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[uncle Dao said] a fire that has been burning for a hundred years

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It's may again . The blooming early summer , It's a season for young people .

Comrade Mao Zedong once said when talking about the youth movement :“ May fourth ” since , What role have Chinese youth played ? Played a vanguard role . What is the role of the vanguard ? Is to take the lead , Is to stand in front of the revolutionary ranks .

Speaking of Chinese Youth , And the progressive images of Chinese youth in the great era , We cannot fail to mention the organizations belonging to youth —— Chinese Communist Youth League . This year, , It was the Communist Youth League that established the league 100 Anniversary of the .


Members of the Communist Youth League hold the league flag in their hands . Picture source : The Internet



1922 year 5 month 5 Japan , The first National Congress of the China Socialist Youth League was held in Guangzhou . This national youth organization under the leadership of the Communist Party of China , Since then, we have stepped onto the stage of history .1925 year , The Socialist Youth League was officially renamed the Communist Youth League —— That is, the Communist Youth League as we know it today .

thereafter , From the May 30th Movement 、“ 3、 ... and · 18 ” Struggle to “ 12 · Nine ” motion , From the Central Soviet Area 、 Yan'an to the Anti Japanese base areas , The members of the Communist Youth League have always fought on the front line of revolution and national salvation . We can learn from the two early leaders of the Communist Youth League , Feel the character of this youth organization .

Gao Junyu , The first executive member of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League , During the May 4th movement, he was the head of the student union of Peking University , It is also an early local organization of the Communist Youth League —— Beijing 、 Main founder of Taiyuan Socialist Youth League .1921 year , In a letter to lover Shi Pingmei , He said :

“ I just thought : The world makes people sad , The world is going to change ; So I decided to shoulder my responsibility to transform the world …… Disappointed by sorrow , Then he took the road of negativity and irresistibility ; Aroused by sorrow , To take on the cause of breaking the cause of sorrow , Become a struggling person .—— A thousand miles , That's the point !”

Yu Xiusong , The first executive member of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League , He was a student leader in Hangzhou during the May 4th movement ,1925 Studying in the Soviet Union .1935 year , Yu Xiusong goes to the northwest , Secretary General of Xinjiang people's anti imperialist Federation . There? , He united the masses of all ethnic groups 、 Propagate Marxist thought , It promoted the development of the Anti Japanese and national salvation movement in Xinjiang .

later , Yu Xiusong was suspected by warlord Sheng Shicai , Falsely imprisoned . He said optimistically :

“ My personal life and death are insignificant , The revolutionaries' heads cannot be killed , Blood is endless , Let the blood be exchanged for the victory of new China , People share a happy life , I am willing to .”

Gao Junyu 29 I'm dying of illness , Yu Xiusong 40 Year old sacrifice . Their lives , Just like Gao Junyu's poems :“ I would like to live like lightning , I would like to die as fast as a comet .”

In Uncle Dao's eyes , This is the character of the Communist Youth League : Born in the blood of youth , Born in a clear and lofty ideal and the ambition to change the world ; It is the party's assistant and reserve force , It is also the burning of a hundred years of youth fire .


The former site of the central organ of the China Socialist Youth League ( Picture source : The Internet )



Old China a hundred years ago , Lu Xun once said :“ Wish Chinese youth get rid of the cold air , Just up …… It's a bit hot. , Send a light , Just like fireflies , Or a little light in the dark , Don't wait for the fire . Since then, if there is no fire : I am the only light .” The Communist Youth League, which has gone through a hundred years of trials and hardships , Whether we can lead young people to continue to rise in the new era ? Can you gather low light 、 Raise a torch , Light up a new era and a new journey for youth ?

2015 In the second half of , The second inspection team of the CPC Central Committee conducted a special inspection of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League , It points out the existing problems of the Communist Youth League “ Institutionalization 、 Administration 、 Gentrification 、 Entertainment ” Other questions .

You bet , For a while , There are fewer honest and reliable student leaders in the impression , Greasy “ Student bureaucrats ” More ; Down to earth 、 There are fewer Youth League cadres going deep into youth , Play and play 、 There are many League cadres who flatter others . Some regiments have no sense of existence 、 Never contact young people , Only send a wechat when collecting the group fee . League cadres 、 Student cadres “ Playing official power ”“ Extravagance and pleasure ” even to the extent that “ moral decay ” The news is often seen in the newspapers , Some League cadres have also been labeled “ Break away from the masses ”“ Boastful style ”“ Speculative drilling ” The label of .

When Uncle Dao first entered college , Looking at the Youth League Committee 、 The colorful posters of the student union , Ask the elder martial brother : Why don't I give it a try ? Unexpectedly, senior brother asked : How much do you drink ? Uncle Dao was stunned : Join a student union of the Youth League Committee , Why drink ? This passage is not funny , But it does reflect some problems .

2016 year 8 month , Printed and distributed by the central office 《 Reform plan of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League 》, The self revolution of scraping bone and treating poison in the Communist Youth League System kicked off .2018 year 7 month , In the newspaper of the central organ of the regiment , The Communist Youth League to the party and the people 、 It also made a solemn commitment to self revolution to millions of young people :“ Firmly oppose the idea of official standard , Firmly oppose sectarianism , We are firmly opposed to breaking away from young people , Resolutely oppose the floating style , Resolutely oppose the use of public interests for personal gain , Resolutely oppose mediocrity, laziness and carelessness ……”

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Youth League , Deploy... In a dedicated space “ Strictly administer the regiment in an all-round way ”; The newly revised League constitution , Added “ The discipline of the regiment ” chapter . Pay close attention to “ The four winds ”, It has become the number one work of the Communist Youth League since the 19th CPC National Congress .

A great change , Arrive as scheduled within the Communist Youth League .


A new league member is sorting out the League emblem . Picture source : The xinhua news agency


3、 ... and

recently , The Information Office of the State Council issued 《 Chinese youth in the new era 》 white paper , This is the first time that China has issued a white paper specifically on youth groups . He Junke, first Secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League Central Committee, said at a news conference , Among contemporary Chinese Youth , real “ Lie flat ” There are very few , It is the majority who struggle tirelessly . meanwhile , The state attaches great importance to solving “ Lie flat ”“ The Buddha is ” Reflect the deep-seated problems .

This time, , The Communist Youth League has accurately grasped the general trend of thought of contemporary youth groups .

It is not only the strong conclusions based on a large number of research that deserve praise , It is also the problem consciousness maintained by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League for the new social trend of thought . The striver is certainly the mainstream of contemporary youth , But how to do solid youth work , Effectively reduce the anxiety of the striver 、 Dispel the confusion of young people , As a “ Friends of youth ” The Communist Youth League should pay more attention to .

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 、 Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Youth League ,“ Tuan Tuan ” The cohesion of young people has been strengthened as a whole , It depends on what the young say 、 Think what young people think , Keep going deep into the young group . In Uncle Dao's eyes , Youth work needs “ Sincerity ” Words come first . Treat young people sincerely , Young people will return with “ Blue eye ”, The relationship between Youth League organizations and young people will be different from each other “ Accompany running ” Turn into mutually honed “ Colleague ”.

Youth contains infinite power . Take a look at the Beijing Winter Olympics 、 The youth of volunteers in the winter Paralympic Games ; Take a look at those who volunteered on the front line of epidemic prevention 、 Transformation “ Great white ” Of “90 after ”“00 after ” People ; Take a look at the national day 70 During the annual mass parade , Shouting “ Come together , Rejuvenating China ” The students running across Chang'an Street …… This is the power of youth , It is also the power of the organization .

May 4th Youth Day eve ,习近平总书记在中国人民大学考察时指出, Based on the new era and new journey , The goal and direction of Chinese youth can be summed up in one point , Is to unswervingly listen to the party 、 Follow the party , Strive to grow into a new generation worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation .

People believe that , The Communist Youth League, which has gone through a hundred years of trials and hardships , It is still a team trusted by young people 、 Desired organization . This fire of youth burning for a hundred years , Will still light up the new journey 、 Lead the New Youth .


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