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This "amateur" programmer used 50 1080ti to fight cancer

2022-05-07 21:29:3636kr

“ That's what programmers should look like !”

“ The landlord is really too strong , Technology saves the world ”

“ Compare with him , I feel that the code I write is meaningless ...”

These netizen comments , From the gathering place of programmers ——V2EX A post in the Forum .

When you first see these messages , Maybe I think they're a little secondary two , But for those who have been saved by posts and families , Such an evaluation , Worthy of the name .

Because the function of the post is : Detection of breast cancer .

2018 year , A name coolwulf The landlord of opened a post , Said he made a website .

Users just upload their own X Light and shadow image , You can make AI Quickly diagnose breast cancer for yourself , The accuracy of tumor recognition , Has also reached 90%.

Simply speaking , Is to let AI help you “  Watch the movie ”, The accuracy is almost comparable to that of professional doctors , And it's completely free .

as everyone knows , Although the cure rate of breast cancer is high , But because the early symptoms are not obvious , So it's easy to miss the best time to cure , It is often found in the late stage .

but , A reliable tumor detection  AI, But it can make a large number of patients who can't see a doctor in time , Know the condition in advance .

Even if you finally need a doctor to diagnose , But in many areas where medical resources are scarce , This is already precious .

meanwhile , Incidence rate of breast cancer

And the highest of all cancers  ▼

Soon ,coolwulf This post , Got hundreds of rare replies .

In the comment area , Someone is waiting for the doctor's test results , Impatient ;

There are also netizens whose families suffer from breast cancer , This is full of unknown and fear .

and coolwulf Project , Let them see hope .

And then , Of course, there are people who are interested in the project and coolwulf My curiosity .

AI Detection of breast cancer , Reliable ? Huge amount of clinical data and hardware computing power , Where did it come from ?

what's more , The super God who is willing to open it for free , Who is it ?

For many questions ,coolwulf I didn't reply one by one .

He even brushed his clothes soon , Deep in knowledge and fame , Rarely again .

Who knows , It's just 2022 year , He returned as a hero , It also brings a heavier 「 Brain cancer project 」, And the mystery remains .

In order to open coolwulf The fog on my body , Bad review Jun contacted him in the middle of the United States .

After several rounds of interviews , today , Let's listen coolwulf The story of ——

coolwulf, Formerly known as Jiang Hao .

I was a student , In the Department of physics, Nanjing University 、 Department of nuclear engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan , Pursue undergraduate and doctoral degrees .

He evaluated his career , simply :“ Although my major is imaging medicine , But I'm also a programmer working on open source projects in my spare time  ”.

coolwulf Jiang Hao ( The right one ) ▼

If you list his resume , It even makes people doubt , Does he have any superpowers .

coolwulf My parents are not medical practitioners , But he developed his interest in programming from an early age .

therefore ,coolwulf In school and leisure , Just love to write some code .

Not yet there GitHub The s , He often puts his projects in sourceforge This old programmer community .

He was in 2001 About years ago , Joined a call Mozilla Foundation In the open source project .

This group had two initial projects , One of them is the code he contributed  K-Meleon( A browser , It was quite popular in China in the early years ).

And another project , Code name Pheonix, That is, we are familiar with the predecessor of Firefox browser .

And because of this , He was interviewed by the media more than ten years ago .

coolwulf stay 2009 I also wrote a website in , Can help everyone book a hotel at a low price .

International students in North America , Many people should have used .

And these , It's just his spare time , Out of interest .

After completing the study of imaging medicine , He's in Brooke one after another 、 Siemens serves as R & D director , Guide the product development in the image field .

In a few years , And now a tenured professor at Texas Southwest Medical Center —— Lu Weiguo , Founded two software companies for the radiotherapy market , Began to engage in product research and development of cancer radiotherapy and artificial intelligence technology .

All in all , throughout coolwulf  For most of my life , It should be what we call “  Learn from God ”, I didn't run away .

PS: My brother is not only a student, but also a sideline , At NTU , He is also the main point guard of the basketball team .

coolwulf Brooke, who led the development  Photon III ▼

Probably , He continues to develop like this , Will become a research entrepreneur far away from us .

But the next thing , both coolwulf The turning point of life , It also connects him with thousands of families 、 The starting point of shortening the distance of life .

He was only 34 Year old alumni of Nanjing University , Because I missed the best treatment period for breast cancer , Unfortunately died , Just one 4 Old son .

I saw life and death with my own eyes , And families destroyed by illness ,coolwulf Sorry .

meanwhile , He also learned that , Many breast cancer patients are often lack of detection methods , It's easy to delay seeing a doctor .

Old photos of alumni family  ▼

therefore coolwulf Born with AI To detect X The idea of light film , He also happens to have corresponding professional experience .

however , I want to be a doctor who can accurately detect tumors AI It's not easy .

coolwulf First downloaded from the official website of the University of Florida DDSM、MIAS Data sets . But because the data is old , The image data are all reproduced on film , So I wrote another program , Turn all information into usable form .

then , In order to obtain private resources from the University of Barcelona —— Breast cancer datasets , I also wrote an email to ask for permission .

During this time , Also keep reading a lot of literature , Write the corresponding model code .

at that time coolwulf Request email sent  ▼

But that's not enough , To formally train this model , It often requires very high hardware computing power .

therefore , He paid out of his own pocket again , Set up a local ——

50 Zhang Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Composed of GPU Operation set .

To say that 50 Zhang graphics card , It's also true that it's hard won . because , In the process of buying, we have to fight against the wisdom and courage of the scalpers .

coolwulf I was looking for friends , Used a lot of credit cards , Keep squatting and refreshing on the website , Just got it .

That's it , Finally, I have completed the preliminary preparation of the website .

Yes , Besides games and mining ,

There are more uses for graphics cards  ▼

This is free AI Breast cancer detection website ,coolwulf It took about three months of spare time , Sleep directly in the office when you're busy , At last 2018 Annual online .

He told the bad critic , Because the data is not saved in the background , So it's not clear how many people have used .

But during that time , He received many thank-you emails from patients , Many of them come from Chinese .

and , The user really checked out the tumor with the website , Especially for people in areas with limited medical resources , It's equivalent to robbing time from death .

The picture of the first man is wrong ,

The tumor was found after retesting ▼

A few years ago , The relevant technology has not been popularized yet , therefore coolwulf My project is an enlightenment .

Therefore, the website has received extensive attention in the industry , During this period, there were many medical institutions at home and abroad, such as surgery of Fudan University , Thank him by email , And willing to provide funds 、 Technical support .

After all , The whole thing coolwulf All at their own expense , It's not a small sum .

An email from Fudan University Cancer Center  ▼

As for why not commercialize the website 、 Take some money , This question is also asked by the bad critic .

coolwulf The answer was bland , But he didn't say yes :

“  Cancer patients and their families , Too much , I believe everyone wants to help them , And I happen to have this ability  ”

That's it , He thanked many people for their financial assistance , Take care of everything on your own .

Except for websites ,

There was also a desktop version of the detection software  ▼

time out 2021 year , Yes coolwulf Come on , Also ushered in the second key turning point in life .

His colleague's cousin has a brain tumor , The situation is not very optimistic , And adopted 「 Whole brain radiotherapy 」 treatment .

Unfortunately , The patient was treated with whole brain radiotherapy for a few months , Brain tumor relapses again , But there is no treatment at this time , Can only wait for death to come .

Whole brain radiotherapy , It's a kind of radiation , The treatment of large-scale disinfection and sterilization of patients' brain tumors , Not only will it eliminate cancer cells , Even normal brain cells can cause damage , So as to reduce the occurrence of lesions .

In less rigorous terms , Whole brain radiotherapy , It's more like a “  Indiscriminate attack  ”. therefore , Considering the tolerance of the brain , Whole brain radiotherapy is usually done only once .

After this , Completely changed coolwulf View of the , And decided to break through a difficult problem in the industry ——

Don't let AI Stay in the detection stage , But really invest in practical treatment .

Need to know , Whole brain radiotherapy is now the most common treatment for brain tumors . In the U.S. , Every year there is 20 Ten thousand people received whole brain radiotherapy .

that , Is it a patient with multiple tumor brain cancer , We must take risks , Choose whole brain radiotherapy ?

In fact, it's not always , Because there is another treatment —— Stereotactic radiotherapy .

Compared with large-scale irradiation of whole brain radiotherapy , The radiation of stereotactic radiotherapy is more concentrated , It can be done without damaging normal tissues , Accurately remove the diseased tissue . Like the familiar gamma knife , It's a kind of stereotactic radiotherapy .

This treatment has low side effects , Less harm to patients , And can be used many times .

In academic circles, it is also generally agreed that , Stereotactic radiotherapy can provide patients with better quality of life , meanwhile , The curative effect is also more remarkable .

The only problem is , Stereotactic radiotherapy , It will make medical resources more scarce .

Because once this scheme is adopted , Oncologists need to accurately outline , Label each tumor ; Physicists also have to treat every tumor , Make a precise treatment plan , Treating a patient will take a lot of time .

therefore , When the patient has too many tumors , Almost all doctors prefer whole brain radiotherapy , Instead of stereotactic radiotherapy .

but AI Imaging technology , Maybe it can be used to share the workload of doctors .

therefore , In order to enable more brain cancer patients to use stereotactic radiotherapy ,coolwulf Invest in R & D again .

It's just a problem this time , Obviously more challenging , He can't do it alone .

So he found Southwest Medical Center 、 Stanford university , Seeking cooperation .

With the help and efforts of everyone , Finally, the following three kinds of have been developed not long ago AI Model :

Auto sketch / A model for labeling brain metastases ;

be based on SVM- Radiomics , Models that can quickly reduce false positives ;

Based on the optimized radiation dose map , A model that can quickly segment multiple lesions into different treatment courses .

The three models complement each other , Corresponding to the doctor's workflow , It can greatly reduce the workload of stereotactic radiotherapy .

This project , At present, it has 2022 year AAPM Presented at the spring Clinical Meeting , Once again, it has been widely recognized in the industry .

coolwulf Cooperate with scholars , Is also accelerating the pace , Try to make the whole stereotactic radiotherapy community available .

And in the interview ,coolwulf It has been mentioned many times , Can have today's results , He is by no means alone .

He hoped , Bad review can publish the list of partners , Because everyone here , Are heroes who fight cancer silently .

Cancer mortality in recent years , Compared with 30 Years ago , It's gone down 30%.

Go on like this , Maybe someday , Cancer will no longer be a terminal disease .

But this is not a matter of natural straightness of the bow and bridge , But there are countless like coolwulf People like them , Carry a lamp in the abyss .

At the end of the article , Just borrow Reddit The next foreign netizen's comment , Use it as an ending :

“  Not all heroes , All dressed in cloaks  ”.

picture 、 source :

coolwulf,V2EX,Google picture ,

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Stereotactic surgery

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