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Horizontal survey: the best remote tool! Todesk, sunflower, TeamViewer, anydesk

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Hello everyone , I'm Carlos , Nice to meet you again ...

As you know, I'm in Shanghai , This epidemic has brought the current Shanghai to a complete halt .“ Cloud Office ” It has also been forced to become a mainstream working mode . Remote collaboration 、 Cloud office is a common tool , Now it has become a normal working mode . Some tools for telecommuting are essential , For example, enterprises and micro enterprises suitable for team information sharing 、 nailing 、 Tencent Conference ; For example, it is applicable to graphite cloud documents edited jointly 、 Blue Lake ; It is more suitable for remote control of personal remote equipment interworking .

Let's take a look this time 4 A remote application , See which one works best ?

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk

Cox recently used 4 A mainstream remote control application in the market :ToDesk、TeamViewer、AnyDesk And sunflower remote control . I use these models because they have a wide audience and I have personally used them in depth ~

Focus on analyzing the causes of remote control products , One reason is that its usage scenarios are flexible and diverse , The data retrieved by remote control equipment can help all workers avoid rework or rush to the site for access through file transmission ; Second, the remote control tools on the market often have various problems , Or the way of use is cumbersome , Or the operation fluency is very poor , Or the charge is very high and there are many packages , It's not easy for ordinary people to choose, but it's easy to step on the pit .

After experiencing adverse effects , I just want to use it simple and free 、 And it's really important to ensure fluency and multi platform adaptation , Below I will connect from 、 Fluency and delay 、 Transfer files 、 Cross end mutual control 、 Security 、 Free version + Fee package These six aspects will be tested and explained for you , Let's see !


One 、 Connection technology

Two 、 Operation fluency and delay

3、 ... and 、 File transfer and other functions

Four 、 Cross system and cross equipment mutual control

5、 ... and 、 Security

6、 ... and 、 Free version and paid package


【 Connection technology 】


ToDesk Is a remote control tool , Tamer Use device code and password to connect , The connection speed is very fast , Second continuous , Moreover, the connection mode of double code input forms an effective protection for the safety of user equipment , Use safety . If you want to remote other devices , Just input the other party's device code and temporary password on the front page of the software , You can connect successfully . It is found that the connection process is Exclusive end-to-end encryption technology , Effectively ensure information security .

If both are their own devices , You can also set a permanent security password , Or collect common device information , Of course, after logging in to the same account , It can also be directly connected to , Even if you don't understand computers , You can also easily complete the connection .

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk


TeamViewer Is a establish 、 Developed 10 Years old German remote control , It is connected through the traditional way of inputting connection code and password , The operation is also quite convenient , The console is simple , And you can enter the partner ID To connect other people's devices directly . Just because TV It was developed abroad , After the introduction of domestic products, the agent is responsible for it and does not optimize the use experience , You can see that the page still has a function bar mixed with Chinese and English .

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk


AnyDesk It is also a German remote tool , Compared to the older TV, This remote control system started by the German technical team , In terms of interactive experience, it is the worst of the four remote controls , Not only the page instructions are not clear, but also the setting will be more troublesome . From the first step, I had an experience that I didn't recommend , Therefore, it will not be listed in the details of the following items .

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk


Different from the above remote control conventions, the connection mode of double code input is required , Sunflower remote control supports single code connection , By entering the partner id , The other party clicks "agree" on the device , There is no need to enter the verification code , Connection and control can be realized . Although it provides users with different convenience , But the safety factor is discounted .

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk

【 Operation fluency and delay 】

Operation fluency 、 clarity 、 Delay is one of the most important indicators of this kind of software .

In the same network environment , Open the remote control interface host side at the same time + The controlled end and open the millisecond time display interface at the same time , The basic delay is obtained by subtracting time . In order to reduce the error of data , Test score 10 Time , Remove the highest and lowest , Calculate the average , Finally, I get the answer , In this way, I am right 4 A simple test of the remote control , Focus on the top three ,.

In the personal free version , According to the display in the software , After testing ToDesk The result is 100.625; teamviewer by 193.375;AnyDesk by 204.125; Sunflowers are 130.75.

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk

ToDesk This result is the same as three other old software TeamViewer、AnyDesk、 Compared with sunflowers , It can be seen that the performance is outstanding in terms of delay , The reason why we can achieve such a low delay , I checked because it's all over the country 200 Multiple servers , And the second sunflower is only 4 individual ,TV and AD It is estimated that there are fewer servers for these two models in China , Therefore, the speed is not as good as domestic remote control .

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk

【 File transfer and other functions 】

For the hitters , File transfer is the most frequently used function in remote control office ,ToDesk Support the use of shortcut keys to copy and paste 、 Drag and drop and function bar file transfer 3 A direct transmission method , Feel very convenient to use , Operating the controlled end is as smooth and natural as operating the computer at hand .

After testing , Same size file ,ToDesk After the transmission is completed, it is 11m/s, Sunflower 4m/s,TeamViewer9m/s

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk

Other functions ,ToDesk It has the most open and free functions . Many sunflower paid version exclusive features , Such as privacy screen ,ToDesk Are provided to all users for easy use , Protect content from prying eyes .

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk

【 Cross system and cross equipment mutual control 】

ToDesk、TeamViewer And sunflowers support Windows、Android、Mac、iOS and Linux The connection of these five mainstream systems .

ToDesk except iOS Outside , All platforms support cross device and cross system mutual control , Its free version supports controlling an Android device , For example, in the face of epidemic isolation, we need to help parents who are not good at using mobile phones in other places to grab vegetables remotely ( For example, the author is currently in Shanghai , That's the problem )、 Get the health code 、 Install common applications, delete cached information, and clean up the mobile phone , These operations become very easy , Effectively avoid the situation of inadequate remote communication .

and ToDesk control Android Equipment is completely unnecessary like sunflowers and TV Then you need to install a separate client , Unwanted root jurisdiction , Simply authorize according to the instructions and enjoy for free , Awesome .

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk

【 Security 】

-- The safety of remote control is quite reliable and guaranteed by these big brands , Of course, security depends on their respective needs , They are the top software in the industry . In general, security will not reveal secrets , If there is a higher demand You can purchase the enterprise version as a guarantee

【 Free version and paid package 】

The free version and the paid version are cost-effective , yes ToDesk The biggest advantage compared with other software , His free version has the best experience , It won't limit the speed limit like sunflower , It will not be like TeamViewer It is also often tested for commercial use and banned after users use it for a certain frequency .

For high demand users and enterprise users ,ToDesk、TeamViewer、 The paid version of sunflower is as follows .ToDesk A total of 4 A payment scheme , Sunflower 10 Kind of ,TeamViewer3 Kind of .

According to the function comparison , Sunflower 158 The function of the elite version of yuan is roughly equal to ToDesk Free Edition , Game version and ToDesk The professional version is similar to .TeamViewer The cheapest paid version requires 2000 Yuan a year , The local tyrant shook his head , So don't make recommendations , Taken together ,ToDesk It is the most cost-effective of the three .

Here are the comparison pictures of free version and paid version - Make a reference

 Horizontal survey : The best remote tool to use !ToDesk、 Sunflower 、TeamViewer、AnyDesk


According to the comprehensive experience above , If it's an individual user , Whether it's a free version or a paid version ,ToDesk The comprehensive experience is the best , It almost perfectly meets my needs for such software , If you need remote control , You can choose to experience .

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