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One of the most useful enrollment methods for art training institutions: special introduction

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 Art training institutions are the best way to recruit students : Special introduction

There are many ways to recruit students for art training courses , The one with the highest conversion rate , It has to be 【 Introduction 】. Based on the reputation of the old student , The quality of the introduced students is very high , They often come with high intentions , As long as the training class can do a good job in teaching and service , Can successfully transform . also , The cost of maintaining old customers is much lower than developing new customers , This way of enrollment is favored by many principals .

One 、 The art training class is transferred to introduce the premise of enrollment

1、 Identify... Among parents of students “ Leader ” figure , That's the commander , Provide him with the best service , Give additional rights and interests from time to time , Head type parents usually have strong influence and persuasion , Serve them well , It is possible to link to more students .

2、 Have a good relationship with students , Make students like teachers 、 Like institutions , Every class here is very happy , Students will bring up training courses in front of their partners .

3、 Set up an attractive referral incentive mechanism , It can be a bonus , It can also be a beautiful gift .

4、 Design a set of products for transfer Introduction .

5、 The training course should be highly unified , Firmly implement the referral enrollment mechanism , Clear goal orientation , No questioning 、 It is strictly forbidden to change the rules at will .

6、 Set up a quantitative evaluation mechanism within the campus , Directly linked to performance , Increase the number of referrals .

It is emphasized here that , Be sure to incorporate the referral enrollment objectives into the assessment of employees , Only in this way can we ensure the promotion of transfer Introduction . Teaching service should focus on , The experience of students and parents is the key link of time transfer Introduction , Gifts can only lure parents and children into the campus , Whether it can be transformed or not depends on the teaching quality and service .

If you want a smooth conversion and transaction , These points are essential !

Two 、 The key points of art training course transfer to introduce enrollment

1、 High quality teaching and service —— Determine parental satisfaction .

2、 Marketing talents —— Communicate effectively and guide parents to move .

3、 Leading parents —— Decide whether freshmen are willing to go to school .

4、 Incentive mechanism of temptation —— No one wants to work without gain .

5、 Impeccable service —— Warmth beyond product value .

Teaching quality is a long-term war , Word of mouth is accumulated bit by bit , But marketing can produce short-term results , Select employees with high EQ to do the reception of transfer students , Guiding services for parents , Let parents eliminate negative emotions about the training class , Transformation is determined to get !

in addition , It is suggested that there should be an activity for parents to enter the classroom every month , Involve parents in teaching , Only in this way can we have a deeper understanding of the classroom , You can also speak more clearly when making a transfer Introduction . After each class , The teacher must give feedback on the classroom situation , And talk to your parents one-on-one , The frequency is not very high , Every time 2 Once a month is enough , Increase parents' satisfaction and cooperation .

Ten gram teaching assistant There are a large number of enrollment templates , Including collage , bargaining , seckill 、 Rush purchase 、 Massive templates such as registration can be used directly , One click release , Fast and convenient .

 Art training institutions are the best way to recruit students : Special introduction

Ten gram teaching assistant enrollment section

Ten grams of teaching assistants can comprehensively improve the efficiency of organization management , It can help institutions to manage, operate and recruit students , It is an indispensable helper for setting up institutions , ShiG teaching assistant official website : The main functions are as follows :

Organization background management system : Intelligent Course Scheduling / Online appointment , Face clock in , Various wechat notifications 、 remind , Financial Center / Settlement summary , Student management / Student files 、 integral , Contract management / Renewal alert , Multi campus management / Role rights management ;

Enrollment applet : The enrollment applet can be made quickly 、 Release enrollment activities ; You can publish the organization's Micro official website ; It is a powerful assistant for online enrollment and publicity ;

Parents end 、 Teacher side 、 Headmaster's side : student ( Parent ) You can view the learning situation at any time , Receive various notifications ; Teachers can handle affairs online , Sign in the students 、 Homework assignment ; Students can arrange online appointments according to their own time 、 Ask for leave ; Students and teachers can view their class statistics at any time through mobile phones ; Teachers can write lesson reviews for students on mobile phones 、 Upload class pictures .

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