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Mass production of high-end Bluetooth chip: at83xp new generation

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Set the micro net message 5 month 7 Japan , Torch core technology pointed out in the newly disclosed record of investor relations activities , The company's new generation of high-end Bluetooth speaker chip ATS283XP At present, it has entered the stage of large-scale mass production . The company's first generation of highly integrated smart watch chips ATS308X The series has been successfully launched , At present, it is in the stage of trial mass production of the client .

Torch core technology said , At present, such products on the market are based on low power consumption MCU And the bluetooth SoC The combined dual chip scheme is mainly used , The product cost is high , It's bigger , And it is difficult to optimize the system between two different chips , The degree of integration is relatively low . The company took the lead in launching the belt GPU Accelerated Bluetooth dual-mode smart watch single chip and solution , Single chip scheme design , It is specially designed for watch applications , High integration , While ensuring high performance , Minimize power consumption . Once the single chip solution is launched, it will be recognized by the terminal brand , Currently based ATS308X The smart watch models of many brand customers are in the trial production stage , Brand customer terminal models are expected to 2022 Launched in the second quarter of 2013 .

It is worth mentioning that ,2021 In, torch core technology has basically completed its orientation to IoT Ultra low power consumption in the field MCU chip ATB111X And a new generation of midrange TWS Research and development of two series of Bluetooth headset chips . Belt developed by the company ANC Medium and high end of active noise reduction function TWS Bluetooth headset chip ATS302X And based on LEaudio Our wireless microphone and wireless E-sports headset products are currently in the stage of trial mass production at the client .

expectation 2022 year , Torch core technology will continue to focus on medium and high-end Bluetooth audio SoC Research and development of chip series 、 Design and sales . In the field of Bluetooth speakers , The company is one of the mainstream suppliers of terminal brands in the industry , The company will continue to upgrade iteration related technologies and products , To consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness and market position of speaker chips .

In the field of Bluetooth wear , The two footholds of torch core technology layout are Bluetooth headset chip and Bluetooth smart watch chip , The market growth of Bluetooth headset chip slows down , But it still keeps growing ; At present, the market of Bluetooth smart watch has high growth . The company will seize the opportunity of the market , Actively develop the market , Further enhance the company's position in the Bluetooth audio industry .

Torch core technology also points out , In the short term, the company mainly focuses on Bluetooth technology , In the future, the company will also work hard Wi-Fi 6 technology 、UWB Application of technology in audio field , Seize broader market space and development opportunities .

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