vitality forest has not yet “ Out of circle ” front , Coca Cola has introduced sugar free bubble water , But there is hardly any wave in the market . Simply speaking , The sugar free version of Coca Cola , Just simply replace white granulated sugar with sugar substitute , No careful consideration of taste .

After being hit head-on by the vitality forest , The wealthy Coca Cola and a group of players quickly followed up , for example , Coca Cola launches the little universe AHHA Sparkling Water 、 The farmer mountain spring Launch key “0 sugar ” Fruity soda sparkling water 、 Pepsi Cola launched “ Smile bubble ” etc. .

In terms of channels ,2021 year , Several regional distributors of nongnongshan spring were informed by the headquarters not to act as agents for the products of Yuanqi forest , Especially bubble water , Although similar regulations already exist , But the reaction to vitality forest is obviously more intense .

All this , Tang Binsen and Yuanqi forest began to feel the plight of Xiaomi Lei army in those years , The asset light Internet model may be too idealistic . Li Guoxun once mentioned :“2019 Years ago , We have always been a new type of fast moving consumer goods company biased towards the Internet , But in 2019 Years later , We realized that without the moat and the security system for the whole food safety , It is difficult for enterprises to do long-term , So we began to learn from traditional enterprises .”

And learn from traditional enterprises , The first lesson is to build your own factory , Yuanqi forest said publicly , Self built factory is the most basic sincerity of a food enterprise , It is also the guarantee that Yuanqi forest can continuously produce good products . before , Yuanqi forest mainly entrusts Toyo 、 Jianlibao 、 Unified 、 Origen and other agent factories carry out product production , By several big brands “ thetime ” after , Yuanqi forest has been successively established in Chuzhou, Anhui Province 、 Guangdong zhaoqing 、 Tianjin Xiqing 、 Xianning, Hubei Province 、 Sichuan Dujiangyan and other places have landed 5 A self built factory , The total capacity is 50 Billion bottles of drinks . in addition , The annual output value can reach 24 The 100 million yuan Taicang factory in Jiangsu has also started construction .

Outside the self built factory , The second lesson of vitality forest supplement is the competition for channels . According to media reports , Nongfu mountain spring once issued a special policy for vitality forest : Your own freezer is not allowed to put vitality forest products . meanwhile , As long as the bubble water of farmer spring is put into the freezer of vitality forest , One bottle for each bottle. Price 3 Yuan Changbai snow mineral water , Capping 48 bottle .

And in order to break through this dilemma , The vigorous forest of trench gas is determined to build its own offline channels from scratch . stay 2020 At the Yuanqi forest dealer Conference , Tang Binsen announced that Yuanqi forest is planned to be launched nationwide 8 Ten thousand smart freezers . In order to speed up the landing , Yuanqi forest also provides real gold and silver support to dealers in terms of funds , According to the former media report , Compared with other brands, they put in freezers , One for 2000 To 3000 A deposit ranging from Yuan , Return to the dealer in three to four years , Yuanqi forest has taken a more radical 5-4-1 Pattern , That is, the freezer will be returned directly if it is qualified 50%, After launch 3 To 4 Months qualified , return 40%, Last but not least 10% It is offset by the deposit paid by the retail terminal to the dealer ,5 Return to the dealer after years .

All this must be based on money ,2021 When new consumer financing was cold in , Yuanqi forest has carried out two rounds of financing with high gold content , data display , These two rounds of financing have brought about 7 Billion dollars in cash flow .

even so , Vitality forest still bears a heavy burden . The first is the investment of self built factories , According to the planning of Yuanqi forest , Its total investment will be as high as 55 One hundred million yuan , This does not include later operations 、 Cost of materials, etc .

In terms of channel construction , For freezers only ,2021 In, the number of refrigerators under the line of Yuanqi forest reached 8 Ten thousand units , But compared to Coca Cola 2019 About in 130 Ten thousand units , Master Kang contains Pepsi 、 Xingbingle 80 Ten thousand units , About farmer mountain spring 65 Ten thousand units , It's still rare . If each 3000 At the price of yuan , Each unit is depreciated annually 600 element , The goal is 40 Ten thousand units means annual depreciation loss 2.4 One hundred million yuan , and , Electricity subsidy 、 Labor cost 、 The cost of display, transportation and maintenance shall be calculated additionally , This is a real negative equity .

However , These are still not the most important issues , The real problem lies in the increasingly urgent market situation .2019 Before, the market share of Yuanqi forest was as high as 85%, but 2020 After all the competitors caught up in ,2021 In the second half of the year, the market share of Yuanqi forest decreased to the highest 50%. The little universe of rising star Coca Cola AHHA、 The farmer mountain spring soda bubble water is in 25%、18% about .

Believe in , This is also one of the main reasons why Yuanqi forest took the initiative to reduce its revenue growth .

03 Looking for hot money and a way out

Since the bubble water came out of the circle , It's been a long time since Yuanqi forest burst .

And the popular online model has become “ Mrs. Niu ”, It is the most common norm in the beverage industry , For example, Master Kang jasmine tea in the past 、 The water of Nongfu mountain spring dissolves 、 tea π, Unified Xiaoming, etc , The peak period of these products is generally difficult to exceed 3 year . If you look at it from this point of view, bubble in water , Vitality forest does have reason to feel anxious .

According to relevant statistics ,2021 In the sales collection in , The products of Yuanqi forest, bubble water and burning tea, account for nearly 90% of the company's sales , The proportion of bubble water is higher than that of over burned tea , Nearly 90% . There is no following air and water 、 The third explosion after burning tea , It's the biggest headache of Yuanqi forest right now .

It's not that the vitality forest doesn't work hard , But there is really some helplessness . As early as 2020 in , Tang Binsen once disclosed ,2021 The year is the year of vitality forest “ product ” New year , Vitality forest and 95% We didn't push out our products , R & D expenses and R & D personnel will reach 2020 Year of 3 times .

in fact , The investment of vitality forest is more than expected , At the end of last year , Yuanqi forest disclosed some business data for the first time : By 9 month , The company's R & D costs increased year-on-year 350%. in the past 12 Months , New beverage flavors 30 More than , Average product R & D cycle 5.5 Months .

However , Such strong R & D investment and confident product layout , Did not let the vitality forest produce a new explosion . before , Yuanqi forest once pushed a microbubble juice with full price , pricing 10 Yuan of above , But this one claims a juice content of 99% The concentrated reduced juice has not splashed on the market , later , Yuanqi chose to give up the investment in this product , The full score series has also been erased from the introduction on the official website , Only put it on the official store full of vitality for online sale .

At a time when the new funds of Yuanqi forest are difficult to give birth , The pressure from competitors has never stopped . This year, 2 month , Coca Cola announced the launch of a new global creative platform Coca Cola “ Le Chuang is boundless ”, The company said in the media “ Hope to establish close ties with young people , Celebrate the experiences that bring them happiness .”

Develop new products 、 Self built factory 、 Expand offline channels …… Three board axe down , The situation of Yuanqi forest being surrounded, chased and intercepted has not been completely reversed . In order to survive , Vitality forest decided to go to sea .

According to a person familiar with the matter , In terms of management style , Tang Binsen appreciated it very much , therefore , Vitality forest will be used for internal communication nailing Change to flying book 、 use OKR management 、 Hold a monthly review meeting . Internal management is like a game company , Many teams are racing , Only when the data is good will we get the resources .

Of course , Liu Zhen, who once made great contributions when he went to sea , Also appreciated by Tang Binsen .

Liu Zhen, a lawyer, is the niece of Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of Lenovo Group , He is also a strong general in opening up Xinjiang and expanding territory .2015 To join in Uber Responsible for the localization strategy of the Chinese market , A year later ,Uber Share from 2% Turned into 1/3;2016 Add byte jitter in , Responsible for international business , Today's headlines come from Sequoia Capital 、 CCB international, etc 10 $ D Round of funding ,Flipagram and Wholly-owned acquisition ,2017 Liu Zhen was a figure in financing and overseas acquisitions in .

Internationalization for one year , At present, Yuanqi forest products have entered the mainstream channels of many developed countries , At present, the products have entered the United States 、 Canada 、 The British 、 The French 、 Germany 、 Australia 、 New Zealand 、 Japan 、 Korea, etc 40 Multiple overseas markets .

In terms of product performance , The trump card of vitality forest “ Sparkling Water ”, It took half a year from 380 Mingqi , Once operated to the top of Amazon bubble water list of American e-commerce platform 10. Although this list is updated every hour , Vitality forest is not firmly in the top 10 In the list , But it also partially proved itself .

But it's not enough , In the European and American market , Coca Cola 、 Pepsi 、 Nestle 、 danone 、 San pello 、Dr Pepper And so on have been deeply cultivated for many years . Even if it is “ new ” competitors , It also makes the vitality forest difficult to parry , for example ,Spindrift BlackBerry flavored sparkling water , Except for different tastes , The concept of health is the same ;Sparkling Ice Cherizi bubble water , each 5 calories ,0 Carbon water , Looks healthier than the vitality forest .

meanwhile , Complicated compliance 、 Localization problems and the impact of the epidemic also make it difficult for Yuanqi forest to go to sea . In terms of the epidemic , Its biggest impact is the shortage of goods in overseas channels . according to the understanding of , Yuanqi forest's e-commerce channel in Australia has experienced a quarter of out of stock . This has seriously increased the demand of local dealers or end retailers for products Trust degree , There is also a risk of being forgotten by consumers .

In this situation , Even the international hero Liu Zhen feels helpless , Finally, I hate and leave my job . To some extent, this shows that , At low threshold 、 Homogeneous bubble water market , Facing the competition of international giants and cutting-edge brands , It's hard for the vitality forest to get out of the circle . Then superimpose the epidemic situation 、 compliance 、 Localization and other issues , The sea going process of vitality forest will be particularly difficult .

As a giant Challenger , Vitality forest may need more exploration and innovation .

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