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Gao Lina, the "Iron Lady of dairy industry", retired, and modern animal husbandry entered the "Mengniu era"

2022-05-07 23:47:43Han Yu Mengfei

According to modern animal husbandry 6 month 28 Day and night notice , Known in the industry “ Dairy Iron Lady ” Gao Lina resigned as executive director of the company when she reached retirement age 、 Chief executive officer and vice chairman , End its 15 Year of “ Cattle breeder ” Career .

In charge of modern animal husbandry , Gao Lina led enterprises to create a number of Chinese dairy industries “ First of all ”—— Creating a precedent for large-scale breeding , It is the world's first listed dairy enterprise in dairy farming , It once became the largest dairy animal husbandry company and raw milk producer in China .

Before retirement 5 years , Gao Lina has done several things to modern animal husbandry “ Major events ”, First, Mengniu was introduced as the controlling shareholder , Build an upstream and downstream interest community of dairy industry , Find a good supporter for the long-term stable output of the company's milk source . then , Lead modern animal husbandry to formulate “ Five year lead plan ”, Identify future development goals .

In the industry believe that , Gao Lina optimized and adjusted modern animal husbandry before retirement , The management can achieve a smooth transition .

“ Dairy Iron Lady ” Gao Lina retired , Modern animal husbandry has entered “ Mengniu era ”

“ Dairy Iron Lady ” retired

In the circle of friends for many years, he called himself “ Cattle breeder ” Gao Lina is one of the founders of modern animal husbandry , In international trade transactions 、 Rich experience in resource integration and Administration .2005 year 8 Before joining modern animal husbandry in May , Gao Lina used to 1993 year 10 Month to 2005 year 6 In June, he served as the general manager of Tai'an Foreign Trade Corporation ;2003 year 10 Month to 2005 year 6 month , Serve as the managing director of Taian Investment Promotion Bureau ;2008 year 11 month 14 Japan , Appointed as executive director of modern animal husbandry .

In the industry , Gaolina always has “ Dairy Iron Lady ” Known as the . It's not just about being a female entrepreneur , While he was in charge , Modern animal husbandry has created a precedent for large-scale breeding of China's dairy industry , It has promoted the intensification of China's dairy industry 、 Standardization 、 Industrialization process . meanwhile , Modern animal husbandry is also the world's first dairy enterprise listed on dairy farming resources , It once became the largest dairy animal husbandry company and the largest producer of raw milk in China .

Disclosure of information , Modern animal husbandry ( The group ) Ltd. was established in 2005 year 9 month ,2010 year 11 It landed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June . At the beginning of going public , Modern animal husbandry has 11 A ranch , cow 7.2 Ten thousand . By 2020 end of the year , Modern animal husbandry has spread all over the country 7 Provincial layout 26 Ten thousand ranches , Cow stock 25 Ten thousand , The company's sales revenue is 60.2 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 9%; Net income of 7.84 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 124%.

Although modern animal husbandry 2020 The annual performance hit a record high , But its development process is not plain sailing . From the performance over the years , The fluctuation frequency of China's upstream and downstream dairy enterprises is not consistent , Upstream dairy enterprises have not achieved the results brought by the growth of dairy market for a long time . Impacted by imported large package powder 、 The price of raw milk is low 、 Loss of downstream liquid milk business , Modern animal husbandry 2016 year -2018 Fell into a loss in . meanwhile , Modern animal husbandry has tried to launch its own liquid milk products to increase profits , But subject to channel resources and marketing ability , The result is not ideal , Instead, it will drag down the performance .

The turning point took place in 2017 year , Mengniu increased its shareholding in modern animal husbandry and became the controlling shareholder , Both sides are selling raw milk 、 Brand milk sales 、 Financial financing 、 The coordination of feed procurement and other aspects has been deepened , Modern animal husbandry can concentrate on the upstream breeding link . At the same time, as China's dairy farming industry enters the business cycle , Modern animal husbandry 2018 The annual loss narrowed ,2019 Turn around the deficit in , In the same year, new hope dairy was introduced to become a strategic shareholder . In the industry believe that , This way of marriage between upstream and downstream has found a unique middle route for China's dairy industry , The interests of pasture and dairy enterprises have been protected .

However, with the change of modern animal husbandry, Mengniu , Gao Lina's mission to the enterprise has come to an end . In an interview with the media after her resignation, Gao Lina said :“ It's time to hand over the company's banner to the next management team , I have prepared for this day for a long time , Just when this day comes , Still surging 、 Regrets ten thousand . Although I removed the post of president of modern animal husbandry , But my heart is still here ,‘ Cattle breeder ’ This identity will go on with you .”

For gorina's resignation , Modern animal husbandry is 6 month 28 Thanks were expressed in the announcement on the th , She is said to have made outstanding contributions to the high-quality development of the group .“ During his tenure in the group , Ms. Gao relies on her management ability and personality charm , Lead the staff to summarize and precipitate the enterprise culture and cattle breeder spirit with animal husbandry spirit .”

Pave the way for the smooth transition of the company

“ In the company 15 On the anniversary , Ms. Gao led the group to officially launch the five-year leading plan .” This announcement seems to reveal the development direction of modern animal husbandry after Gao Lina's resignation .

2020 year 12 month , Modern animal husbandry in the company 15 Announced at the anniversary celebration “ Five year lead plan ”, To be in the next 5 In the year, the cow 、 Double milk , The number of planned stocks will turn to 50 More than 10000 heads , The annual output of fresh milk will increase from the current 150 10000 tons to 360 Ten thousand tons of , And intend to enter the beef cattle industry .

For how to achieve “ Five year lead plan ”, Sun Yugang, then vice president of modern animal husbandry, once said , Digital pasture is the general trend of pasture development in the future . at present , The 10000 ranches under modern animal husbandry are in the transition stage from fine breeding to digital breeding . The future will rely on the Internet of things 、 Image recognition 、 Big data and other modern technologies , Comprehensively promote the digital management of pasture , Achieve full quality traceability , Promote the precise feeding system based on high-quality raw materials and scientific formula , Continuously improve the breeding system , Build its own core dairy herd . Continue to deepen cooperation with Mengniu 、 New hope and other strategic shareholders in raw milk sales 、 Brand milk sales 、 Financial financing 、 Cooperation in feed procurement .

meanwhile , Modern animal husbandry has also accelerated the pace of acquisition .2021 year 3 month , Modern animal husbandry announced that it had entered into a sales agreement with Mengniu Group and other sellers , With 34.8 Billion yuan to acquire all the equity of Fuyuan International .4 month , Modern animal husbandry has announced that it will not exceed 8.15 Billion in cash , Acquisition of all equity of Zhongyuan animal husbandry . After the acquisition of Fuyuan International , Modern animal husbandry to 2025 The annual output of raw milk is expected to reach 280 Ten thousand tons of , The number of cattle can reach 42 Ten thousand .

In terms of personnel changes , After Gao Lina resigned , , 50 Inner Mongolia Fuyuan International Industrial Co., Ltd ( The group ) Zhu Xiaohui, vice president and Secretary of the board of directors of the company, will be appointed as a non-executive director of modern animal husbandry . , 48 Zhou Mingsheng will be appointed as an independent non-executive director and the audit committee 、 Members of the nomination committee and Remuneration Committee . Zhao Jiejun, non-executive director of modern animal husbandry, will be appointed as vice chairman of the board of Directors 、 Chairman of the strategy and Development Committee . Executive director Sun Yugang will be appointed as CEO and authorized representative of the company , And members of the strategy and Development Committee .

Song Liang, a dairy expert, thinks , Gao Lina optimized and adjusted modern animal husbandry before retirement , The management can achieve a smooth transition . From the perspective of the new management , Sun Yugang, the new CEO, has many years of financial and investment experience ,“ Not purely cattle raising technical management , Better understanding of business , In the future, as long as the management is detailed, there will be no problem ”. And after the change of ownership, Mengniu , Modern animal husbandry raw milk sales have found a supporter , Even if there may be downside risks in milk prices in the future , Don't worry about the milk being sold , It's just a matter of milk prices .“ thus , Gao Lina has no worries , To retire at ease .”

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