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The IP territorial business behind the network's popularity: some links have been taken off the shelf and are still selling for keywords

2022-05-07 22:42:32Chinese industry information station

“ Net red evasion ”“ People are revealing ” A lot of network ridicule also came into being , More Than This , The black ash production behind it also surfaced .5 month 6 Japan , Shell financial reporter of Beijing News found that ,IP Territorial agency has become a hot business , On Internet platforms such as free fish , Some sellers say they can provide IP Paid change of address service .

5 month 7 Japan , The shell finance reporter of Beijing News found that , Idle fish has been taken off the shelf. Some changes are available IP Links to services . The shell finance reporter of Beijing news is searching for free fish “IP Address ”“IP Place of ownership ” And other related keywords show no related product links . But related services are still being provided . meanwhile , For some Internet practitioners , It's easy to change your place of belonging .

IP The change of ownership service is still on sale after shielding , The seller said that some platforms could not be changed

4 End of month , Full opening of microblog IP Territorial function , To may, head Internet content platform IP All territorial functions are basically opened , Many netizens found “ So and so's mother is in America ”“ Xiao Mou is in England ” Wait for the homepage of our media account IP Most of the territories are in China , Henan province 、 Hunan Province and other places . netizen ,” I'm studying abroad , People in the motherland “.

meanwhile , Relevant microblogs such as local eating, drinking and fun information have also been found by netizens IP The territory does not match the name , Some Weibo netizens posted posts to expose a group of bloggers posing as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou City Information , Although the content of the post is to eat, drink and have fun in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou , but IP Show their posting address in Hunan , The shell finance reporter of the Beijing News randomly opened some microblogs, and some territories were consistent with the name , Some are different , for example ” Chongqing food and drink life “ account number , Its IP The territory is Beijing .

Relevant bloggers IP Screenshot of territorial microblog .

Some people think , The content of the account is inconsistent with the territory, which may be related to the location of the account operating company , But many netizens still think , I can't accept such “ It doesn't match ”. Many we media began to take the initiative to change IP Place of ownership , The business behind the change of ownership has also surfaced .

5 month 6 Japan , Shell financial reporter of Beijing News found that , On a second-hand e-commerce platform , With “IP” Search for keywords , Jump out of many changeable mobile phone Or computer IP Address options .

In yesterday's interview, the reporter asked whether he supported the change of microblog IP Territorial time , A businessman told reporters , Support for change IP Territoriality , Every device ( The computer 、 mobile phone ) Of IP Lowest price 12 element ,2 This equipment is on sale .5 month 7 Japan , The relevant product links of the merchant were taken off the shelf .

but 5 month 7 The shell finance reporter of the Beijing News on the 20th still contacted a number of idle fish related sellers , The seller said it still provided relevant changes IP Territorial Services , Some merchants' goods are linked off the shelves, but buyers can still contact directly .

A merchant said , Provide dynamic IP Switching flight mode can jump randomly , And said “ The number of the studio is OK “ Use . Some businesses said today , At present, Tencent's business is not connected “ Shielded ”, But microblogging headlines can also provide services .

Reporters click into the seller's home page through the platform to communicate with the seller .

Multiple sellers are still on the free fish to communicate 、 Online studio identity exists , Provide similar flow recharge 、 dynamic IP Etc .

All Internet content platforms have been launched IP Home display function , platform : To reduce malicious rumors 、 Bad behaviors such as rubbing traffic

A senior network security practitioner told the shell finance reporter of the Beijing News , Some sellers provide IP The principle of territorial change is to use VPN,“ Is to build an address pool everywhere , These addresses can be changed in turn , But compared with the users, it will change , It is possible to dial in Xi'an now , The next dial in is in Shanghai ”.

An Internet employee also showed the results of rapid territorial change to the shell finance reporter of the Beijing News . The person is located in Beijing , In a short period of time, it showed the shell finance reporter of the Beijing News multiple attribution changed through technical means .

The above personnel showed the reporter the changed IP Address .

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) Is an address unique to the Internet Protocol , It is IP A uniform address format provided by the protocol .IP Address assigns a logical address to each network and host on the Internet , In order to shield the difference of physical address . agent IP It is an intermediate platform in the process of surfing the Internet , The agent is accessed by the local computer first IP, And then the agent IP Visit the target website page .

Shell finance of Beijing News searches Baidu IP agent , dynamic IP There are still a large number of advertising and operating companies . TaoBao 、 Pinduoduo also has relevant developments IP、IP Changed service item link . All businesses provide IP service , Including static 、 A dynamic proxy IP, Support computer 、 mobile phone 、 Simulator and other equipment . Existing package year 、 Monthly subscription 、 Daily rent and other payment modes .

Related Internet platforms are common IP Service provider .

In the near future , Microblogging is fully online IP Territorial function , That is, domestic display to provinces / region , Abroad shows to the country , The user cannot turn off this function . And then , WeChat 、 Today's headline 、 Tiktok 、 The little red book 、 Well quickly 、 Zhihu and other platforms have also been launched in succession “ Personal homepage display account IP Territoriality ” function .

Sina Weibo announced that , In order to reduce impersonation of hot event parties 、 Malicious rumors 、 Bad behaviors such as rubbing traffic , Ensure the authenticity of the communication content 、 transparent , This year 3 Monthly online display users “IP Territoriality ” function , Full open comment display and comment IP Territorial function ; On line personal home page level page display IP Territorial function .

4 month 29 Japan , Wechat announced that , In order to maintain the order of network communication , Further crack down on counterfeiting 、 Spreading rumors, etc , Wechat public platform will display the information when users publish content IP Territoriality .

Then ,4 month 30 The morning of , Zhihu's official account has released a comprehensive online display of users IP Territorial proclamation . Name for knowledge , The answers to some questions in the previous station show comments IP Territoriality , The display will be further upgraded IP Address dependency function .

Change the representation of multiple platforms , go online IP The territorial function is to maintain a real and orderly discussion atmosphere , Reduce impersonation of hot event parties 、 Malicious rumors 、 Bad behaviors such as rubbing traffic .

The account number displayed on the general platform IP Territory refers to the network location of the user's last post or comment , Domestic display to province ( District 、 City ), Overseas display to the country ( region ). account number IP The territory shall be subject to the information provided by the operator , Relevant displays do not support manual opening or closing .

Xu Hao of Beijing Jingshi law firm told the shell finance reporter of Beijing News ,《 Data security law 》 Article 8 provides that :“ Carry out data processing activities , The law should be observed 、 statute , Respect social morality and ethics , Abide by business ethics and professional ethics , Be honest , Fulfill the obligation of data security protection , Take on social responsibility , Do not endanger national security 、 public interest , Do not harm individuals 、 The legitimate rights and interests of the organization .”

utilize “IP agent ” Illegal service , That is, the seller's behavior is also illegal . according to 《 Data security law 》 Article 52 provides that :“ In violation of the provisions of this law , Causing harm to others , Bear civil liability according to law . In violation of the provisions of this law , Constitute a violation of public security administration , According to the law, the public security administration shall be punished ; Criminal , Investigate criminal responsibility according to law .

Ministry of public security “ Net net 2021” It was reported at the work effectiveness press conference , Specifically for the network TV and “ dynamic IP agent ” And other key basic resources for the breeding of illegal and harmful information on the Internet , Investigate and deal with illegal Internet TV platforms in accordance with the law together with relevant departments 146 individual , Shut down illegal broadband lines 1.3 More than ten thousand 、 Broadband internet account 5000 More than a .

He thinks that , By using agents IP Modify territorial information , Is to provide the public with false 、 Misleading information , It is an act of dishonesty , There is still a certain risk of violation of laws and regulations .

go online IP Territorial or responsive “ Operation Qinglang ”, The action has disposed of the bad account 13.4 One hundred million

Internet platforms have been launched recently IP Territorial function , It is regarded as an online information office “ Qinglang ” Response to action .

This year, 3 month , The state network information office deployed and carried out 2022 year “ Qinglang ” A series of special actions , Focus on a wide range of influence 、 Carry out rectification of problems with great harm , Specific include 10 Key tasks in various aspects : One 、“ Qinglang · Crack down on webcast 、 Chaos in the field of short video ” Special operation ; Two 、“ Qinglang ·MCN Rectification of chaos in institutional information content ” Special operation ; 3、 ... and 、“ Qinglang · Cracking down on Internet rumors ” Special operation ; Four 、“ Qinglang ·2022 Renovation of minors' network environment in summer ” Special operation ; 5、 ... and 、“ Qinglang · Clean up the mess of application information services ” Special operation ; 6、 ... and 、“ Qinglang · Regulate the order of network communication ” Special operation ; 7、 ... and 、“ Qinglang ·2022 Annual algorithm comprehensive management ” Special operation ; 8、 ... and 、“ Qinglang ·2022 Spring Festival network environment renovation ” Special operation ; Nine 、“ Qinglang · Crack down on traffic fraud 、 Black pr 、 bot ” Special operation ; Ten 、“ Qinglang · Special rectification action for Internet user account operation ” etc. .

meanwhile , In recent days, , The central network information office has made special deployment to strengthen the governance of cyber violence , The website platform is required to pay close attention to centralized rectification , Establish and improve the long-term mechanism , Ensure solid results in governance work .

The relevant person in charge of the central network information office said , This time, “ Qinglang · Special action to deal with cyber violence ” It mainly focuses on the prone and frequent occurrence of cyber violence 、 Those with great social influence 18 Home website platform , Including Sina Weibo 、 Tiktok 、 Baidu post bar 、 Knowledge and so on , Through the establishment and improvement of monitoring and identification 、 Real time protection 、 Intervene in Disposal 、 Traceability and accountability 、 Publicity, exposure and other measures , Carry out whole chain management .

By 3 month 17 Japan , The national new office held 2022 year “ Qinglang ” Press conference on a series of special actions . Sheng ronghua, deputy director of the state Internet Information Office, introduced ,2021 year “ Qinglang ” A series of special actions were launched 15 Special treatment , Including yes “ Rice circle ” Special treatment of chaos 、 Special treatment of chaos in internet account operation 、 Special treatment of minors' network environment, etc . Clean up illegal and bad information in the whole year 2200 More than ten thousand , Disposal account number 13.4 One hundred million , Ban the anchor 7200 More than , Off shelf applications 、 Applet 2160 Balance , Close the website 3200 More than .

According to Zhang Yongjun, director of the Network Comprehensive Management Bureau of the State Network Information Office , This year, we will carry out a network wide clean-up of identified Internet rumors , tagged , Make it clear , Prevent its repeated spread , The focus is on political and economic issues 、 Rumor information in the fields of culture, history, people's livelihood and popular science .

meanwhile , All website platforms are required to be sensitive to sensitive areas 、 All kinds of information generated by sensitive events shall be identified . Have a great impact on 、 Widely disseminated information from non authoritative sources , Check in time . Eliminate rumors and information in the bud , Minimize negative effects .

The relevant parties involved in the release and dissemination of rumor information shall be seriously investigated , Account subjects who have repeatedly released rumors will be banned from registering new accounts throughout the network . If the circumstances are particularly serious, they will be investigated for responsibility according to law .

meanwhile , He also said , During the Winter Olympics this year , Against the attack 、 Abuse Gu ailing 、 Su Yiming and other athletes 、 Coaches and other cyber violence , The Internet Information Office has taken measures , Some results have been achieved . since this year on , Cumulative cleaning of relevant harmful information 87.9 Ten thousand , Deal with illegal accounts 4.1 More than a .

however , Cyber violence 、 Cyber bullying tends to rebound , It's impossible to “ hit ” Immediate stop . This year, we will guide the website platform to establish a monitoring model of online violence , By analyzing user comments 、 Abnormal behavior of bullet screen and other links , Number and frequency of comprehensive reports , Accurately identify the signs of network outbreak . Netizens can also report through the national network information office Reporting Center “12377” Report via hotline or Internet .

On the basis of clearing up illegal information , For accounts involved in cyber violence , Will take mass prohibitions 、 Suspend private letters and other disposal measures , Prevent the escalation and spread of internet violence . Study and judge the nature of behavior , For one of them 、 More hair 、 An account that incites the release of online violence information , Take permanent prohibitions 、 Close accounts and other measures , Those suspected of committing crimes shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law .

meanwhile , Strengthen the protection of users . Guide the website platform to go online “ One key protection function ” And other protective measures , Restrict private messages from strangers 、 Comment and forward , Online document warning function , Guide user friendly comments and other measures .

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