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"Second empty"! Why is it so popular for the ambassador to China to bring goods?

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   The new fabric 12 month 6 (Reuters) ( High platinum )“ When the ambassador enters the studio , I learned that there was 30 More than 10000 people watch online at the same time , He was also very surprised , The ambassador said ‘ I don't know how I got so angry ’.” In the near future , Sri Lanka's ambassador to China for the first time “ Appearance ” China e-commerce live studio , Liu Meixi, the host of the live broadcast and delivery with him, told China Singapore Jingwei , During the live broadcast , A variety of Sri Lankan biscuits on the shelves 、 Ceylon black tea 、 Fruit tea seconds empty , After seconds, contact the merchant and transfer the goods from other warehouse inventory to the shelves .

   China's huge consumer market and consumption growth momentum have attracted global attention , Live e-commerce has also become an important window for foreign businessmen to enter China , Many countries hope to find new opportunities for sales to China . E-commerce platforms should be opened , At any time, there are anchors shouting with goods , Now there are more ambassadors to China to play the leading role in the live broadcast room . According to the incomplete statistics of China New Zealand longitude and latitude ,2020 Since then , Ambassadors and consuls from dozens of countries in China 、 The counselor has been stationed in the live broadcasting rooms of various e-commerce platforms in China , As a day anchor ,“ Seconds are empty ”“ Best Sellers ” Has become a “ The ambassador brought the goods ” Key words .

   Live e-commerce blessing , Imported consumer goods pry the Chinese market

   During the 4th China International Import Expo , Host Liu Meixi had a meeting with Sri Lankan ambassador to China Palita · Kohona cooperates with live broadcast to bring goods .

   She told Zhongxin Jingwei , His variety show 《 Visiting the Embassy 》 After the broadcast , Many viewers hope to have channels to buy products with national characteristics , She was inspired , The idea of letting ambassadors of various countries enter the e-commerce live broadcast room to share imported goods came into being ; Sri Lanka's ambassador to China also expressed her hope to open the Chinese market through the new business model of live delivery , He is specially invited as the cooperation host of the Sri Lankan embassy during this Expo . This is also the first time that Sri Lanka's ambassador to China “ Appearance ” China e-commerce live studio , There are more than 100 More than million viewers watched the live broadcast .

   Talking about the final effect of this live broadcast , Liu Meixi said , It took the team a month to fully plan , Have certain expectations of audience response before live broadcast , But neither she nor the Sri Lankan Embassy in China expected to be so popular , Liu Meixi also said , Next, we plan to cooperate with ambassadors of various countries in China for a long time , Bring more goods from the international market into public view , Meet the consumer demand for high-quality foreign goods .

  “ No exit 、 Buy global ”

   According to the incomplete statistics of China New Zealand longitude and latitude ,2020 Since then , Including Russia 、 South Korea 、 Malaysia 、 Singapore 、 Vietnam 、 Peru 、 Chile 、 Spain 、 Rwanda 、 mauritius 、 South Africa 、 Luxembourg 、 Serbia 、 Latvia 、 Montenegro 、 Bulgaria included , Ambassadors and consuls from dozens of countries in China 、 The counsellor once appeared in the live broadcast room of China's e-commerce platform .

   The last time “ The ambassador brought the goods live ” It happened in China — On site of Latin American Entrepreneur Summit . According to Chongqing daily ,11 month 16 Japan , The 14th China — During the Latin American Entrepreneur Summit , Uruguayan ambassador to China Fernando · Lugris conducted a live broadcast with the goods , Recommend Uruguayan dairy products and red wine to Chinese consumers ; He also said he , In the future, in addition to dairy products and other trade goods , Uruguay also hopes to make big data intelligent 、 Software information 、 education 、 Culture 、 Deepen cooperation with Chongqing in sports and other fields .

   since 2001 year 12 month 11 Officially joined the World Trade Organization on September, and so far , China's position in the international economic system has risen rapidly ; Accession to WTO 20 Anniversary , China's imports of goods increased by about 6 times , Foreign businessmen are still seeking greater business opportunities in the Chinese market .

   According to the latest data from China's National Bureau of Statistics ,2021 year 1 Month to 10 month , National online retail sales 103765 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 17.4%.

   Data display of Ministry of Commerce ,“ Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in ” period , The contribution of China's imports to the growth of global imports reached 34.9%. According to the Ministry of Commerce recently released 《“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” High quality development plan for foreign trade 》,“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” period , China will pay more attention to the role of imports , Expand the convergence of interests with trading partners , Share China's development opportunities with the world , Further expand market opening , Encourage the import of high-quality consumer goods , Optimize the list of cross-border e-commerce retail imported goods , Expand imports from neighboring countries .

   Liu Meixi said , See the audience's hot scene of live delivery of goods by Sri Lanka's ambassador to China , I am also interested in the follow-up with other diplomats in China “ Live delivery plan ” With more confidence . And the enthusiastic market feedback from foreign ambassadors in China , It may also enable more foreign businessmen to feel the warm wind of the Chinese market .( The new fabric APP)

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