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Hardcore observation 629 when Google Docs encountered poetry, it crashed

2022-05-07 23:24:30Linux China

When Google Docs encounters poetry , collapsed

When a user wrote a poem in Google Docs, he found , When the input “And. And. And. And. And.” or “But. But. But. But. But.” when , If opened at the same time “ Show syntax suggestions ” Options , The application will crash . And you may not be able to easily re access the file , Because doing so will trigger a crash again . Other words can also cause this problem when repeated many times , Such as “Also、Anyway、Who、Why、Besides、However” etc. . Google said it was aware of the problem , And under repair .

Lao Wang comments : It seems that the grammar suggestion tool of Google Docs is confused by the art of poetry .

Apple chip encounters the world's first DMP Loophole

Researchers have discovered the world's first Prefetchers that depend on data memory Data Memory-Dependent Prefetcher(DMP) Loophole , This vulnerability is known as “Augury”, Is a unique vulnerability of Apple chip products .DMP It aims to improve the system performance by understanding the whole memory content , Usually memory access is limited , But Apple's DMP Prefetching can surpass the memory pointer set , Allow it to access and try to prefetch irrelevant memory addresses , This makes it possible to leak the entire memory content . Apple M1、M1 Max And other chips are affected .

Lao Wang comments : Apple chips are really fast , But new technologies always leak in ways you can't think of .

Value of forfeiture 3600 Million dollars of cryptocurrency was wrongly paid

Cryptocurrency Juno The community voted , Confiscate about... From an investor who is believed to have obtained tokens through malicious means 300 m Juno Pass card , Value contract 3600 Thousands of dollars . The money will be sent to a community controlled wallet , They can vote on how to use the money . However , Because the developer in charge of the transfer received a wallet address and a hash value at the same time , As a result, I accidentally copied and pasted the hash value as the wallet address , Lead to 3600 The $million cryptocurrency was sent to an inaccessible address .

Lao Wang comments : What chaotic communities do is chaotic , Now the chicken and the egg hit .

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