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Zhejiang parents sued wechat video number to improve the "youth model"

2022-05-08 03:00:32Beijing

Hangzhou network - ( The reporter Lin shuran ) new 《 The law on the protection of minors 》 Coming soon , How should network short video products strengthen the protection of teenagers ?

5 month 26 Japan , Zhejiang lawyer Lin Huashuang filed a civil lawsuit with Hangzhou Internet court , Advocate Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Tencent ”) The wechat video number of our products has not implemented the relevant laws and regulations on “ Youth model ” The requirements of , Request the court to order the defendant to add an independent... In the video number “ Youth model ”, And prompt the forced pop-up window 、 Password setting and other functions should be improved .

Lin Huashuang told reporters , In addition to being a lawyer , And the parent of a nine year old boy , He usually pays special attention to the information security of children when using online products . Every time my son uses his mobile phone to surf the Internet , Lin Huashuang always starts the mobile application first “ Youth model ”.

However , Lin Huashuang recently found , Tiktok 、 Compared with these specialized short video platforms, Kwai , Wechat video number of “ Youth model ” There are many loopholes , For example, there is no special pop-up prompt 、 The password is easy to crack 、 Minors can recharge and open live broadcast, etc . Considering the hundreds of millions of users and social impact of wechat video Number , He decided to sue in court , Promote Tencent to better improve product functions 、 Fulfill social responsibility .

“ As early as 2019 year 5 month , The state network information office requires 14 Home short video platform 、4 Home online video platform has launched a unified youth addiction prevention system , It's called ‘ Youth model ’, It can be seen that the state is very concerned about this .” Lin Huashuang said , But two years after the implementation of relevant policies , Wechat video number of “ Youth model ” The relevant requirements have not been met , This shows that the platform does not pay enough attention to the protection of teenagers .

Lin Huashuang found , The user turns on Tiktok for the first time every day 、 Well quickly 、B When standing on these video products commonly used by teenagers , Will see a pop-up prompt about youth protection , It is recommended to use “ Youth model ”, But there is no such pop-up window when you open the wechat video Number .

Besides , Wechat video number of “ Youth model ” Turn on 、 Closing the password is easier to crack . Other video platforms , They all set up independent secondary passwords for the youth model ; But wechat only needs to verify the login password , You can turn it on 、 Turn off the relevant mode , The operation is quite random .

Even opened “ Youth model ” after , Users can also use live broadcast 、 Recharge and other functions , In terms of video content , There is no special content pool for minors like other platforms , This undoubtedly brings a lot of trouble to parents .

This year's 6 month 1 Children's day , Newly revised 《 The law on the protection of minors 》 It will also be officially implemented , One of the highlights is , A chapter was devoted to the regulation of “ Network protection ”, Improved it to and “ Family protection ”、“ School protection ”、“ Government protection ” The same position .

in the light of “ Youth model ”, The second part of this Law 74 Article specifies ,“ Network game 、 Live online 、 Network audio and video 、 Social networking and other network service providers shall set up corresponding time management for minors to use their services 、 Rights management 、 Consumption management and other functions .”

According to the 《 Statistical report on the development of Internet in China 》, By 2020 end of the year , The number of short video users in China has exceeded 8.73 Billion . Lin Huashuang believes , Minors have relatively poor self-control , Anti addiction measures of short video platform are particularly important .

He stressed that , File a lawsuit against wechat video number at this time , In addition to defending their rights as users and parents , It is also urging large Internet enterprises such as Tencent to practice social responsibility , Hope to build a healthy environment for teenagers 、 Good network environment .

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