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The revenue decline of several head MCN institutions and the openness of the contradiction between the platform

2022-05-07 22:52:22Li huamo

2021 Since then , Whether it is the introduction of relevant management regulations , Or the anchor's tax storm , Seems to be revealing , At present MCN Institutions ( Net red brokerage agency ) Our business environment is changing . From more intuitive financial data , Part of the head MCN After experiencing rapid development , Income scale hovers , Profits fell or even lost .

This year, 1 month , Xiaohongshu announced the prosecution of several companies suspected of false publicity on its platform MCN Institutions ,MCN The contradiction between the organization and the content platform on which it depends is also made public . future ,MCN Institutions may face double pressure from the market and platform .

MCN Institutional crisis

In recent years , At home MCN Rapid rise of institutions , The income of some institutions has soared . But from the disclosed information ,2021 This trend began to reverse in —— There are many well-known MCN Institutional performance changed from growth to decline , Even into a loss .

1 month 13 Japan , The new third board company's new film venue sponsor securities company issued a risk warning announcement saying , By 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , The outstanding loss of the new studio has exceeded the total paid in share capital , There are certain operational risks . data display ,2021 In the first half of , The operating revenue of the new film studio fell year-on-year 30%, Net profit turns from profit to loss .

The short video of the new studio under the new studio is well-known in China MCN Institutions , In recent years, all kinds of MCN In the organization rankings , It has been in the forefront for many times . at present , The shareholders of the new studio include Alibaba 、 Sequoia Capital, etc .

Similarly, , Another new third board MCN Institutional micro communication 1 month 15 Daily announcement , According to the actual business situation and development strategy of the company , Decide to terminate the counseling filing of applying for listing on the selected layer .2021 In the first half of , The operating revenue of wechat declined 18.4%, Net profit fell 92%.

Not just the new third board company , In recent years , A number of listed companies have successively acquired a large number of MCN Related assets . In recent days, , There are announcements of listed companies , Due to changes in industry and market conditions , its MCN The profitability of institutions has declined , Proposed acquisition of MCN The institution has withdrawn more than 100 million yuan of asset impairment .

For the decline in income ,MCN Institutions are generally attributed to the impact of the epidemic , The consumption demand of the industry has decreased , Advertisers have reduced their marketing budgets and intensified market competition .

But industry commentator Zhang Shule said , part MCN Institutional revenue fell , More market cutting 、 Channel division .

“ Advertising is basically a stock market , With the rise of short video , Image & Text MCN The market has shrunk significantly , Revenue is down . in addition , middle-sized and small MCN The viability of the organization itself is relatively weak , Because the strength of the head mechanism occupies an absolute advantage , The income of middle waist institutions will be impacted .” Zhang Shule said .

The contradiction with the platform is prominent

Changes in the market 、 Increase or decrease in advertising , For different types 、 Different volume MCN There are differences in the impact of institutions , But the flow dried up 、 Tighter regulation 、 The platform requires improvement 、IP It is more difficult to hatch , It is MCN Common problems faced by institutions .

Especially now ,MCN The contradiction between the organization and the platform on which it depends , Is gradually highlighting .1 month 19 Japan , Little red book announced to 4 Home notification platform and MCN Institute litigation , And claim for compensation 1000 Ten thousand yuan . The reason is that these institutions are engaged in “ Write and send ” false “ Want to buy ” Note taking business , Help merchants and bloggers carry out false promotion .

MCN Institutions and platforms are interdependent , This prosecution , Means platform and MCN Institutional contradictions are made public .

actually , Outside the little red book , Other platforms have also increased their support for MCN The punishment for institutional violations . Such as microblogging in 2021 year 9 In the relevant regulations launched in June, it is clear that , For commercial purposes , same MCN Self operated account number under the institution , At the same time, it is illegal to publish a large number of black manuscripts that slander works or individuals .

“ Major platforms and MCN There is a love and kill relationship between institutions . The platform needs content supply ,MCN Institutions can provide stable and high-quality content output , Improve the content activity of the platform . but MCN Institutions do have exaggerations 、 False propaganda and other irregularities , May bring adverse effects and risks to the platform .” Zhang Shule said .

Zhang Shule told the securities times that ,MCN This contradiction between institutions and platforms , In the early stage of Industrial Development , With the development of industry , The contradiction between the two is also intensifying , And has not found a good solution .

“ A good business model is , One party provides a platform ,MCN Provide content , Advertisers provide advertising expenses , Everyone is divided into . But in practice ,MCN Institutions may choose to skip the platform and connect with business cooperation . The content platform starts from its birth , There has always been the problem of not making money , All the money was made by the head organization , The platform did not get enough benefits from the cooperation . This contradiction , There is no good way to solve .” Zhang Shule said .

From the list published in the little red book , In this case 4 home MCN Institutions , They are all small and medium-sized institutions . According to industry analysis , Xiaohongshu sued this time , The meaning of knocking on the mountain and shaking the tiger is stronger , By attacking small institutions , Warn large institutions not to break the rules .

actually , In the high cost of traffic 、 At the moment when the marketing effect is declining ,MCN Institutions need more ways to expand their sources of income . However, with the strengthening of management measures on major platforms , future MCN Institutions may face double pressure from the market and platform .

Explore new directions

Even if MCN There have been various problems in the past operation , Undeniable? , At this stage ,MCN The existence of still has great value . The normal operation of major content platforms , Cannot do without MCN With the help of institutions ; On the other hand , Independent content creators , Without high-quality institutional support , It's hard to grow into a head Creator .

however , Most of the MCN The business model dominated by online celebrity brokerage is too single , In policy 、 Market changes , Its risks are increasing .

future MCN Want to get more room for growth , We should make efforts in operation , We also need to develop more business directions . Regarding this , Different institutions have different choices .

2021 year , Head MCN Founder and of institutional worry free media CEO Lei binyi once said , Over the past few years , Worry free media does live entertainment 、 Short video 、 Talent incubation 、 E-commerce has made some achievements , But four years later, I found , The current environment needs attention and concentration to refine the operation . Lei binyi said , Next , Worry free media in new business development , It will be a little slower , Focus more on existing business , Suspend the expansion of other businesses .

The new film studio, which has fallen into a loss, has clearly chosen the path of transformation and upgrading . The company said , We will actively explore the commercial realization mode of the Internet business segment , Increase business income , In order to turn this business into profit as soon as possible . meanwhile , Will keep up with market changes , Continue to launch online movies 、 Online drama and other high-quality paid film and television content , Maintain the leading position in the market .

Besides , Short video service is widely used MCN Institutions are considered a top priority . The new studio also said , It will steadily promote the improvement of revenue and profit of short video business segment .

however , The highly competitive short video segment , Whether it can bring rapid income growth , There is a lot of uncertainty .2021 In the first half of , The reason why the net profit of wechat fell sharply , An important reason is , Its vigorously expanded short video marketing business did not grow as expected .

Zhang Shule thinks , At home MCN Institutions are essentially brokerage companies , And the content is a more appropriate transformation direction . at present MCN Generally, institutions can only receive orders passively , And develop in the direction of content , Like a film company , Do micro variety 、 More valuable content such as mini dramas , It can reduce the dependence on the platform , Improve business quality .

“ in addition , During the transformation , We should pay more attention to norms , Think more about compliance , It should not be the same as before , Launched a successful net red and began to copy and paste , Continue to go ‘ a makeshift organization ’ The development route of .” Zhang Shule said .( The reporter Zhilan )

source : The securities times

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