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How to apply for Tiktok guild

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How do you apply tiktok?

With the rise of live broadcasting , The live broadcasting guild was born as a service organization . Friends who have solved the problems encountered in the live broadcast , And bring them more benefits . For this live guild , What is it ?【 How Tiktok set up a new Guild 】, Let's use an article to explain to our friends , Let everyone clearly understand .

 How do you apply tiktok?

How to apply for the establishment of Tiktok live guild
A business license is required , Relevant company qualification ( Network technology company , Cultural media companies, etc );
Must be able to issue special VAT invoice for service ( Cultural service fee , Agency fee , Design service fee - Live broadcast planning service fee )
Rich experience in live broadcasting operation 、 Professional operation ability , And quality anchor 、 Content resources .
Outside station 100W Streaming video .
To apply, you need to submit a business license ; Must be able to issue special VAT invoice for service , Clean accounts ;
It also needs to go through 30 More than one person can enter , The number of people settled in 30-50 Between the need to make up in the assessment period 50 A signed anchor , Otherwise, the assessment may not pass ;
It is forbidden to excavate talents on the Tiktok platform to join the guild , Once found, stop cooperation immediately .

 How do you apply tiktok?

In addition, you need to introduce the direction of your guild : For example, the number of guild anchors , scale , Business introduction, etc , What are the company's main platforms , And the main platform recently 3 Months of running water , Screenshot .

The above is the whole content of this article , If you want to do a good job in the live guild now , I recommend that you can enter... Through some institutions , Friends who need this can pay direct attention to me .

Computer broadcast equipment :

1. camera . At least to meet 3 Requirements : hd 、 smooth 、 Low latency . Only in this way can we present a more perfect picture in the live broadcast .

2. The computer . If you don't know how to assemble computers , Just buy a brand machine . To configure : commonly CPU i5 above , It is best to i7, Memory 8G、 Independent video and sound card .

3. Sound card + Microphone . The sound card is mainly linked to the computer , You can consult more companies for comparison ; There are two main types of microphones : Capacitance wheat 、 isk , There is no need to distinguish the two in detail , Just remember : Indoor condenser , For outdoor use , Choose according to your own situation .

4. Mobile phone holder . Choose according to your own needs , The key consideration is stability 、 It doesn't take up space .

5. Live lighting . A complete set of basic lighting equipment , It is generally controlled by ambient lights 、 Main light 、 Fill light and auxiliary backlight , The main thing is to make the whole studio bright , It's not locally bright .

Creative marketing activities , Create the ultimate sense of participation
This is a shopping mall planning activity , By grabbing snacks , Attract a large amount of traffic in the region , User operation is not difficult , Prizes have no age limit .
There's an insurance company with New York , Put... In the glass cabinet 300 Thousands of dollars , Whoever breaks it is his , The essence is the same , User operation is not difficult , Prizes have no age limit .
Games in shopping malls 、 Fashion Week 、 The food festival attracts a lot of young people
Where is it fun for travel companies to invite talents to shoot , Where is the same beauty , Disguised drainage .
Four 、 There is a pet at home , Happy you, me and him
As long as pets are cute , It doesn't matter whether you are stupid or not , As long as you dare to send , Users dare to laugh , If you can add situational dialogue , Congratulations, you have been in the forefront of adorable people .( Husky belongs to the pop silly dog demolition expert )
5、 ... and 、 National challenge , The first step of enterprise Tiktok marketing
Last year # A day in the factory # Shoot videos under challenging topics and divide them up every day 666 Bonus .
Gather together 20 Praise and divide equally 666 Bonus , Gather together 50 Praise and divide equally 666 Bonus . By the time 8 month 11 Japan . The top three can get a thousand yuan bonus .
Original music and fun enough to play , Attractive prizes , The leader of wanghong , The effect is very ideal .
Think about publishing creative videos and getting a cash reward , Video traffic is also good , Why not ?

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