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Earn gold coins by answering questions - answer notes 4

2022-05-08 02:23:49Tune

3 month 18 Japan Friday

Today, let's take a look at the specific situation of yesterday's answer . At the end is my dry goods sharing about answering questions .[ lovely ][ lovely ]

3 month 17 Japan , Thursday . Total answer 160 Avenue .

“ Perfect encyclopedia and earn gold coins ”: A total of 100 Problem . Among them, it has passed the review 85 Problem , Not through 15 Problem .

Get the gold :42500 Gold coin .

 Answer questions to earn gold coins —— Answer notes 4

Review the answer process :

Filling in the blanks in the cultural field all the time will encounter a bottleneck , In the past, I always met questions that were almost always asked by a book publisher , In the past few days, there are fewer questions that are easy to answer , There are many ambiguous encyclopedia questions .

What is the brand of a book ? The reading platform of a book is ? The alias of a book is ? There is no clear answer to these questions when searching .

At the same time, there is a limit to the number of times to change questions , If I keep changing topics , It will make me unable to change the question in the follow-up , Increase the error rate .

So sometimes the answer I upload is not the correct answer I'm sure of . The error rate will come up .

 Answer questions to earn gold coins —— Answer notes 4

“ Answer questions to earn gold coins ”: Answer the questions 60 Problem .

Get a specific number of gold coins 47100 Gold coin .

Get the total number of gold coins 72000 Gold coin .

Gold coins are always won by 47100+72000=119100 Gold coin

 Answer questions to earn gold coins —— Answer notes 4

Review the answer process :

One 、 The answers to many questions today are integrated through search .

1. We all have questions we don't know how to answer , Or someone has thought of their own ideas .

2. At this time, we can search to see some words 、 word 、 sentence 、 paragraph , Some rhetorical devices , Introduction to some items , Some poetry interpretation and so on , And look at other people's answers .

3. Integrate these collected contents properly , Contact the questions you answered , Give these materials logical meaning , Can present a variety of combinations .

Two 、 You can answer more questions and similar questions .

1. For example, I answered :

“26 Practice method of key input method ?”,

Then I saw something

“ Which input method is more convenient ?”

“26 Key input method and 9 The difference between key input methods ?”

“ Can't 26 What about key input method ?”

2. Take another set of examples to see :

There are a few questions that say so

“ What is reduplication , give an example ?”

“ What are the overlapping words for dancing ?”

“ What are the reduplications for girls ?”

3. These are all one type of problems , We can modify the answers we have answered and continue to use , In this way, the answer speed will be faster .

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