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Huawei's first high-level automatic driving car, extreme fox alpha s, has a new hi version on the market: from 397900 yuan

2022-05-07 23:26:05Chinese industry information station

This time, it is a brand-new model , Compared with the normal version , Because it is equipped with Huawei intelligent auxiliary system , So there are some changes in the appearance design , For example, a lidar is set at the front of the car , Change the 20 Inch road alloy wheels , At the same time, Huawei is added at the rear of the car HI identification .

Body size , The car is compared to alpha S The normal version is longer 60 mm , Widened 20 mm , Wheelbase remains unchanged , The specific size parameters are 4980*1960*1599 mm , The wheelbase 2915 mm , Positioned in medium and large cars .

The interior also basically follows the design of the ordinary version , But this time alpha S Huawei HI The version is equipped with Hongmeng OS Car engine system , Used Unicorn 990A Cockpit chip , The size of the central control screen has been increased to 21.7 Inch , And with 12.3 Inch LCD dashboard connected into one , It forms a large suspended screen , It also uses 8 Inch HUD Looked up and show .

Huawei Hongmeng intelligent cockpit is asking the world M5 It has been reflected in great detail , Its fluency can be called the current car machine ceiling , At the same time, it fully supports voice interaction and seamless flow of software functions between on-board and mobile terminals .

Alpha the fox S Huawei HI Another highlight of the version is Huawei's automatic driving ability , Hardware aspect , It carries 3 star 96 Thread lidar , Plus 6 Millimeter wave radar 、12 An ultrasonic radar 、9 star ADS camera 、4 A look around camera , And computing power can reach 400Tops Huawei's self-developed chip .

By matching high-precision maps , Automatic loading can be realized at high speed 、 Down ramp 、 Overtaking and merging , In urban areas, lane and traffic light information can also be accurately extracted , And through continuous self-learning 、 Continuous iteration , At the intersection, the control performance is closer to manual driving , Including straight travel 、 Turn left 、 Unprotected turning and other functions .

in other words , As long as the regulations allow , Alpha the fox S new HI The version can realize point-to-point automatic driving in most scenes .

motivation , The car adopts double motor four-wheel drive structure , The front drive is asynchronous AC motor , The rear drive is a permanent magnet synchronous motor , Asynchronous motor and synchronous motor have their own advantages and disadvantages , Combined use can make up for each other to achieve high performance , Comprehensive power of the vehicle system 473kW, Peak torque 655Nm, Speed up 3.5S.

According to previous information , Alpha the fox S new HI The version will be equipped with ternary lithium overcharge custom battery pack , The endurance can reach... Under comprehensive working conditions 708km, Support at the same time 800V High pressure quick charging ,10 Minutes to replenish 197km Range of .

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