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"Cloud office" is recognized by the workplace

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Video conference 、 Share documents 、 Clock in Online 、 Mobile approval …… Now , You don't have to step into the office to go to work , Take out a cellular phone , Turn on the computer ,“ Office worker ” You can join an online conference , With colleagues “ Cloud ” Work together to complete the task . With the support of collaborative office platform , Online office has become a trend , Towards more efficient development .

“ Cloud Office ” Get workplace recognition

An owner of Mingyue Garden community, Futian District, Shenzhen is at home “ Cloud Office ”. Chu yanshe ( Shen Jizhong )

Save commuting time

In the near future , Ms. Li, a financial practitioner who lives in Shanghai, began to work at home .“ The work must be finished on time , Many communication matters are transferred to online meetings , Very smooth .” Ms. Li said .

One netizen said , During telecommuting , Work can be more immersed and focused , No one will suddenly come around and start a communication invitation , Avoid time being divided into pieces , The saved commuting time can also be used for rest or reading .

Some Internet companies have done research related to telecommuting , Some respondents said , The biggest advantage of telecommuting is that you don't have to commute , Saved a lot of time ; Besides , The office environment is more free and comfortable , Office hours can also be flexibly arranged . Someone cleans up a special office environment at home , Others prefer space outside the family , Such as shared office space 、 The coffee shop 、 The bookstore 、 Paid study room, etc .

however , Not everyone can adapt to the flexible online office mode well . Some people say , The boundary between work and life has become more and more blurred , Need to have strong self-management ability , To plan the content of work and life . in addition , Due to the lack of meeting , There is a lack of necessary social and team members .

For Ms. Liu who is engaged in writing work , Online office has become the norm . She is in Wuhan 、 Guangzhou and other cities have lived , Now in Beijing .“ My job has always been relatively free , Just connect with the editor , So there's no need to ‘ From nine to five ’. Now? , I need to work in the company one day a week , On the contrary, I attach great importance to , There is a sense of ritual at work .” She said .

Improve work efficiency

China Internet Network Information Center 49 Time 《 Statistical report on Internet development in China 》 Show , By 2021 year 12 month , The number of online office users has reached 4.69 Billion , Year-on-year growth 35.7%, Become one of the applications with the fastest growing user scale .

With information technology 、 The development of digital economy , Cloud signing 、 Cloud bidding 、 Cloud interview 、 Cloud training and other cloud collaborative practices are becoming a new trend . Online office can be realized and grow rapidly , Without the support of tools and platforms . Ms Liu said , On the collaborative office platform , When she was pulled into the group as a new member , You can view recent 100 Chat notes , Quick access to key background information . When switching login between computer and mobile phone , All chat messages will also be synchronized , Let communication have context anytime, anywhere .

In addition to the most common teleconferencing , The collaborative office platform also launched online clock in 、 Instant communication 、 Document editing 、 Data processing 、 Workgroup 、 Electronic seal 、 Electronic signature 、 Financial reimbursement 、 More and more detailed functions such as mobile approval , Support employees 、 Organizations are seamlessly connected at work 、 Efficient collaboration 、 Accelerate innovation . These functions are not only applied to enterprises , It has also penetrated into various government services .

Yuan Lingzi, vice president of Feishu consulting of enterprise cooperation and management platform, said in an interview with this newspaper , Easy to use digital tools can first promote the improvement of office efficiency , Release people from simple and inefficient repetitive work , Focus on something more valuable . for example , Previous meetings may have been lengthy 、 There are many invalid information , With the flybook platform, you can write documents before meeting , Effectively save time and accurately obtain key information . secondly , In the era of information and knowledge driven innovation , It is very important to improve the efficiency of information flow , Collaborative office platform reshapes people's communication and cooperation mode , Remote communication , Instant touch , It effectively improves the efficiency of team management and talent management . and , Nowadays, the production and distribution of knowledge are everywhere , Manage knowledge efficiently with tools 、 Spread Wisdom , It can maximize the precipitation of personal assets into organizational wisdom , Form a new knowledge management model .

Cross district office more

at present , There are already many “ Office worker ” I'm used to the mixed office mode of combining online and offline . obviously , Online office brings more than just workplace changes , It also means the change of working mode , On the way the company is managed 、 Personal growth planning and even supporting tools and facilities are new tests .

Vice president of nail 、 Fu Xujun, the person in charge of collaborative products, said in an interview with this newspaper , From the perspective of enterprises , Most large and medium-sized enterprises will at least 2 Set up offices in four regions , These cross regions 、 Daily communication and coordination of cross city enterprises , More and more people tend to rely on collaborative office software or tools to complete , Improve office efficiency , Reduce all kinds of travel expenses .

“ Predictably, , From fixed centralized office to mobile office 、 Multi location office transformation , It will be a trend . This trend puts forward higher requirements for collaborative office , We need to further improve the efficiency and quality of information flow , Make sure information is synchronized in real time 、 Information symmetry 、 It's the same up and down , Finally, it is reflected in the improvement of the efficiency of operation and management .” Fu Xujun said .

Insiders point out , future , What collaborative office applications need to do , Not just to meet the office needs of real-time communication , With big data 、 Cloud computing 、 New technologies such as artificial intelligence , Help more organizations achieve intelligence 、 Digital transformation , Will become the goal of collaborative office application .

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