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It is open 24 hours and can scan the code to download books

2022-05-07 21:47:45Jie Jie

24 Hours. , You can also scan the code to Download Books

Exclusive seats for e-books in the urban study of Huxi community . The reporter Liu Bo taken

According to the street mining of Ningbo evening news reporter and a small survey , Near Ningbo 90% Of citizens said that their community has a library ,82.3% Of citizens have been to at least once . that , What kind of community library can attract citizens to read ?

In recent days, , The reporter soldiers are divided into three ways , Visited Haishu 、 Jiangbei 、 Some community libraries in the third district of Yinzhou . At present, because of the epidemic , Most community libraries are not open . But the reporter visited 9 A community library , site 、 Environmental Science 、 Books 、 There are many differences in opening hours and so on .

Wan'an community, Haishu District

You can also swipe your ID card to borrow and return books at night

The library of Wan'an community in Haishu district is an independent house , Area of about 100 Square meters , It looks very spacious . Go into the library , The bookcases on both sides are full of books , Co ownership 2000 Ben , Most books are seventy or eighty percent new .

There are two screens in the library , The right display screen can download all kinds of books , Including classics 、 Financial management 、 Novel notes, etc 10 Near of multiple categories 3000 This book . Each book corresponds to a QR code , Residents can download it and go home to see it as long as they scan it with their mobile phone .

“ We will contact Haishu District Library from time to time , Let them update the books , Including physical books and e-books .” Ye Hong, director of Wan'an community office, said , The library is managed by a team of volunteers .“ here 24 Hours. , But every morning 9 Point to the 11 Half past six , And in the afternoon 1 It's half past 5 The point is that there are volunteers on site . At other times, we implement self-service without management .”

Many residents who work late want to borrow books , As long as you scan your ID card at the door, you can open the door and go in . The screen on the left is “ Borrow and return the all-in-one machine ”, Residents borrow books 、 Returning books can be realized by self-service on this display screen .“ Residents return their books , The next day, the volunteers will return and pack up .” Ye Hong said , Besides , The volunteer team will also hold reading activities twice a week . Now? , Everyone is used to reading here , This library has always been very popular , There will be a hard to find place on weekends .

Huxi community, Jiangbei District

There are exclusive seats for e-books in the library

The same unattended self-service also includes the urban study in Huxi community, Bund street, Jiangbei District , The nameplate next to the door shows that it is open from Monday to Sunday 8:30-20:30, Brush the QR code of the electronic social security card , The automatic door opens slowly .

In this total area of about 100 Square meter study , It is mainly divided into two main functional areas: general borrowing area and children's borrowing area , Adult seats and child seats are also placed respectively . Books are subdivided into children's books 、 Teenagers' books 、 Foreign language readings 、 Literature books and comprehensive books . The reporter found that , The books here are basically more than 70% new . Besides , The museum also has exclusive seats for e-books , To meet the needs of digital reading .

Introduction of relevant person in charge , There are more than books in the collection here 5000 book , It can hold 40 More than readers read at the same time . The study relies on Jiangbei District Library , Adopt automation equipment and radio frequency technology , Provide readers with full self-service certificate processing 、 Borrow 、 Renewal and return service , And realize the city's public libraries to borrow and return .

About the daily management of the study , The person in charge told reporters , The community recruits volunteers every year , Employ free of charge , Realize shift patrol and participate in the daily management of the study .

Yinzhou District Yinjia community

You can borrow more than 2000 books a month

In Yinjia community, Panhuo street, Yinzhou 1566 The city study recruited full-time librarians . Yin Xuejian, Secretary of Yinjia community, introduced , The study starts from the original 1000 A Book , Now it has developed into 1 More than 10000 books . The books in this study involve children's picture books 、 children's book. 、 history 、 Characters, etc , Most books are 80% new .

Full time administrator Yin Dingbo said , The study is open from Tuesday to Sunday 11:30-20:30. Usually, parents and children and the elderly are the main people who come to the study to read , Our favorite books are picture books and children's books . In order to make the study and residents have better adhesion , The community also actively integrates resources ,2020 In, the small seed parent-child activity service project was introduced , It also built a joint venture with Jiusan Society “ Yongjiu Tongxin camp ” Junior Science Camp .

Because of the rich activities , In recent years , More and more residents come to the study , The number of people borrowing books is also increasing . According to Yin Dingbo's statistics , Before there are activities in the study , One or two hundred books are lent out every month , Now you can borrow more than 2000 copies a month .

Besides , Library of Wangjia community, Dongsheng Street, Yinzhou 、 The library of Yongcheng community in Shounan street is very warm , All the books are 2000 to 3000 book , Will carry out activities to attract residents into the library .

The reporter Lin Wei Tao Ni Wang Yuening

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