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How to create a successful entry in the Encyclopedia of business people

2022-05-07 23:17:40Dazzle

Recently chatted with a Baidu bidding friend , She said she was bidding for corporate customers , Need to do encyclopedia , But many contents are not referenced , This kind of character encyclopedia should not do ; In fact, both corporate and corporate executives can do , It's just how much the content goes up . Xu Guoxiang does encyclopedia all over the world 8 Years. , It's really rare to meet what encyclopedia can't do , But many encyclopedias take a long time , Now let's talk about how to create a successful entry in the Encyclopedia of enterprise figures :

1、 Refer to the character entry template to write a copy

Many enterprises arrange people to create , It's hard to create success , The biggest reason is that business owners and executives have prepared a lot of content , This one wants to go , Who wants to , And a lot of content is story telling , This is definitely not going to work .

 How to create a successful entry in the Encyclopedia of business people

2、 Don't include too much publicity

Encyclopedia is more authoritative , So many friends like to make a lot of qualifiers in the copywriting , Honors, various awards and industry rankings, etc , Some are indeed supported by authoritative data, which can be solved , However, those who violate the advertising law may not be able to pass , analogy : Industry first , Leading technology and so on .

3、 Submit in batches , Don't submit all at once

Everyone wants encyclopedia to be done at one time , But the success rate is too low , We are very experienced in Encyclopedia , The copy has been revised and then revised , Basically, it's hard to do it all at once , Friends who don't often fight , Submit a few times , Don't pass , Will say that this entry can't do , It's not , Yes, in batches , First create the entry successfully , Then you can add... Sentence by sentence .

4、 Professional things find professional people

Own company or no friends who can handle it , Just find a friend who can handle it , It's better to find some word of mouth , Have the strength to cooperate , Of course, avoid some risks , It's best not to find someone , Because Xu Guoxiang has many customers , When looking for cooperation with us, some people said that they would find someone cheap to cooperate with , The entry is not made up , The money can't be refunded .

summary : Creating an encyclopedia is a job that takes time , If you want to be an encyclopedia, make an encyclopedia in advance , Don't wait for the time you need to do it right away , It must be done within a week , That's not going to work , If you encounter any problems in the process of creating an encyclopedia, you can communicate with Xu Guoxiang all over the world at any time !

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