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The total number of relevant videos is more than 5 billion! Kwai releases the first round observation report of NBA playoffs

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2021-2022 season NBA The playoffs are in full swing , The fierce duel in the first round has aroused the attention and discussion of a large number of fans . The Kwai Watch report shows ,4 month 17 solstice 4 month 30 During the day , The total amount of relevant videos played on the platform is 50.1 Billion , The total interactive volume of relevant videos is 2.3 Billion ,“ Watch interesting NBA Content , Kwai Fu ” Has become more and more NBA The only choice for fans .

Short video becomes the popular engine of the event , Raise the tide of watching the team

Current NBA The first round of the playoffs has been bursting , Curry feels hot and makes the court rise and fall “ Three minute rain ”, Take the warriors to the Western semi-finals , Corresponding , Curie's wonderful video has also become a Kwai NBA The top three hits in the account number . in addition ,# The Celtics swept the net #、# The Memphis grizzlies 4 Than 2 Eliminate Timberwolves #、# The lone ranger beat the jazz to win the match point # And other real-time combat conditions continue to harvest the hot list , The majority of netizens have a panoramic view of the hot spots of the competition in Kwai . meanwhile , The high enthusiasm of Kwai users has also led to a great increase in the attention of the home teams ,“ Philadelphia 76 people ”、“ Miami Heat ”、“ Dallas Ranger ” Become the growth of playback volume TOP3 Team account .

Content innovation + Magic watch interaction + Exclusive program , Let the game look good and fun

NBA The playoffs are in full swing , Kwai is also deepening the operation of the event content , Through second innovation, we can stimulate 、 Magic watch interaction 、 Exclusive programs and other customized activities , Provide more new views and new playing methods for the majority of users .

In the second creation of content , Kwai Fu "NBA Creative camp ” plan , Attract the world's first authorized people to create .4 month 11 Japan -6 month 30 During the day , The creator brought #NBA Creative camp # Topic release custom theme video , Have a chance to share “ The new generation of basketball ” Millions of cash , a NBA Star Limited Edition Jersey 、 Well quickly NBA Many heavy rewards such as official program exhibition and broadcasting .

At the interactive level , Create Kwai #NBA The home team dressing up show # Magic Watch , It also attracts Ren Ziwei 、 Li Chen and other Olympic champions 、 star , And many Kwai V、 The participation of basketball talents , Cheer for your favorite team style with the fans .

Besides , Kwai also launched several exclusive NBA show , among ,《NBA Projection Hall 》 Take you back to the classic moments on the basketball court ,《NBA Letters. 》 At noon on race day 12 Check the latest events and hot topics , There are also sharp and spicy comments from big coffee and wheat . meanwhile , Kwai also launched a lot of 《 Hundred arguments NBA》 Activities , Users only need to record NBA Content videos and opinions , Bring hundreds of arguments NBA topic of conversation , and @ Kwai basketball , You have the opportunity to play with professional basketball commentators battle.

The event was organized by Wang Meng, a well-known basketball commentator , Basketball commentator Chen Hai 、 Guan Weijia 、 Shao Huaqian served as a mentor , Mentors from 24 Select the contestants from the contestants to join their respective teams , Finally, in the form of a team PK, And choose the final champion team and “ Kwai debating the king ”, The winner has the opportunity to get 10000 yuan cash incentive .

It is reported that ,5 month 8 Friday night 20 spot ,《 Hundred arguments NBA》 Select the live tutors in groups ,24 Strong finalists sharpen their fists , Many netizens are also looking forward to how the four big tutors will arrange their troops .

Hand in hand NBA Ecological construction of overweight sports content

Second creation from copyright content 、 From creative magic watch to diversified self-made programs , Kwai around NBA Create a rich content matrix , Cultivate more creators of high-quality basketball content , Also synchronously improved NBA User attention of the event .

In recent years , Kwai has been making in-depth layout in the sports business sector .2021 year 10 month , Kwai Fu and NBA A multi-year strategic partnership , Become NBA China's first content second creation media partner , as well as NBA Official short video platform 、NBA Video content creation community . Rely on massive NBA Event material , Kwai opens its own content creation background for creators , Encourage users to re create , It not only meets the diversified consumption needs of users for the content of Sports Events , Improved user stickiness , It also enables sports events to achieve wider user coverage in the era of mobile Internet .

at present ,NBA And the official accounts of all teams have been settled in Kwai as a whole , Both sides focus on NBA Event content and Kwai sports ecology , In the content 、 Brand commercialization 、 In depth cooperation continues in many fields such as live broadcast e-commerce . With 2022NBA The advance of the playoffs , Kwai will also continue to provide users with rich and interesting content , Unlock a better viewing experience .

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