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Video editing software

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Video editing software is a software for non-linear editing of video source , It belongs to the category of multimedia production software . The software adds pictures through 、 The background music 、 Special effects 、 Remix the scene and other materials with the video , Cut the video source 、 Merge , Through secondary coding , Generate new videos with different expressiveness . Video editing software realizes video editing , There are two main ways , One is through transformation , The field of multimedia is also called editing conversion , One is direct editing , No conversion . [1] In addition to editing, you can also edit the video , The editor is actually for pictures 、 video 、 Multimedia software for recombining and encoding source audio and other materials . Recombining coding is to put the picture 、 video 、 After linear editing of audio and other materials , Re encode according to the video coding specification , Convert to a new format .

 Video editing software

Chinese name video editing software foreign name Video Editing Software work Capable of video processing 、 Clip video, etc Style clip conversion 、 Direct editing Point nonlinear editing norm Domain multimedia production

The field of multimedia is also commonly known as “ Cut tofu ”, What is adopted is that no data processing is carried out on the film source , And according to the user's instructions , Search for videos , Until the split point is searched , And clip the video into multiple segments , The advantage of this direct segmentation is that there is no data processing for video , No complex data operations , Instead, just search the split point , This segmentation method can ensure faster segmentation speed .

But this segmentation method also has fatal shortcomings , First , It does not process data , Solid compatibility with import formats is low , Only transport stream formats are supported , for example RMVB、WMV、FLV, For the program stream format that must have complete data to play , for example DVD, Is not supported , Because once directly divided , This program flow format will be due to missing data , Become a corrupted file , And can't play , Also lost the meaning of video editing . meanwhile , The disadvantage of direct segmentation is , No data processing , That is, there is no qualitative change , You can't change the format , The disadvantages of this restriction are highlighted when transplanting to mobile devices such as mobile phones .

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 Video editing software

Clip conversion [ LingDian video material network ] HD genuine video material download website - Stage background video - Live commercial -AE Templates - Title video material production template -4k Video downloading - Short video clip conversion

An important process is decoding and recoding , Search the split point according to the user's instructions , In the process of encoding and decoding , Stop encoding and decoding automatically according to the division point . Compared with direct segmentation , Due to the complex encoding and decoding process , So the speed is relatively slow . But it is also due to the encoding and decoding process of segmentation and conversion , Segmentation conversion also has higher compatibility with imported video , Because the exported video has been re encoded into a complete video , There has been a qualitative change , The higher compatibility of solid partition conversion lies in the import partition of various formats, including program flow and so on . meanwhile , Split conversion involves two processes , That is, segmentation and transformation , In other words, this technology realizes more requirements , Here, the famous professional software in China can see the editing and conversion of all-round Converter . Especially for the need to transplant video segmentation to mobile devices at the same time . [2]

 Video editing software

Bee clip

Bee clip is developed by Shenzhen wangxu Technology Co., Ltd , Video editing software specially designed for beginners of video editing , Computer configuration Win7 The above is enough , Novices in video editing can quickly master . The software includes the commonly used video cutting 、 Video merge 、 Clip video , Video with subtitles 、 Music and special effects , Special functions such as voice and text conversion 、 Green screen matting 、 Recording screen, etc .

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 Video editing software

Quick editing

Quick clip is 360 The company launched the first online video editing software in China .“ Quick editing ” Support local video clips and online video recording clips of the whole network , The function of cutting while watching facilitates US media people to quickly grab materials and complete short video production [3]

Avid media composer

Avid Provide a series of products with different configurations designed for post production professionals , Provide higher creative performance , Fully meet the production needs of the project .

Windows Movie Maker

Also known as video production , yes windows vista And above version comes with a video editing software (windows xp with Movie Maker). [4]


iMovie It's a video editing software developed by apple , yes Macintosh The application suite on the computer iLife Part of . After WWDC 2010 Launched iOS edition . It allows users to edit their own home movies . [5]

Super conversion show

Super conversion show is a popular civil video editing software in China , Software integrated video conversion 、 Audio conversion 、CD Grasp the track 、 Audio video hybrid conversion 、 Audio and video cutting / Connection conversion 、 Overlay video watermark 、 Overlay scrolling subtitles / Personalized writing / picture / A picture frame is one , And can be enhanced through tools 《 Subtitle conversion pass 》 Working together , Add plug-in subtitle files and self-made standard subtitles , It can be described as a comprehensive and high-quality editing software in intelligent editing tools .

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro Is one of the more popular video editing software , Is a powerful digital video editing tool , [2]

Civet nest all-round Video Converter

The all-round video converter of the beaver's nest is a fast video cutting device , Easy to use free video cutting tool .

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro It is a professional video editing software in Apple system Final Cut Studio A product in .FinalCut Studio It also includes Motionlivetype、Soundtrack Subtitles 、 packing 、 Sound software , So these two are the relationship between inclusion and inclusion .

Quick video editing software

Fast video editing software is a multifunctional video editing software developed in China , Basic video editing functions include text 、 Filter 、 Superimposition 、 Transition 、 Animation 、 Music and other functions .


Video editing software .Vegas It is a software integrating video editing and sound editing , There are unlimited visual and audio tracks , It's a feature that other AV software doesn't have . In terms of efficiency, it also provides video synthesis 、 Advanced coding 、 Transition effects 、 trim 、 And animation control, etc . Whether it's professionals or individual users , Can be easily started because of its simple operation interface . This set of video application software can be said to be digital image 、 Streaming video 、 Multimedia briefing 、 Broadcasting and other user solutions for digital editing .


Mencoder Is a command-line video processing software , yes Mplayer Self contained coding tool (Mplayer yes Linux Next player , Open source , Support playback of almost all video formats , Yes windows and Mac edition ).

Mencoder Support video conversion of almost all formats , You can convert any format to any format , The conversion function can be said to be quite powerful . Popular format converters on the market , It's all based on Mencoder Developed GUI, Like storm transcoding , Format factory, etc . It can be said that the converter can do ,Mencoder It can be done , but Mencoder What can be done , The converter may not be able to do it .


Autodesk Smoke It is an industry-leading post editing tool , It is applicable to various high-quality commercial and radio and television projects .

Montage Extreme

Montage Extreme It is a professional video editing software for later film and television of China Ocean radio and television station , Also known as the ocean ME(Montage Extreme).

- be based on CPU+GPU framework , Real time high standard and clear Hybrid Editing , Real time up and down conversion ;

- Real time two 、 Three dimensional stunts , Real time variable speed playback and rewind effect , Real time color correction and chroma key , Real time video filter .

- All effects are WYSIWYG , You can watch the adjustment effect of special effects through the monitor at any time

- Built in professional Dayang Softcodec, Support mixed editing of high-standard and clear materials in all formats , And no transcoding at all , There is no need to change the file encapsulation .

Cut and reflect

Clipping is a mobile video editing tool , With comprehensive editing function , Support variable speed , There are various filters and beauty effects , There are abundant music library resources . [7]

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