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Decoding AI open source technology application and future trend

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 decode AI Application and future trend of open source technology

The deep learning framework borders the underlying chip downward , Undertake software application upward , It is the key force to promote the large-scale implementation of artificial intelligence applications , It also occupies an important position in the technical system of artificial intelligence . In the country “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Planning , The deep learning framework is included in “ A new generation of artificial intelligence ” field , Become a cutting-edge innovative technology supported by the state .

2022 year 4 month 11 Japanese 《 Geek appointment 》 Huawei was invited Rise Director of open source ecology 、OpenI Mr. Huang Zhipeng, member of Qizhi Community Technical Committee , Take the deep learning framework as the starting point , This paper discusses the theme of technology application and breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence . Mr. Huang is currently the ecological director of Huawei shengteng open source , be responsible for Shengsi MindSpore Open source community building , Also served as OpenI Community 、LFAI The foundation 、 Member of the technical committee of open source organizations such as private computing forum , yes Kubernetes Policy The working group and CNCF In the foundation's security interest group Policy Team leader 、OpenStack Cyborg Project founder , And lead the team to participate in ONNX、Kubeflow、Akraino Open source community . In this interview , Mr. Huang shared relevant information about the domestic in-depth learning framework , It also comments on the development and future direction of artificial intelligence open source community .

From communication technology to artificial intelligence foundation, open source business

For many IT For practitioners , Artificial intelligence is an unknown field full of challenges , The process of exploring this field is often daunting . Mr. Huang himself is a student of communication technology , But after his initial exposure to AI technology, he realized , Many basic algorithms and theories of artificial intelligence are mathematically similar to those involved in communication technology . For example, the filter algorithms commonly used in the communication industry are similar to those commonly used in the research of artificial intelligence . Because of this opportunity , Mr. Huang started his artificial intelligence research career .

Mr. Huang's work mainly focuses on the upstream open source community of artificial intelligence , The whole is inclined to the basic software level in the field of artificial intelligence . In the process of exploring artificial intelligence technology , He recommends... To his friends who want to know about this industry 《GEB》 and 《 I'm a circle 》 These two books ( The authors are Hou Shida ), I hope these two books can help you understand this industry .

In the years of AI open source , Mr. Huang has also witnessed many memorable moments , Gained many valuable experiences . What impressed him most was that there were many lovely partners in the open source community , In Henan flood 、 During the epidemic in Shanghai, stand up and contribute your knowledge and ability , Shows that the community has love 、 Responsible open source culture . Different from the business behavior of pursuing clear goals , The soul of open source lies in the action itself . The road to open source is full of uncertainty , But as long as practitioners do one thing after another right from the bottom of their hearts , Then open source achievements will come naturally . Facing the uncertain future , Practitioners rely more on sensibility 、 Intuitive judgment , Follow your inner guidance and walk out of a promising path .

When I first came into contact with the open source community , Another thing is still fresh in Miss Huang's memory . Many Chinese people have the stereotype that Americans are lazy by nature , But Mr. Huang found that foreign open source practitioners work as hard as Chinese in practical work . In order to better collaborate with colleagues and partners from all over the world , Try to overcome the impact of jet lag , Go to bed late and get up early every day , Reply as soon as possible from 、 print 、 Questions from developers in Japan and other countries . This selfless spirit of collaboration is very common in the open source community , It is also what technicians who are interested in the cause of open source need to learn and adhere to .

For developers who have just come into contact with the open source field , It is very important to choose your first entry project correctly , In this regard, Mr. Huang also gave his own suggestions . Mr. Huang thinks , Newcomers should choose what they are most familiar with 、 Choose entry-level projects in your best areas , Then study the relevant papers 、 Follow the progress of the project , Gradually integrate into the development of the project , You can cross the threshold naturally .

besides , New developers should exercise their ability to read papers , Have some mathematical skills necessary for artificial intelligence learning , Lay a good knowledge foundation for your introduction . Finding good tools is also very important , Mr. Huang recommended Shengsi MindSpore Community TinyMS Higher order API Kit , The kit is located in Shengsi MindSpore On the frame , Six or seven interfaces are provided , So that novice developers can also easily write a neural network , Get started quickly .

Last , Mr. Huang also suggested that newcomers participate in the open source community of artificial intelligence as soon as possible , With experts in the community 、 Xiaobai communicate more , In this way, we can get familiar with artificial intelligence technology as soon as possible , Let your ability be improved quickly .

Technology application and breakthrough in the field of deep learning

In the country “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Planning ,“ Deep learning framework ” Be included in “ A new generation of artificial intelligence ” field , Become a cutting-edge innovative technology supported by the state . So how many aspects do you need to measure to choose a handy in-depth learning framework ? What are the mainstream open source deep learning frameworks ? To solve these two problems , Miss Huang gave her own answer .

Today's deep learning framework has been developed for three generations , The representative capabilities of the latest generation are artificial intelligence and scientific computing . The essential skill of an excellent in-depth learning framework is to well support the combined application of artificial intelligence and scientific computing . meanwhile , The new generation framework should be able to support large-scale basic models with strong generalization ability . Last , A high-level in-depth learning framework should also have the application ability of the whole scene , From large-scale training in the cloud to intelligent edge 、 Embedded scenarios can provide one-stop solutions . It is worth mentioning that , Shengsi MindSpore Deep learning framework is to have the above three abilities , One of the representatives of deep learning framework with top production capacity , It is also a leader in the domestic deep learning framework , Its global influence is growing .

Many people think that , Open source business is to help domestic in-depth learning framework and other technologies achieve leapfrog development , A shortcut to narrow the gap with the international advanced level , Mr. Huang has different views on this . Mr. Huang thinks , The development of cutting-edge technology still lies in technological innovation , Lies in the down-to-earth research and practice of technicians . Open source is the best way to help innovate , But it is not a shortcut to achieve leapfrog development . The most important thing about open source is uncertainty , When using open source to help core technology to develop ecology , The biggest benefit is uncertainty . We don't know what kind of background experts can be attracted to join through open source , I don't know what very good suggestions they will make .

Shengsi MindSpore The development story of is a typical successful case of domestic open source projects . Shengsi MindSpore Over the past two years , Each version is constantly adding new content , Try to implement features from a completely original point of view , from 0 To 1 Slowly and firmly build the technical foundation of the framework . Compared with other open source deep learning frameworks , Shengsi MindSpore The core difference is that the object of the latter optimization is shengteng independently developed by Huawei AI Hardware platform . Shengsi MindSpore Support mainstream CPU、GPU, Deep optimization of shengteng , Therefore, running similar tasks on the shengteng platform has the best performance . Shengsi MindSpore It is also a very general whole scene framework , It can have good application ability in various fields , This is also one of its core advantages .

Governance experience of open source projects

Up to now , Shengsi MindSpore The number of user downloads of the framework has exceeded 140 ten thousand , service 5000 Many enterprises , Qiyunhe Github Total on Stars The number has reached 1.7 ten thousand +, Community contributors are 4000 A number of . From the start of the project to today's prosperous and active ecological process , Mr. Huang has also accumulated a lot of management experience in open source projects .

First , The governance of open source community can be divided into three dimensions . The most important latitude is openness . Shengsi MindSpoer When the community was born , It is the first enterprise to adopt the open mode in promoting the open source framework . Shengsi MindSpore The community has an open Charter , There are meticulous norms for the structure of the whole community , All institutions in the community operate in accordance with this Charter . The Community Technical Committee has been global since its first day ,14 The delegates are from China 、 The European 、 The United States , This is an open governance community , Many things will be resolved by voting , And there are many mechanisms to collect your opinions .

The second dimension is called diversity . Shengsi MindSpore There are many ways to ensure community diversity , First of all MindSpore Study Group(MSG), Through it, different cities 、 Enterprises 、 University developers organize , Participate in equal communities and carry out various activities . secondly , The community will organize many special activities , The most distinctive thing to do is WomenTag, Focus on the theme of women in science and Technology . The purpose of this activity is to help female practitioners in the science and technology industry share the problems they encounter in their workplace and life through workshops , Exchange experiences .

The last dimension is credibility . Enterprises need to have full trust in open source software to use , Shengsi MindSpore Will work with many standards organizations 、 Industrial organizations cooperate to promote the construction of trust standards in open source communities , Help the community build trust in the business community . These three latitudes constitute Shengsi MindSpoer Overall community construction 、 The main framework of community governance .

OpenI Introduction to Qizhi community

Shengsi MindSpore and OpenI The cooperation of Qizhi community is very close . Mr. Huang's time in participating in Qizhi community is better than Shengsi MindSpore Longer , Therefore, I also have a deep understanding of Qizhi community .

Qizhi community is the first open source community focusing on artificial intelligence in China , At the beginning of its establishment, it designed a very complete Community Charter . Qizhi community attaches great importance to the combination of open source and intellectual property , It has explored many open source intellectual property management methods in line with national conditions , It has helped more scientific research institutions and enterprises to safely apply open source 、 Contribute to open source .

Another feature of Qizhi community is that there are many kinds of projects , Practitioners interested in various fields of artificial intelligence can find their favorite in the enlightenment community 、 Projects of great interest . Qizhi community will also organize many project publicity meetings , There will also be a Qizhi Rally . In the assembly activity , Many college students can get together during the holiday , Complete some tasks designed by the Organizer , Understand the cutting-edge progress in the field of artificial intelligence and open source . Similar activities can also help many domestic teachers who pay attention to the cause of open source to be familiar with the operation mechanism of open source projects , So that they can better launch open source projects 、 Exercise your organizational skills .

The younger trend of open source community

College students mainly participate in the gathering activity of Qizhi community , Shengsi MindSpore Community preacher 、 Many developers are undergraduates 、 Graduate student , Doctor . In response to this phenomenon , Mr. Huang believes that young people are more willing to tell their own stories , More willing to share 、 Collaboration , More vigor and vitality . in addition , Artificial intelligence is still a sunrise industry , More and more colleges and universities will set up artificial intelligence majors , More and more young people are entering the artificial intelligence industry . It's a good phenomenon .

But the younger trend also poses a challenge , It is difficult for business people to take the open source cause of artificial intelligence seriously . They will be biased , Think it's just spending money on activities with children . But in fact, the construction of professional open source community is a very serious work , Daily activities are very boring . It is no different from making products on the production line , Every service in the community is an elaborate product , Also need to deliver 、 iteration 、 Keep replaying . So Miss Huang hopes you can eliminate this prejudice , Realize that this is a professional thing for young people 、 Serious things .

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