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2022-05-07 23:54:06Kid Biao Biao

“ The general secretary , You are usually so busy , And come to see us , Thank you very much .”

“ I'm busy with these things ,‘ The big one ’ Is the happy life of the people .”

This is this spring ,习近平 The general secretary 在广西桂林考察时, A dialogue with local villager Wang Deli .

Everything of the people , This is what the general secretary is worried about . review 2021 This year , quite a lot “ Anxious and anxious ” The problem of , The general secretary is promoting the implementation of solutions one by one .

All for the people !

“ Health is the most important indicator of a happy life ”

“ Health is the most important indicator of a happy life , Health is 1, The others are in the back 0, No, 1, More 0 It doesn't make sense .”

This year, 3 month ,习近平 The general secretary 在福建考察时这样说健康的重要性. Today's Chinese , Pay more attention to health . Promote the health of the whole population 、 Gradually alleviate the problems of difficult and expensive medical treatment , It is the due meaning of promoting the construction of healthy China .

Adhere to the public welfare of basic medical and health undertakings .

2 month 19 Japan ,习近平 The general secretary 主持召开中央全面深化改革委员会第十八次会议. The meeting deliberated and approved 《 Opinions on promoting the high quality development of public hospitals 》、《 Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening the capacity-building of drug supervision 》 Wait for the documents . It is explicitly mentioned , Promote the high-quality development of public hospitals , We should focus on people's health , Adhere to the public welfare of basic medical and health undertakings ; Comprehensively strengthen the capacity-building of drug supervision , Firmly hold the bottom line of drug safety .

Medical reform should embody the concept of people first .

medicare reform , Recognized worldwide problems . Practice of medical reform in Sanming, Fujian , This year, 3 month ,习近平 The general secretary 在三明考察时再次强调:“ The effect of Sanming medical reform is good , Reform experience is valuable , It is worth learning from local conditions .”

Sanming, Fujian , The population is small 、 The economic volume is relatively small 、 The proportion of retirees is high , Once faced with “ Old before rich , The income of the medical insurance fund cannot offset the expenditure ” , etc. .

Through years of reform and practice , The comprehensive reform of Sanming public hospitals has achieved certain results , Initial realization of patient 、 Doctor 、 The hospital 、 finance ( Medical insurance fund ) And so on .

One of its main methods is “ Three medical linkage ”: Medical care 、 Health care 、 Pharmaceutical linkage reform , This is considered to achieve “ Three regressions ”—— Public hospitals return to the nature of public welfare 、 Doctors return to the role of seeing doctors 、 The main path of drugs returning to treatment function .

General secretary xi jinping stressed ,“ People's health is an important symbol of socialist modernization . Sanming medical reform embodies the supremacy of the people 、 Dare to be first , Its experience is worth learning from local conditions .”

“ I'm busy with these things ”

△ Sanming medical reform has achieved great success

Drug prices have always been a practical issue of concern to the people .

During the two sessions this year ,习近平 The general secretary 在看望参加全国政协十三届四次会议的医药卫生界、 Members of the education sector stressed , We should continue to intensify the reform of medical insurance , Normalized and institutionalized centralized drug procurement , Keep the people's “ Life saving money ”“ Life saving money ”.

National organization centralized procurement with quantity , Can be understood as large “ Group purchase ”, That is, the state buys more drugs or medical equipment from pharmaceutical enterprises at a relatively low price , Trade quantity for price .

Second half of this year , Publication of the results of the fifth batch of centralized drug procurement organized by the state ,61 Successful purchase of drugs , Average price reduction 56%. Among them, there are common diseases such as hypertension 、 Medication for chronic diseases , There are also drugs for major diseases such as breast cancer . High value medical consumables have also begun to be purchased in a centralized manner , Cardiac stent is the first centralized collection variety , The average price is from 1.3 Ten thousand yuan down 700 yuan .

meanwhile , Carry out the adjustment of medical insurance catalogue every year , Some expensive life-saving drugs enter medical insurance through medical insurance negotiation . This year, 12 month , Published by the National Medical Insurance Bureau 2021 Adjustment results of national medical insurance drug catalogue in : share 74 Drugs were added to the catalogue . Newly incorporated drugs accurately complement tumors 、 Chronic diseases 、 Drug demand for rare diseases , Patients benefit a wide range , Every small group has not been abandoned .

Speaking of health care negotiations , I have to mention those “ Soul bargain ” Famous scene .

·“4.4 Yuan's words ,4 Too much , Chinese people find it hard to hear ,4.36, OK? ?”2019 year , Health care experts all the way from the price of a drug 5.62 Yuan cut to 4.36 element .

·“ In thousands , You have to work harder .”2021 year , In the negotiation of drugs for rare diseases , The negotiators of the national medical insurance administration repeatedly discussed the price with the negotiators of the enterprise . Last , The transaction price of each bottle of medicine is less than the initial quotation 2 Thousands of multivariate .


seen “ Soul bargain ” The scene , One netizen said ,“ I'm crying ! Thank my motherland !”

“ I'm busy with these things ”

“ honor the aged and the wise , This is our fine tradition ”

at present , In our country 60 People over the age of have 2.64 Million or so . There is a home for old people 、 I have a doctor 、 What the old do 、 Learn from the old 、 Old people have fun , Let the elderly share the fruits of reform and development 、 Enjoy a happy old age . The happy life of millions of old people ,习近平 The general secretary 一直牵挂在心.

Having a sense of security for the elderly is the foundation .

This year, 6 month ,习近平 The general secretary 来到青海省西宁市一个社区食堂了解社区向老 year 人提供餐饮服务情况.

“ Is the food cost high ?” The general secretary asked .

“ Different objects have different discounts , The market price of one meat and two vegetables 18 element ,60 The elderly over years old enjoy the happiness price 6 element ,80 Senior citizens over the age of 3 element , Including subsistence allowances 、 Four categories of elderly people, such as those in extreme poverty, need only 1 element .” The staff said .

“ I'm busy with these things ”

△ Data figure

“ Very finely divided , That's what you do at home .” The general secretary praised ,“ The happy life of socialism should be like this . You did a good job . honor the aged and the wise , This is our fine tradition .”

Up to now , China's basic endowment insurance covers nearly 10 Hundreds of millions of people ; Old age in financial difficulties 、 Disability and other elderly subsidy systems to achieve full provincial coverage ; The pilot of the long-term care insurance system was expanded to 49 Cities …… The construction of a multi-level old-age security system continued to advance , Strive to meet the old-age security needs of different groups .

Having a doctor for the elderly is the guarantee .

On the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival this year ,习近平 The general secretary 对老龄工作作出重要指示强调, We should take a positive view of aging 、 Integrating the concept of healthy aging into the whole process of economic and social development .

11 month 24 Japan ,《 The central committee of the communist party of China Opinions of the State Council on strengthening the work on aging in the new era 》 Official release .《 opinion 》 Mention explicitly , Strengthening the early screening of key chronic diseases in the elderly 、 Intervention and classification guidance , Carry out oral health education for the elderly 、 Elderly nutrition improvement 、 Alzheimer's prevention and psychological care action ; Improve disability 、 Serious illness 、 - 、 Coverage of contracted services of family doctors for the elderly with low income ; Layout of several regional geriatric centers ; Strengthening the construction of geriatrics department in general hospitals ,2025 In, the proportion of geriatric departments set up in general hospitals at level II and above reached 60% above .

Old people who have something to do is to improve .

With the continuous extension of people's life expectancy , Having something for the elderly has become the expectation of many elderly people .

This year, 8 month ,习近平 The general secretary 来到河北承德某社区居家 Provide for the aged 服务中心, During a cordial conversation with elderly volunteers :“ I think it's full .” An elderly volunteer said :“ Very substantial , We volunteer , Just want to do something for the old .”

“ I'm busy with these things ”

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that , We should combine a sense of security for the elderly with a sense of security for the elderly , Study and improve policies and measures , Encourage the elderly to continue to glow and fever , Give full play to the role of the younger elderly , Promote volunteers to do more in community governance .

Sangyu is late , The sky is full of rosy clouds .14 Billion people , Will jointly guard the most beautiful “ sunset ”, Better meet the new expectations of hundreds of millions of elderly people for a better life .

“ Let's care about these educational issues together ”

Cultivating talents and creating talents , Be the foundation of the country . In recent years , The achievements of China's education have attracted worldwide attention , A large number of talents are trained every year , But the exposed problems are also obvious , Especially in the field of primary and secondary education .

In the first half of this year, a TV series with realistic themes was popular , It has aroused extensive discussion among netizens and resonated with countless parents , The off campus training course 、 School district rooms and other chaos are vividly interpreted .

“ I'm busy with these things ”

△ TV play 《 Little shede 》 fragment : The teacher asked , Who's taking tutoring classes off campus , Almost the whole class stood up

Children's education , It's a family event , It's also a national event .

3 month 6 Japan ,习近平 The general secretary 在看望参加全国政协十三届四次会议的医药卫生界、 A member of the education sector said that ,“ Training chaos , It can be said that it is a chronic disease that is difficult to control .”

“ I'm busy with these things ”

习近平 The general secretary 一语道破“ Parents are anxious ” problem ,“ On the one hand, parents want their children to be physically and mentally healthy , Have a happy childhood ; On the other hand, they are afraid that their children will lose at the starting line of score competition . Other kids learn so much , It's ok if we don't learn ? So they scrambled to be the first . This problem will continue to be solved .”

and “ Parents are anxious ” Behind the , In society “ Only fraction theory ” The wrong direction of . General secretary Xi Jinping said :“ education , Whether school education or family education , Can't pay too much attention to scores . The score is a one-time gain , From the growth goal of life . If you don't form a healthy and mature personality in the end , That's unqualified .”

Think long term , Focus on , System solution .

Training chaos occurred outside the school , But the solution is “ The key ” On campus .

6 month 7 Japan , Xining City, Qinghai Province is a community comprehensive service center , The children after school are doing their homework 、 Do manual .

“ The children after school , Someone has to catch it .” General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that ,“ First of all, it's up to the school to do it , Schools can't push all students' after-school time to society . Basic learning , Teachers in schools should take responsibility . You can't do it in school , Instead, they went out for off campus training , This puts the cart before the horse .”

“ I'm busy with these things ”

Let students study and return to campus , Let students on campus “ Satiate ”“ Eat well ”, The state has issued heavy documents . This year, 7 month ,“ Double subtraction ” file ——《 Opinions on further reducing students' homework burden and off campus training burden in the stage of compulsory education 》 published .

《 opinion 》 clear , On campus , We should improve the quality of school education and teaching as a whole , We should teach as much as we can , Strengthen the role of school education as the main front ; Off campus , We should standardize off campus training , Deepen the governance of off campus training institutions .

While school education returns to its original position , Family education should also return .

10 month 23 Japan , The 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress voted and adopted the family education promotion law . The law makes it clear , The parents or other guardians of minors shall be responsible for the implementation of family education , The parents or other guardians of minors shall make reasonable arrangements for minors to study 、 rest 、 Time for entertainment and physical exercise , Avoid increasing the learning burden of minors , Prevent minors from indulging in the Internet .

Educational equity is an important foundation of social equity .

Also in this year's two sessions , *** ,“ Solving the problem of educational equity cannot be achieved overnight , Even in Beijing, this problem is also very prominent . Therefore, the price increase of school district housing is very high , They all drill into the area of good schools .”

Remediation of school district housing speculation , It is not only to further clarify the positioning of housing without speculation , It's also about educational equity .4 month 30 The meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on the th mentioned in particular , We should prevent speculation on house prices in the name of school district housing . since this year on , Beijing and other cities cracked down on the chaos of housing speculation in the school district , The temperature of the school district's housing decreased significantly .

More Than This , Some localities have also made pilot plans for the exchange and rotation of principals and teachers , Through the rotation of high-quality teachers , We will solidly promote the balanced development of compulsory education .

Training burden reduction 、 Family education returns to 、 Force education equity ……“ Let's care about these educational issues together .”“ Outstanding problems strongly reflected to the masses , Against acts that infringe upon the interests of the masses under the banner of education , Keep an eye on it , We should firmly put it in place 、 Reform thoroughly .” The general secretary's tone was firm , The purpose is to run education to the satisfaction of the people .

“ To develop industry is to promote employment ”

Employment is vital to people's livelihood , One end is connected with economic development , One end is connected to the well-being of the people . We have jobs and income , There is a bottom at home , Social stability is also more guaranteed .

Let the poor get employment at home 、 Promote multi-channel employment of key groups …… *** , Never forget to promote the implementation of .

On the eve of the Spring Festival in the year of the ox in the lunar calendar ,习近平 The general secretary 赴贵州看望慰问各族干部群众. Zhao Yuxue, a Miao villager ,习近平 The general secretary 仔细察看生活居住环境, Together with Zhao Yuxue's family, they made yellow cake, a local traditional festival food , Talking about family .

“ I'm busy with these things ”

Zhao Yuxue told the general secretary , I used to live without water 、 No electricity 、 Ma Wo village without access road , Now I live in a two-story building , Water and electricity are connected to home .习近平 The general secretary 听了十分高兴.

“ Employment is the basic measure to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation .” General secretary pointed out , We should actively develop rural industries , Facilitate people's employment at home , Let the masses have both income , And family , Educate and train children well .

In the wax printing workshop of Huawu village, Xinren Miao Township, Qianxi County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province , Batik artist Peng Yi told the general secretary about his wish to return home and start a business after graduation ,“ I'm from Huawu village . When I was a child , It's along ‘ Hand raking rock ’ Climb out to school . go to university , Also rely on social support to complete their studies . Now I choose to go back to the village to start a business , Is to drive the villagers to get rich together .”

“ very good ! You also don't forget your original heart !” The general secretary affirmed this .

Huawu village is dominated by Miao nationality , It is the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art . Walk into the poverty alleviation Workshop ,一件件精美的手工苗绣服装吸引了习近平 The general secretary 的目光. He said to the villagers , Traditional is also fashionable , We must carry forward Miao embroidery , This is both industry and culture , Well developed can carry forward national culture 、 The traditional culture , At the same time, it can also help the poor for the industry 、 Contribute to Rural Revitalization .

Except Miao embroidery , Hidden blankets , It can also pull up the chain of employment .

This year, 6 month ,习近平 The general secretary 在青海考察, Come to the production workshop of Qinghai Shengyuan carpet Group Co., Ltd .

“ I'm busy with these things ”

In the enterprise workshop , Yang Yongliang, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of Jiaya Tibetan blanket, is teaching his disciples hand in hand .习近平 The general secretary 勉励他:“ Your craft is precious 、 Very meaningful , We must inherit and carry forward good .”

The person in charge of the enterprise said , The vast majority of employees in their company are local , High school education or below accounts for 80% above .“ Many housewives who live nearby come to the enterprise for training , After three or five years, you can grow into a skilled technician , The average monthly salary can reach four or five thousand yuan .”

“ To develop industry is to promote employment .” The general secretary nodded in affirmation ,“ From this point of view , The Tibetan carpet industry not only helps the poor get rich 、 The role of Promoting Rural Revitalization , It also plays a role in promoting national unity .”

education 、 Medical care 、 Provide for the aged 、 employment , These are closely related to people's daily life , It is also the concern of the general secretary . People's livelihood is paramount , Work hard for who, work for who ? The general secretary gave a clear answer : People's yearning for a better life is our goal .

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