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The return rate of Ningde times Shanghai Port factory is 90%, and the production capacity returns to the pre epidemic level

2022-05-07 23:11:36Chinese industry information station

Shanghai factory is the third largest production base in the world in Ningde era , The capacity is about 80GWh, Second only to Fujian Ningde base and Sichuan Yibin base , It is mainly used to produce power battery modules . The factory is located in Lingang New Area of Shanghai , Adjacent to Tesla Shanghai Super factory . Tesla is 2021 The largest customer of power battery products in Ningde era .

Affected by the recent epidemic , A number of auto companies and parts suppliers in Shanghai announced the suspension of production . Ningde Times said , This round of epidemic has led to increased uncertainty in logistics and supply chain , Some employees are blocked from returning to their posts , Bring certain challenges to the production and operation of the company .

4 month 15 Japan , The Ministry of industry and information technology announced that , Key enterprises in the field of industry and information technology have been established “ White list ”, Concentrate resources first , Protect the integrated circuit 、 Automobile manufacturing 、 Equipment manufacturing and other key industries 666 Shanghai key enterprises resume work and production .

4 month 18 Japan , By Ruiting Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ningde times ( Ruiting Era ) The Shanghai Port factory in charge of operation has resumed production . Ruiting times is listed as three by Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology “ Discontinued enterprises that must return to work ” One of , The other two are Tesla Shanghai plant and Sany Heavy machinery .

According to Ningde times , As the first batch of key enterprises in Shanghai to resume work and production “ White list ” Enterprises , With the support of government departments, Ningde times Shanghai factory handled 300 Multiple passes across provinces and cities , Effectively ensure the production logistics , Help the factory achieve a steady increase in output .

Ningde times means , During the closed production of Shanghai factory , reference 《 Guidelines for epidemic prevention and control of resumption of work and production of industrial enterprises in Shanghai 》, Production for employees 、 The living area shall be subject to classified management , Focus on safety production and emergency response plan , Ensure the double guarantee of production and epidemic prevention . meanwhile , The Shanghai factory has handled the site code of the factory according to the guidance of the government , You can view the personnel flow in the plant in real time 、 Personnel health .

in the light of 4 The impact of the epidemic on the annual business performance , Jiang Li, the board secretary in Ningde era 5 month 5 Japan responded : The impact of the epidemic is divided into two parts , One part is the recent epidemic in Ningde area where the company's headquarters and main production base are located , With the rapid response and action of the government, it has been basically unsealed before May Day , It has little impact on the operation of the company ; The second is that the epidemic in Shanghai and other places has reduced the production of vehicle factories , Terminal consumption may have an impact , With the gradual resumption of work and production , The overall impact is also small . The company's annual production capacity is expected to meet customer demand .

As a leading enterprise in the new energy industry , The resumption of work in Ningde era has driven the coordinated resumption of work and production of the industrial chain . Since the Shanghai factory of Ningde era resumed work , Five suppliers have been pushed back to work , Support these enterprises to realize closed production in succession , Ensure the smooth resumption of work and production of the industrial chain in the short term .

Zhang Hongtao, chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said , Shanghai 1800 The resumption rate of several key enterprises exceeded 70%, The first of these 660 The resumption rate of several key enterprises exceeded 90%. automobile 、 The integrated circuit 、 Key industrial chains such as biomedicine have continued to recover 、 Increase capacity , Leading enterprises continue to maintain stable production .

By 5 month 5 Japan , Industrial enterprises in Lingang New Area have resumed work and production 290 home ,100 A project under construction has been resumed . By 5 month 6 Japan , Pudong New Area has 447 Key enterprises have gradually restored production capacity .

Shanghai Lingang New Film in 2019 Established in , The number of industrial projects gathered exceeds 500 individual , Including new energy equipment 、 Ocean engineering 、 Intelligent manufacturing 、 Biological medicine 、 Artificial intelligence, etc . Lingang New District Management Committee 5 month 6 Announced Wednesday ,2025 In, the New Lingang area will be completed 100 Smart factory 、 Intelligent site such as intelligent workshop .

In recent days, , Ningde times and Shanghai Lingang Holding Co., Ltd (600848, Hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Lingang )、 Huayu Automotive Systems Co., Ltd (600741, Hereinafter referred to as Huayu automobile )、 Shanghai 2345 network Holding Group Co., Ltd (002195, Hereinafter referred to as 2345 ) As a limited partner (LP) Jointly participate in the investment of national policy Green Fund .

Upon completion of the transaction , The main investors of the national policy green fund share 15 position , Total scale 13.01 One hundred million yuan , Will mainly invest in intelligent driving 、 Pan semiconductor 、 New energy 、 The new material 、 Medical apparatus and instruments 、 Information technology, etc .

It is worth noting that , Wang Chunhui, director of state policy investment, used to 12 Within months, he served as the executive vice president of Shanghai Lingang 、 Secretary of the board of directors , According to relevant regulations , State policy investment is a related party of Shanghai port , This transaction near Shanghai Port constitutes a connected transaction .

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