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Jia Yueting's microblog IP possession is displayed as Beijing netizen: President Jia has returned home?

2022-05-07 22:37:24TechWeb

【TechWeb】5 month 7 Daily news , Today, , Faraday's future announcement 2021 Third quarter results , Results show that , Faraday's future ends 2021 year 9 month 30 The net loss for the third quarter of the year was 3.04 Billion dollars , The net loss for the same period last year was 3300 Thousands of dollars .

Jia Yueting forwarded Faraday's future financial report microblog , said “ Through this 10-Q  Submission of financial report documents , We are one step closer to realizing our original vision . We are confident that we can 、 High quality finish FF 91 Futurist The production of .”

It is worth noting that , Jia Yueting the microblog IP The territory is displayed as “ Beijing ”, Its personal microblog home page shows IP The territory is also Beijing . This has attracted many netizens to post “ President Jia returned to Beijing ?”

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According to the e Company news , Just like most celebrity accounts are run by professional operation teams ,“ Jia Yue Ting ” Your social media account takes into account the time difference , Some contents are released with the assistance of domestic operation team .

By the end of time , Jia Yueting microblog IP The territory is no longer displayed .

According to the announcement previously released by Weibo ,IP The territorial display function cannot be turned on or off manually . But Weibo customer service said , Proceed orange V Identity Authentication , And include the real name in the certification instructions , You can avoid IP Address display .

Microblogging CEO Wang Gaofei also said in reply to netizens , At present, the media with real name on the front desk 、 government organs 、 Enterprises 、 Celebrities don't show where they belong for the time being , Because already “ Front desk real name authentication “ 了 , however “ Backstage real name ” Authenticated users still need to display the territory .

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