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Direct attack on March 15: apple, hungry, 51job, Internet companies named in those years

2022-05-07 22:52:29Nanjing Zhang Chengcheng

 hitting 3·15: Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 51 job , Internet companies named in those years

Author Gu Yan

1991, CCTV held the first “3·15 Evening party ”. after , Every session of 3·15 Evening party , All exposed the consumption scam 、 trap 、 Shady scenes and fake and shoddy goods .

And in recent years , Internet technology companies , Has become a 3·15 One of the main characters of the party .

The bullwhip will take stock of what has been 3·15 The Internet company named at the party , Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 Interactive encyclopedia 、 Interesting headline 、 51 job …… Their response at that time 、 Subsequent rectification , And today's development status .

This year, 3·15 The theme of the party is “ Fair and upright Ease of consumption ”, Whether there will be new Internet companies with violations in the field of consumption , Be named and exposed ?

2021 year 51 job 、 Liepin 、 zhaopin

In the last year 3·15 At the party , Internet recruitment was named .

among , The enterprise account of Zhilian recruitment only needs to buy members , You can download the user's complete resume without limit , Including name, 、 Key information such as telephone and email address . And corporate accounts , Also officially sold .

And a similar situation also occurred in 51job and Liepin online . There are loopholes in the management of enterprise accounts , It leads to a steady flow of personal information into the black market .

After being exposed , zhaopin 、 51 job 、 Liepin responded quickly . Liepin said “ Thoroughly investigate the sale behavior ”; 51job said “ Establish a safety management committee ”; Zhaopin said “ Upgrade technology ”.

 hitting 3·15: Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 51 job , Internet companies named in those years

 hitting 3·15: Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 51 job , Internet companies named in those years

 hitting 3·15: Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 51 job , Internet companies named in those years

2021 year 5 month 27 Japan , Released on the official website of Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security 《 About Zhaopin 、 Publicity of the implementation of Liepin rectification 》. Zhilian recruitment strengthens the function setting of resume confidentiality ; Online virtual number ; The function of notifying job seekers when online resumes are downloaded by enterprises ; Online resume watermark function . Liepin also launched the privacy number function 、 Cancel the functions of online payment to obtain resumes .

at present , From the market competition pattern of online recruitment industry , 51 job 、 The comprehensive competitiveness of Zhaopin and Liepin ranks in the first echelon .

By 2021 year 5 month , In China's Internet recruitment platform , The monthly active users recruited by Zhilian are 1021.5 ten thousand , At the top of the list ; 51 job 、BOSS Direct employment and hunting employment rank next , Monthly live users are 835.9 ten thousand 、762.9 ten thousand 、540.1 ten thousand ; Secondly, go to the market to find a job 、 The monthly active users of pull hook recruitment are 300 All the above .

But on social platforms , There are still many users who roast that they have no worries about their future 、 The problem of false information in Zhaopin , Contrast down , There are relatively few roast about Liepin . Yesterday, (3 month 14 Japan ), Liepin official announced Li Yifeng as its spokesman .

2020 year Interesting headline Hi learning

2020 year 7 month 16 Japan ,3·15 The party exposed a mess of interesting headlines . Interesting headlines do not review the qualification of advertisers , Contains a lot of false advertising , Even suspected of illegal advertising such as gambling . some “ Making money while playing with mobile phones ” Advertisements , Behind it is the industry chain of buying lottery tickets and illegal gambling .

7 month 17 Japan , Interesting headlines responded and announced rectification measures , The person in charge of advertising operation will be suspended ; Carry out comprehensive verification and rectification of the agents of the platform advertising alliance , Strictly standardize the cooperation mechanism and process of agents , Stop cooperating with the agent in question immediately .

And then , The stock price of interest headlines plummeted , As of closing , Share price falls 23.04% to 2.84 dollar , The market value has shrunk by more than 1 Billion dollars . end 2022 year 3 month 14 Japan , The closing price of interesting headlines is 1.01 dollar , Distance from the highest price 203.9 dollar , Has fallen more than 99.5%.

At the end of last year , The third quarter earnings report released by interesting headlines shows that , The net revenue of interesting headlines is 9.655 One hundred million yuan , A year-on-year decline 14.6%. The third quarter , Interesting headlines average monthly active users (MAU) The number of 1.185 Billion , Less than the same period last year 200 ten thousand ; Decrease compared with the previous quarter 1380 ten thousand . It is worth noting that , Interesting headlines monthly live users have fallen year-on-year for five consecutive quarters .

Named in the same year , also “ Hi learning ” It's hard to refund ,“ Face to face sales , Behind the agreement ”.

Hi xuewang is an online vocational training institution . After being called , Hi xuewang responded that , A task force has been established , The relevant incident is currently under investigation , Suspend the business of the subsidiary involved for rectification .

 hitting 3·15: Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 51 job , Internet companies named in those years

But now , On the black cat complaint , You can still find complaints about hi learning network , The latest one is this year 2 month 20 Japan , Complaint hi xuewang “ Overlord provision , No refund ”.

2019 year Social security is handy

About App The problem of illegal Authorization ,2019 year 3·15 At the party , Roll call “ Social security is handy ” App.

Social security handheld is an application that provides social security query APP, Provide users with social security management and derivative Services .3·15 Exposure , Register this... After the user fills in various materials App after , The computer can intercept almost all the information of the user remotely .

3 month 16 Early morning , Social security handheld said in a microblog statement , Stopped providing social security query service , And will further do a good job in protecting users' information security .

On the same day , Ministry of industry and information technology , Start the linkage handling mechanism of the app store immediately , Ask Tencent 、 Baidu 、 Huawei 、 millet 、OPPO、Vivo And other major application stores in China “ Social security is handy ”APP, And make every effort to organize the same kind of APP Check and test , Require rectification of similar problems .

3 month 19 Japan , The social security palm is connected and the whole network is off the shelf .

however , About App Illegal collection of personal information 、 Infringement of user privacy , It didn't end because of the exposure that year .

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued , About App Infringe on the rights and interests of users “ To look back ” In the notification of problems found , There are still many App There are violations 、 Or the problem of collecting personal information beyond the scope .

2018 year Cool cycling

This year ,3·15 It is difficult to refund the fee for roll call and bike sharing at the party . But those named , No ofo, yes “ Cool cycling ”.

2017 year 9 End of month , The deposit of cool cycling is hard to refund 、 Lost contact with industry and Commerce and other issues ; In those days, apart from cool cycling , Monkey King 、3Vbike、 Shared bicycles such as Xiaolan bicycle have abnormal operation ,70 There are... In the home bike sharing platform 34 Home closures .

2017 year 12 Mid month Consumer Association survey found that , There are as many complaints about cool cycling as 21 Ten thousand times , Amount involved 10 Billion yuan . The China Consumer Association submits a criminal report to the relevant public security organ , Report that Kuqi and its principal are suspected of criminal crimes , Apply to the public security organ for investigation .

In being 3·15 After the roll call at the party , The lost cool bike didn't respond .

After a few months ,ofo A wave of refunds broke out . Until this year , According to a source ,ofo There may be 1600 The deposit of more than 10000 people has not been refunded .

2017 year Interactive encyclopedia

2017 year , CCTV 3·15 The party exposed that there was false marketing in the entry content of the Interactive Encyclopedia 、 Paid editors, etc .“ Some amazing products , A brilliant resume , Just flowers 4800 Yuan, you can open ‘ Encyclopedia entry claim ’ Service for , And then you can invent and publish , Use false advertisements to circle money in a dignified way ”, Interactive Encyclopedia has been criticized as the biggest false advertisement “ Garbage station ”.

Less than half an hour after the show , The police thundered out , Investigate the incident . But what's interesting is , According to media reports ,“ Almost at the same time as the program is broadcast ”, Baidu Encyclopedia has updated the introduction of Interactive Encyclopedia , Added 3·15 What was exposed , It also clarifies ,“ There is no charge for Baidu Encyclopedia to create entries ”.

After being exposed , The official microblog of Interactive Encyclopedia said in a statement that , I sincerely apologize for the problems existing in terms of content review and customer qualification review of Interactive Encyclopedia , And check the content of website entries , Review process of rectification entry content .

 hitting 3·15: Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 51 job , Internet companies named in those years

2019 In, Interactive Encyclopedia was acquired by byte beat , Pan Haidong, founder of Interactive Encyclopedia, quit . But the problem of false advertising , It still exists in the field of entry encyclopedia and search .

stay 2021 year 3·15 At the party ,360 Search and UC browser , Are accused of false medical advertisements .

The night of the exposure ,360 Respond quickly , He said that he attached great importance to the counterfeiting and illegal operation of medical advertising agents , And set up an investigation team at the first time , The agents involved and relevant accounts will be thoroughly checked .

UC Also issued a letter of apology , Apologize to the public for the bad effect of illegal advertising , Announce the first time to check the illegal advertising content off the shelf , And quickly set up the whole network investigation special team , Strengthen the pre audit and in-process inspection of advertising .

UC Browser Publishing “ False medical advertisements ” Guangzhou Juhe Information Technology Co., Ltd , Subordinate to UC Affiliated companies of the group , be responsible for UC Browser advertising business , After investigation , The subject shall be punished and fined according to law 209 Ten thousand yuan .

A few days later , stay “ Qinglang · Network environment of Spring Festival ” In special action ,UC Because of its “ Push illegal information to drain pornographic and vulgar novels ”, Be named again .

2014 year , Alibaba officially acquired UC, To form a UC Mobile business group . last year 8 month ,UC Yu Yongfu, founder of Alibaba local life Service Co., Ltd CEO, There is no mention of UC Related business .

2016 year Are you hungry

2016 year ,3·15 The first shot of food safety at the party , Just hit the one who was in the limelight at that time “ Are you hungry ”.3·15 Is the party roll call hungry? There are serious regulatory problems , Its default health status is worrying and there are unlicensed black workshops , And suspected of false propaganda .

When consumers are waiting for a hungry response , A dramatic scene happened , Weibo is certified as “ Are you hungry? Senior online ordering Marketing Manager ” Of “ Are you hungry - Mr. Big ” Publish microblog ,“ I'm sorry , Are you hungry? I forgot to renew CCTV today ”.

 hitting 3·15: Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 51 job , Internet companies named in those years

At the end of the live broadcast , Tongzhou government departments have found the exposed businesses , But hungry? The official hasn't responded yet .

After the party , Hungry? The response came late , Official release “ Universal public relations template ” Respond , Are you hungry? Attach great importance to CCTV 3·15 Problems in the party report . A special team will be set up urgently , All restaurants involved in illegal activities offline , And deploy overnight , Check restaurant qualification nationwide .

But netizens don't buy it , Think its attitude is too arrogant 、 mystifying 、 No sincerity 、 Don't stand at attention after being beaten .

 hitting 3·15: Apple 、 Are you hungry 、 51 job , Internet companies named in those years

This year, 3·15 On the eve of , Issued by Beijing Consumer Association 《 Internet consumption big data “ Kill ” The results of the problem investigation 》, Are you hungry again , Point out if you are hungry. New and old users buy the same goods at the same time ( service ) The prices are different , Obviously suspected of infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers .

In response to this call , Hungry? No response yet .

In recent years , The local life sector has become the key sector for Internet enterprises to get together one after another , Except for meituan 、 Are you hungry? Wait for the old player , Tiktok 、 Kwai is also accelerating the layout , before , Meituan 、 Are you hungry? The pattern of sharing the world has been broken .

according to Trustdata data display ,2020 First quarter of 2009 , The transaction volume of meituan takeout platform is in 67.3% The proportion of the ranks first in the industry , The proportion of hungry women is only 26.9%. have 4.5 Billion users 、620 Ten thousand active businesses 、 near 400 The United States group of 10000 riders has formed a strong competitive barrier in the field of local life .

2020 year 1-9 month , Meituan and hungry? The user difference is gradually enlarged to 1260.7 ten thousand , The average daily starting times and monthly revisit days of meituan takeout users are higher than those of hungry .

last year 8 month , After the change of commander Yu Yongfu in Ali's local life sector , Ali has issued an internal letter to all staff , Announced that the local life business group will be upgraded to the life service sector as a whole , In addition to the original, are you hungry 、 Word of mouth and other businesses , Gao de 、 Flying pig is also included in this business segment .

2016 year Easy to shoot

In the same year , The used car trading platform is easy to shoot , Being blasted uses two different login terminals: easy replacement and fast and easy shooting , Cut off the information symmetry between the seller and the buyer , Make the difference between the buyer and the seller

Regarding this , Cheyipai issued a statement 《 To dear car seller 》 explain , The charging rules of second-hand car platform are similar to those of second-hand house transactions , Generally, the tax is borne by the buyer 、 Intermediary fees and other service fees , The seller generally does not bear any expenses . Therefore, there is a phenomenon of price inequality between the buyer and the seller .

According to the data of Analysys think tank ,2015 In the statistics of second-hand car e-commerce transaction share in , The car is easy to shoot 35.2% The proportion of ranks first in the industry . As the earliest used car in China B2B Auction platform , Cheyipai is still developing rapidly this year , And it is also building a used car ecosystem recently .

2013 year Apple

2013 year ,3·15 The party exposed Apple's position in the Chinese market and foreign markets “ Double standards ”, What it claims to be “ To replace ”、“ The whole machine is guaranteed to be replaced ” The policy has not been implemented , But use the back cover of the old mobile phone , Did not replace the back cover as an excuse , Refuse to recalculate the after-sales date , Escape from the domestic market “ Three guarantees policy ”.

After sales personnel in the Chinese market said ,“ The replacement of the rear cover in China will be paid separately , And in Australia 、 The British 、 Korean market , Apple can replace the whole machine .”

After the party , Apple responded for the first time that ,“ Apple is committed to producing world-class products , And provide unparalleled user experience for consumers in their market . That's why we're in every apple retail store GeniusBar Genius Bar provides face-to-face support loved by consumers . We also work with the whole country 270 More than... In many cities 500 Work closely with authorized service points . Our team has been trying to exceed the expectations of consumers , And attach great importance to the opinions and suggestions of every consumer .”

In this response , Apple didn't apologize , No explanation , There is no solution .

2013 year 3 month 23 Japan , After apple, one of CCTV's many columns , Apple issued another statement , Explain what Apple offers 90 The extended warranty period exceeds the time limit stipulated by Chinese law 30 God , So no adjustment will be made .

After that, I was questioned by the people's daily —— State Administration for Industry and Commerce 、 AQSIQ stated that —— After CCTV's interview with Apple was rejected and exposed , Apple CEO Cook finally 4 month 1 April Fool's day issued an apology statement , And promise to revise the after-sales service policy , Apple's official website also provides a concise and clear explanation of after-sales service policy .

To 2016 year , Apple is gradually canceling the replacement service in the Chinese market 、 Extended warranty service , Some people think that , This warranty policy is to prevent consumers from taking advantage of loopholes , Destroy mobile phones that can be repaired , Replace it directly .

The Chinese market has contributed important revenue to Apple .2015 year , Apple releases smart watches Apple Watch,2016 year , Apple releases wireless headphones AirPods, Sales are bright . Even criticized as non innovative iPhone 13 series , It also won the champion of mobile phone sales in the Chinese market for two months .

2021 Third quarter of 2007 , Apple's total revenue is 814 Billion dollars , Greater China alone contributed 147.6 Billion dollars , Accounting for the total revenue 18%.

This year, 1 month 4 Early morning , Apple's share price briefly broke through 182.86 dollar , Market value breakthrough 3 Trillion dollars . since 2018 year , After Apple became the first technology company with a market value of more than trillion dollars , Apple quickly broke through two trillion 、 Three trillion dollars .

also , While the market value breaks through a new high , Apple 2021 The sales volume in also reached a new high ,2021 The fiscal year , Reach Apple hardware revenue 2973.92 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 34.72%.

And about its impact on Chinese consumers “ Double standards ”, Seems to have been forgotten .

In addition to the above enterprises , There are also some Internet technology companies 、 Behavior is collectively named .

2016 year ,3·15 Some imported commodities sold by cross-border e-commerce platforms named at the party are unqualified .

2019 Financial microfinance enterprises named in , Only when you buy goods can you lend money , And the goods far exceed the market price , And there are acts of intimidation and debt collection . Since then, relevant departments have strengthened supervision in the field of Internet finance , at present , Internet microfinance companies have been completely blocked .

2021 year , Mobile phone cleaning software is alleged to exist “ Security traps ”,“ Memory optimization master ”“ Super clean up master ”“ Smart cleanup master ”“ Cell phone manager PRO” Are on the roll call list . these app On the phone 、 The flag of acceleration , Induce users to install , Further stealing user information . so far , Such cleaning software is still widely circulated in the market .

Besides , Platform order brushing behavior 、 Stealing user privacy 、 False advertisements are the hardest hit areas .

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