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E-commerce information / dry goods of "February 25 express" on, which gathers new e-commerce news all over the world

2022-05-07 23:10:49sky

 Electric monkey net 「2 month 25 Daily Express 」 E-commerce information / dried food , Gather new news about e-commerce in the world

1、 Taobao upgrades the consumer experience :500 If the order within yuan is not delivered, you can “ Second off ”

2、 Kwai e-commerce carried out the special treatment of flash purchase

3、 A lot of spelling :2 Since mid June, the order volume of spring vegetables on the platform has doubled

4、 Tiktok :2021 Annual book publishing enterprise No. monthly book sales GMV near 3 Billion

5、 Are meituan hungry? They were fined for violating the food safety law 18 ten thousand

6、 Kwai applies for registration “ iron sir” trademark

7、 Tmall global will accelerate the introduction of new overseas brands such as skiing

8、 The offline retail store of yangwharf will be located in Changsha, Hunan

9、Sensor Tower:1 Tiktok and TikTok Year on year growth in downloads 7.1%

10、 Alibaba's business revenue in China in the third quarter 1722.26 One hundred million yuan International business income 164.49 One hundred million yuan

11、 Kwai e-commerce adjusted the assessment standards for delivery in areas affected by the epidemic

12、 Taobao live launch “ Super broadcast recruitment plan 3 Monthly Edition ”

13、 Netease strictly selected :2021 The year-on-year growth of Omni channel users exceeded 80%

14、 Tencent's e-commerce business Gosling Pinpin was officially shut down

15、 What is worth buying : Skiing equipment during the Beijing Winter Olympics GMV promote 12 times

16、 Follow Amazon e-commerce Wal Mart offers exclusive offers for paying members

17、 Wuxi cross border e-commerce comprehensive test zone 2021 The annual import and export volume reached 31.6 Billion dollars

18、2021 In, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce in Xiamen was about 85.5 One hundred million yuan growth 207%

—— Reported by the authoritative e-commerce comprehensive media platform e-monkey

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