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Working remotely from home, these software are very practical

2022-05-07 23:47:09Tianhan

I believe everyone is more or less affected by the threat of the epidemic , Especially at work , We have to implement the system of working from home , At this time, how to get full performance from telecommuting at home , You don't need software to help .

1. A hundred million diagrams

Yitu diagram is a vector based drawing graphics software , The operation of this software is very simple , Be able to get started quickly , Especially for some simple graphics or slightly complex graphics , We don't need to use, for example PS These large-scale software can easily solve .

The cost performance of Yitu is also very high , Users can make various professional organization charts according to the materials and templates inside , Business flow chart , Project management chart , Software design drawings, etc . If there is no inspiration when making , If you don't know how to do it, you can combine the common graphic template library and user-defined instance Library , So that you can make full use of the inherent materials when designing , You can also learn from other people's works .

Besides , This software was developed by Chinese people , Therefore, it can be used more in line with our people's habits and feelings .

 Telecommuting at home , These software are very practical


This is a team oriented collaborative design software , Especially in isolated Home Office , When joint design is needed , We can do synchronous design on this software , Avoid time and geographical constraints , Real time synchronization .

And this software vector design plate has intelligent operation , You can make intelligent choices , Automatic layout , You can also use the new pen tool inside , Sketchpad tools , Make the operation easier , It can effectively reduce the design operation time , Improve work efficiency .

 Telecommuting at home , These software are very practical


Teambition Including network disk 、 To do 、 file 、 The calendar 、 Project and other rich practical applications , Be able to work for everyone every day 、 Necessary tools for study and life .

In fact, this product is more suitable for teamwork , Compared to chat groups , It is more convenient for members to synchronize progress and track context , So I'm using Teambition It is mainly used in work , You can make a global plan , Master progress . It contains the most classic “ Kanban ” function , Free to use .

 Telecommuting at home , These software are very practical

4. Graphite document

Graphite is also a very good home office software . Graphite document supports multi person real-time online writing and editing , It can effectively avoid repeated email sending . At the same time, it can avoid time , Restrictions on location , You can edit anytime, anywhere .

Besides , Graphite documents also support a variety of formats , For example, slides , form ,PPT etc. , Various attachments can also be inserted into the document , Support preview , Comprehensive integration of project data , Easy to manage backtracking .

 Telecommuting at home , These software are very practical

The above is the necessary software for home office I recommend , You can see if you have what you need . It's not easy to work from home , So each of us should work harder !

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