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Let's start | how to quickly start making high-quality videos?

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Many people see others sharing their lives on video platforms 、 Talent and skill , I think I can , I just don't know how to make a video . In fact, making a video is not as difficult as you think , Master some necessary conditions , Just practice more often .

 Let's have a class | How to quickly start making high-quality video ?

Device selection :

It is not recommended that you use professional cameras at the beginning , In addition to the great cost investment , The operation threshold of professional cameras is also relatively high , Still need to study systematically for a period of time , Many people encounter difficulties in the process of learning and give up .

Now the shooting performance of smart phones has been very strong , Although from the parameter or effect plus , There is still some gap with professional cameras , But the shooting techniques are almost the same .

iPhone Compared with other mobile phones, it is more recommended to take videos , Other mobile phones can also , You can take a look at some samples taken by digital bloggers to make a choice .

If it comes to radio , Both professional cameras and mobile phones need the help of an external microphone , It is easy to record ambient noise and other noises by using only the microphone of the mobile phone , It's hard to deal with later .

If you are getting started, you are recommended to choose this green wireless Lavalier microphone , The price is less than 300 element . Yes 3 Gear pickup effect , The recording effect is clear , Compatible with most mobile phones on the market , It can also be used in the later transition to professional cameras .

Shooting techniques :

Think back to the small videos we often see in our circle of friends , Why do you look Amateur , In fact, shooting is more casual , Not prepared before you start .

Although novices don't know how to write shooting scripts , But first, form a basic idea and shooting process in the brain , You can write it down like an outline of a composition .

Try not to shake your hands when shooting , Although now mobile phones have intelligent anti shake , But I can't help shaking a lot . I recommend you to take a look at some professional film and television bloggers to learn shooting techniques .

No one is born an expert , See more, think more and shoot more , Naturally skilled .

Post production :

After recording the video material in the early stage , Try editing on your phone first , Familiar with the process and principle of editing , Here are two mobile editing software ——『 Must cut 』 and 『 Cut and reflect 』.

After being proficient, I recommend you to guide the material to the computer ,iPhone It can be used AirDrop Function transfer file , Android phones can find file management and send it to the computer . Then use professional nonlinear editing software , for example 『Premiere』『Vegas』 perhaps 『Final Cut Pro』 Fine , The processing of video is more convenient , The film effect is also better .

Pay special attention to , No matter which software can only make your video icing on the cake , The most important thing is to do a good job in the early shooting .

Let's start. Integrate the front-line teachers and practical projects of world-famous universities and leading enterprises , Provide vocational qualification examination for college students and on-the-job personnel 、 Advanced professional ability 、 New vocational and sideline skills, diversified vocational education and talent service , Help users achieve sustainable career growth .

Let's start at 2020 year 8 month 26 Huike group was officially split on the day of , And independently obtain A Round of funding 5.5 RMB 100 million .2021 year 7 month 11 Once again, the completion of 6 One hundred million yuan B1 Round of funding , Shoulder “ Only for enabling people ” The mission of , Open a new era of online Vocational Education .

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