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Radio and television and other four departments: minors are prohibited from participating in live broadcasting, reward and engaging in live broadcasting

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  5 month 7 Japan , The website of the State Administration of radio and television released the news , Central Civilization Office 、 Ministry of culture and tourism 、 The State Administration of radio and television and the state Internet Information Office jointly issued 《 About standardizing webcast reward Opinions on strengthening the protection of minors 》. The full text is as follows .

   In recent years , The new format of webcast is rising rapidly , In promoting the development of the industry 、 It has played an important role in enriching cultural supply . meanwhile , Lack of responsibility of the main body of the platform 、 The anchors are mixed 、 Reward Behavior Anomie and other problems occur frequently , Cause minors to indulge in live broadcasting 、 Participate in reward , Seriously damage the physical and mental health of minors , Bring a lot of social problems , The people reflected strongly . In order to effectively strengthen the norms of webcast industry , Create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors , according to 《 The People's Republic of China Network security Law 》《 Law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of minors 》 And other laws and regulations , The following working suggestions are put forward .

   One 、 General requirements

   Adhere to the socialist core values as the guide , Focus on the protection of minors , Stick to problem orientation 、 Hit hard , To treat 、 Comprehensive measures , To cooperate with 、 Joint management . Consolidate the responsibilities of all parties through vigorous standardization and rectification , Establish a long-term supervision mechanism , Effectively standardize the live broadcasting order , Resolutely curb unhealthy tendencies 、 Industry chaos , Promote the standardized and orderly development of the webcast industry , Build a civilized and healthy network ecological environment .

   Two 、 Work initiatives

  1. Minors are not allowed to participate in live rewards . The website platform should adhere to the principle of being most beneficial to minors , We will improve the protection mechanism for minors , Strictly implement the requirements of the real name system , It is forbidden to provide cash recharge for minors 、“ gift ” Buy 、 Online payment and other reward services . The website platform shall not develop and launch functional applications that attract rewards from minors , It is not allowed to develop all kinds of methods to induce minors to participate “ gift ”. It is found that the website platform violates the above requirements , Strictly and severely take the function of suspending reward 、 Measures such as shutting down the live broadcasting business .

  2. Strictly control minors from engaging in anchor . The website platform should strengthen the registration and audit management of anchor account , Must not be less than 16 Internet anchor service for minors aged one year old , by 16 to 18 One year old minors provide network anchor Services , The guardian should obtain the consent of . Yes, using the so-called “ Net red children ” Strengthen the daily supervision of live broadcasting for profit , If illegal accounts are found, strict measures shall be taken , And investigate the responsibility of relevant website platforms .

  3. Optimize upgrade “ Youth model ”.“ Youth model ” After strict content selection 、 A beneficial way for minors to watch . The website platform should be in the existing “ Youth model ” On the basis of , Further optimize the product model and content presentation , Continue to increase the supply of live content suitable for minors . Strictly control the content review process , Equipped with a special audit team commensurate with the business scale , Select the best and eliminate “ Three customs ”, Reassure parents 、 The child is satisfied 、 Social acclaim . To optimize the mode function configuration , Present in a prominent position on the home page , Easy for teenagers to find and parental supervision , It is strictly prohibited to provide or provide in a disguised form all kinds of “ Chasing stars ” Service and recharge reward function .

  4. Establish a dedicated service team . The website platform shall establish an exclusive customer service team for minors , Priority 、 Handle complaints and disputes related to minors in a timely manner . Reward a minor for falsely using an adult account number , The website platform shall check in time on the premise of protecting privacy , If it is true, it shall be refunded in accordance with the regulations . For the website platform that provides reward services for minor users in violation of regulations , And brokers and network anchors who know that users are minors and still induce rewards , Take strict disposal measures .

  5. Standardize the application of key functions . The list 、“ gift ” Is to attract teenagers “ gather and watch ” The important function of interactive application . The website platform should be published in this opinion 1 Cancel all the reward lists within months , It is forbidden to rank the network anchor based on the reward amount 、 drainage 、 recommend , It is forbidden to rank users based on the reward amount . Strengthen the right “ gift ” name 、 Standard design of appearance , Don't exaggerate 、 Rendering effects, etc. induce users . Strengthen the safety assessment of new technologies and new applications online , It is not allowed to run all kinds of functional applications with the reward amount as the sole evaluation standard online .

  6. Strengthen peak hour management . everyday 20 these 22 It's the peak time for teenagers to surf the Internet , It is also an important time point for standardizing webcast . The website platform is at the peak of the day , Single account Live Room “ Lian Mai PK” The number of times shall not exceed 2 Time , Cannot set “PK punishment ” link , Not for “PK punishment ” Provide technical implementation methods , Avoid inducing and misleading minors . The website platform should be on a daily basis 22 After the hour , Yes “ Youth model ” The services under are forced to go offline , Normal mode opening mode shall not be provided or provided in disguised form , Ensure that teenagers have enough rest time .

  7. Strengthen network literacy education . Encourage schools to carry out network literacy education for minors , Around the network moral awareness and code of conduct 、 The concept of rule of law and norms of behavior 、 Capacity building in the use of networks 、 Personal and property security protection, etc. cultivate minors' awareness of network security 、 Civilized literacy 、 Behavior habits and protective skills . Guide minor guardians to actively learn network knowledge , Strengthen education on minors' use of the Internet 、 demonstration 、 Guide and supervise . Support all sectors of society to jointly carry out publicity and education , Promote minors to broaden their horizons 、 Improve your quality 、 Cultivate sentiment 、 Please the body and mind .

   3、 ... and 、 Organizational leadership

  1. To raise the awareness of . All departments and platforms should start from “ Shape what kind of future people ” Height , Deeply understand and standardize webcast 、 It is extremely important and urgent to strengthen the protection of minors , Put it on an important agenda , Refine and improve the working measures in combination with the actual situation , Ensure that all tasks and requirements are implemented in place .

  2. Strengthen overall planning and coordination . According to who is in charge and who is in charge 、 The principle of who hosts and who is responsible , Build multi domain 、 The working pattern of cross departmental cooperation , Form an overall and powerful 、 Coordinate smoothly 、 Attend to each one's own duties 、 Regulatory forces with respective responsibilities . Stick to problem orientation 、 Highlight key links 、 Pay attention to the way , Build a strong protection system for minors in the whole process and chain .

  3. It is the responsibility of all parties . Guide the website platform to fulfill the main responsibility , Earnestly implement relevant policies and regulations , Perfect account registration 、 Qualification review 、 Daily management 、 System requirements such as illegal disposal . Urge brokerage institutions to organize webcast according to law 、 Make 、 Marketing and other activities . Educate and guide network anchors to improve compliance awareness and comprehensive quality , Active production and dissemination are in line with the core socialist values 、 Excellent cultural content reflecting the new era and new atmosphere .

  4. Carry out supervision and inspection . Establish an inter departmental coordination mechanism , Strengthen situation communication, analysis and Research , Promote the implementation of work . Supervise the listing of important website platforms , Ensure that the rectification task is completed on time and with quality . Focus on forming a long-term working mechanism , Carry out regular supervision and inspection , According to the new situation and new problems, timely study and put forward solutions and methods .

   source : The state administration of radio

 Radio and television and other four departments : Minors are not allowed to participate in live broadcasting, reward and engage in live broadcasting

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