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Basic functions of free OA system

2022-05-07 22:06:26Nanjing Zhang Chengcheng

OA System to create paperless enterprises 、 Promotion of information technology 、 Data based . Transfer the original offline working documents 、 data 、 Data, etc. are collected online OA The system is under unified management 、 Uniform distribution 、 Unified resolution 、 Unified analysis .

free OA The main functions of the system include :

workflow : Enterprise employees create their own workflow templates and processes , Then let relevant personnel pass the application or approval workflow , Make it run down automatically according to the established process , The next level approver will receive the relevant information , And can be modified as needed 、 track 、 management 、 Inquire about 、 Statistics 、 Printing, etc , Greatly improved efficiency , Knowledge management is realized , Enhance the core competitiveness of the company .

Administration / Personnel management : Labor contract management 、 The attendance management 、 Induction management 、 Rights management 、 Company rules and regulations 、 Internal communication 、 Personnel data management 、 Resume management 、 Ask for leave 、 On a business trip 、 follow-up 、 Go out and other functions . This is a big module , It is also the pre step of all follow-up work , All subsequent arrangements will be based on the division of administrative and personnel management 、 Set the above to .

mailbox / mobile phone APP management : Perfectly realize the interconnection of e-mail inside and outside the enterprise , Employees can also receive and process transactions on mobile phones , Make the information exchange within the organization system fast and smooth , It can guarantee the internal communication and information exchange quickly and smoothly .

Data management function : Large storage space , Make all kinds of documents 、 Pictures can be saved according to permissions 、 share 、 Use , And equipped with search function . Office automation makes all kinds of documents electronic , The classified storage of documents is realized in the form of file grouping , Use by permission 、 Check and so on .

Low value consumables management : For the management of essential products for enterprise operation with low unit value and easy to wear and tear in daily office and business development , Carry out warehouse management for low value consumables , Including the application for office supplies ( Such as : pen 、 rubber 、 Double sided adhesive tape and other consumables , The computer 、 mouse 、 host 、 Keyboard and other fixed assets )

The attendance management : Information management has been implemented for attendance , Realize employee attendance data collection 、 Automation of data statistics and information query process , Paperless management . free OA Apply online , Online approval , Employees can help themselves , Leaders at all levels query according to their authority , All kinds of query and statistical results can achieve “ What you see is what you get ”, Not only has the management efficiency been greatly improved , And improve the modernization of personnel management , It is convenient for managers to make statistics 、 Assess employee attendance , It is convenient for the management department to query 、 Assess the attendance rate of each department ; Accurately grasp the attendance of employees , Manage effectively 、 Master the personnel flow .

Light up OA In addition to the main basic functions of the above parts of the system , And work logs 、 Work plan 、 The work report 、 Notice notice 、 Unit news 、 Send and receive official documents 、 Mail list 、 Vehicle management and other functional modules required by enterprise management .

meanwhile , Light up OA The system is really completely free OA Office system , Unlimited use time , Unlimited number of users , Not limited to function modules , It also provides free technical service guidance and seamless and free system upgrade . Light up OA It's from 2003 Development started in , After years of continuous development and improvement 、 And the continuous feedback from many enterprise users , Light up OA There are so many free OA Especially mature and stable .

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