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The simplest family KTV establishment scheme

2022-05-07 22:18:57Lu Baolin

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The output frequency is a little high recently , Try to write five , Get a title of life home , But my article will never water , There is absolutely no advertising component , It won't be the same as most articles , Introduce a look 、 Parameters , Introduce the basic use and personal feelings , My article definitely gives you different feelings , The real dry goods are full , Solve the actual pain points in real use , Spend the least money to achieve the most geek effect , This is probably the so-called geek spirit .

Last time I introduced playing 4K Video scheme , Then this article is still about TV , Introduce how to build the simplest karaoke home OK System , Let's take a look at a basic KTV The components that the system should contain .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

KTV System

The singer orders songs through the control screen of the song ordering machine , And through wireless microphone K song , The wireless microphone receiver receives the signal and transmits it to the effector , Then to the power amplifier , The power amplifier pushes the speaker to make a sound . I used to make microphone effectors , There is a Tianyi AD780 Cara OK Reverberators , At that time, they all received wired microphones , The feeling of using it is The scream is too obvious 了 , And it's hard to avoid , So in 2015 Salted fish came out in , Now if you go to the salted fish search , There should be a lot of people , Maybe it looks like this .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

Tianyi AD780

Existing equipment

Then say what you have at home now , It goes without saying that the TV set , The last one just introduced (4K Video playback Introduction , Xiaobai's advanced journey ), If you are interested, you can watch it step by step ; Power amplifier and speaker will be introduced again , The current combination is pioneer amplifier VSX-520+ Ruiyun acoustics L33MKII The main speaker + Boston SoundWare XS SE 5.1 Satellite box , They are also entry-level , At present, it has been completely discontinued ; That is to say KTV The upper half of the system has ready-made equipment at home , Only the lower part is missing .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

There are already parts

Since we are looking for the easiest way to build a set of KTV System , That song machine , Effector , Is it better for wireless microphones to be integrated , If you can save one device, you can save one , And if you often visit aunt's website , I should have found it now K The song system is getting easier and easier , Search for K Song related articles , You can find two types of products , One is pure wheat , The other is singing, little big egg , Why do I divide the products of these two brands into two categories , Because they are still very different in basic usage , Let me first introduce their basic use methods and differences .

Pure wheat

Their home equipment is to combine the microphone receiver and effector into the host , The song ordering system depends on the whole people K Song platform , however The speaker is external Of . Without external speakers , That's making a sound from TV , If I want to consider it, I only consider the following one that can connect the host optical fiber to my home power amplifier , This can maximize the use of existing equipment .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

Introduction to pure wheat


Then watch another family sing , Advertising is bigger , The spokesperson is more beautiful , Two connection modes are introduced in the product introduction , One is Bluetooth , Another kind 3.5mm Connect the audio cable to the mobile phone , There is no host in the figure , No speakers , That means it comes with a microphone receiver , Effector function , And all the functions of the speaker , Order a song by singing APP The platform , I can think of integrating so many functions into one microphone , Can only say one word cow .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme



From the introduction of the basic functions of the product , Can roughly distinguish the main differences between these two types of products , according to K Summarize the composition of the song system , The comparison is as follows :

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme


From the basic introduction and comparison above , Pure wheat seems to be more in line with my requirements , But the price of pure wheat is twice as expensive as that of singing bar big egg ( Also compare the price of the flagship models of both sides ), Can the single microphone of the singing bar also be built KTV The requirements of the system ? Sing with a speaker , But I need an external connection ; Sing it, connect your mobile phone, self hi , But I need to watch TV and sing . Then let's talk about how to Use the singing bar to combine with the little big egg My TV 、 Power amplifier and speaker build a family KTV The plan .

Establishment scheme

To solve the above problems 2 A question , There are actually many kinds of schemes , Here is a scheme I currently use , First, install the TV version of the singing bar on the TV APP.

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

Sing TV edition

Open the startup homepage as follows , however TV You need to buy a member to use this version without any obstacles , There's no way. Who wants people to provide so many song resources , If you don't want to buy members , You can consider using your mobile phone to sing APP Projection scheme , It just didn't work TV Good version .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

TV Version home page

Then sing through the Bluetooth connection of the TV, little big egg , Instead of connecting with Bluetooth on your mobile phone , Select the Bluetooth connection mode to connect the audio , It is equivalent to treating the big egg as the external speaker of the TV .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

Bluetooth connection profile

Connect the big egg in Bluetooth device management .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

Connect the little big egg

At this time, the sound of the TV hasn't come out from the big egg , There is another step to set , In the sound setting of the TV , Select the sound output device as Bluetooth audio device , In this way, the external playback equipment of the TV really becomes a small giant speaker .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

Sound output devices

But aren't we going to sing with speakers , Now the music and singing sounds of TV are made by small giant eggs , Still not connected to the external speaker , So we still lack the final key steps , Is to connect the little big egg of the singing bar to the external speaker , In fact, it is connected to the power amplifier input port of the speaker . Because the little big egg provides 3.5mm The earphone jack is used to output to the earphone for listening , Then we only need to connect the headphone jack output to the input interface of the power amplifier , The sound of the little giant egg can be output to the speaker .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

prodigy 3.5mm Output

Through a 3.5mm Plug the audio cable into the power amplifier 3.5mm On the audio input port .

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

Power amplifier 3.5mm Input

Switch the input source of the power amplifier to this PORTABLE port , This completes the construction of this set of equipment , The current scheme structure is as follows :

 The simplest family KTV Establishment scheme

family KTV

A singing bar little big egg realizes the microphone , Microphone receiver , All functions of microphone effector , All background music and singing sounds can be released from the external speaker , That's definitely countless times better than your own speaker , And there was no whistling at all , Think back to the mixer used in those days , The effect is really different .

Of course, this scheme also has disadvantages , The microphone still needs to be connected with a small tail audio cable , And the TV version of the singing bar can't record and score , If you want to overcome this shortcoming that you can't score , You can consider using mobile phone Bluetooth mode to connect , Then the way to put the screen on the TV , But the picture is not as beautiful as the TV version , There are advantages and disadvantages. It's worth making your own choice , If you want to realize it, you can consider another kind of expensive equipment mentioned above “ Pure wheat ”, Next time you have a chance to buy one , And share with you .

Although this sharing is not as dry as the previous one , But I feel that the overall output of firepower is appropriate , It only takes a weekend to finish , It won't hurt your muscles and bones too much , If you are interested in all kinds of home digital , Please pay more attention to , At present, the main works I have shared are as follows :

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