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This small program, let seven wolves 400 stores one heart

2022-05-08 03:01:21Zhu Zhen

The proportion of small program sales in pilot stores in the market 10%, Excellent shopping guide performance growth 11%, Non business hours grow across regions 10%—— It's hard to believe , This is seven wolves 15 God , Close up 400 Family store collective “ Move on ” Obtained by applet “ results ”.

To understand how this is achieved ? You must first understand the seven wolves “ members + Thousands of shops, thousands of noodles + Shopping guide operation ” The unique pattern of .

27 Xiaojuan is a shopping guide in the direct store of seven wolves , What worries her very much is , The diversification of consumption scenes in recent years , Make the faces of regular customers in offline stores more and more rare , Performance often fails to meet the standard . The previous centralized applet online mall can not meet the personalized business needs based on stores ,“ There will be price difference between stores , Once the online and offline prices are inconsistent , Business is even more difficult .”

The company quickly realized that , This is obviously not a single store problem . This March , Seven wolves had several rounds of communication with Tencent smart retail operation team , Based on a large number of thorough research on stores in the early stage , The two sides finally reached an agreement —— At this stage, the primary solution is the store 、 Shopping guides lack online contact points 、 The problem of continuous interaction with users .

” Members are no longer the most familiar strangers “

This one “ The Wolf ” On the road of digitization, you are like a torch .

2015 year , Seven wolves began to force digital layout and big data integration , Realization “ The online order 、 Store delivery ”, And built a set of very mature self built CRM system —— Each member has a specific shopping guide , Shopping guides are familiar with their consumption preferences . But in the past, every member's birthday or activity season , Only by text message 、 Telephone, etc , Guide them to the store for interaction , Time and space limitations of stores , There are not many opportunities for shopping guides to really contact customers .

After the preliminary communication of Tencent smart retail multiplication plan , Both sides took out “ members + Thousands of shops, thousands of noodles + Shopping guide operation ” Solutions for : nearly 400 A direct store moved online , Create a store applet matrix . Different people open applets based on geographical location , Locate different stores , meanwhile , The price of applet Mall 、 Product and store synchronization . Seven wolves also moved the membership system online , When the customer consults in the applet , Directly connect with the exclusive shopping guide , Recommend the most suitable products by the exclusive shopping guide .

 This little program , Let the seven wolves 400 Every shop has one heart

During multiplication , Seven wolves “ Thousands of shops, thousands of noodles ” Applet home page

“ In autumn , Maybe the south is still selling T T-shirt , The north is already pushing jackets 、 fleece 、 Autumn clothes , The front-end display and sales strategy can be displayed differently according to different regions .” Xiaojuan very much recognizes this model , On the one hand, it optimizes the consumption experience , On the one hand, it also enhances the strong binding relationship with customers .“ You go into the small program store in Hangzhou , At present, all services and goods are around this store , Service closed loop is simpler .”

“ Who's a member who runs ,1588 Orders beyond kilometers count ”

Building a small program micro mall is the first step , how 8000 Shopping guides like mingxiaojuan really interact with consumers ?

1. members 、 shoppers 、 Store Exclusive only relationship

Improving the liquidity of shopping guides is the key “ Pull a body ” The hook .

Seven wolves and Tencent smart retail jointly hatched the shopping guide and empowerment plan , Online and offline linkage sales , To put it bluntly , Namely ” Whose members enter whose store 、 Who's the member who manages ”.

“ We actively encourage employees to make innovations , Like in a store 、 In a circle of friends or community . This process is based on online sales generated by interaction , Through members' exclusive links , Then you know which shopping guide you belong to . members + shoppers + store , The three are tied together .”

Besides , With the help of store user guidance 、 Official account reaches 、 Applet exclusive coupons , Encourage shopping guides to carry out departure Marketing 、 Transactions in different places , Expand the time and space of store management . The store guide in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province found an order from 1588 Kilometers away in Guizhou , Upon enquiry , It turned out that the former members moved , Based on the trust of this shopping guide service and the accommodation of front-end contacts , Formed a continuous transformation .

This brings a new breakthrough for incremental business . During multiplication , The excellent shopping guide performance of seven wolf stores increased 11%, Non business hours sales growth 10%, The sales of small programs in pilot stores accounted for... Of the total market 10%.

 This little program , Let the seven wolves 400 Every shop has one heart

During the doubling period, seven wolves offline stores

2. Refined operation

In the training camp , Tencent smart retail team aims at the content operation of seven wolves 、 The contact layout and transformation promotion are systematically diagnosed and trained .

It turns out that the official account of seven wolves operated purely on content , With products 、 Little interaction between applets . This time through the official account entrance 、 Refined content operations , Combined with strong member management system and rich social playing methods , Now a tweet from seven wolves can drive nearly 7 Ten thousand dollars , Let the brand really see the performance increment brought by private domain traffic .

3. Good marketing doesn't necessarily depend on throwing money

Selling online , Is it competitive only by low price ?

Bo Shuotong, director of Tencent smart retail operation, believes that , Only by grasping the pain point can the remedy be applied to the case :

“ In the past, people often thought that women's clothing categories were suitable for the scene of wechat shopping guide , Men's clothes are more difficult , Especially middle-aged successful men , Seems to be a silent and distant group , From the case of seven wolves, we can see , The potential of this group is beyond imagination —— Applet + The shopping guide mode can meet their needs 、 Shopping saves time 、 There are special personnel for service and other needs , These are the values that users can intuitively feel , And reflected in the numbers , What enterprises see is a higher joint and several rate 、 Repurchase rate and lower return rate .”

With deep user insight , Seven wolves have strengthened their sales strategy . In the face of these, you are less likely to visit e-commerce websites 、 Busy work 、 Male consumers with high time cost to the store , Applet 、 Store implementation “ Same model, same price ”, And continuously guide the members through the shopping guide online 、 One click collocation of small programs and after-sales consultation , Achieve high customer unit price for small programs 、 The ideal effect of low return rate .

15 God , near 400 stores

The business format of seven wolves is more complex , Self-support 、 Join in two modes, and the overall store exceeds 1000 home .15 Within days ,20 A number of molecular companies , near 400 Every store goes online simultaneously , It can be called the most efficient innovation in history 、 The fastest time .

It was revealed that , The earliest plan within seven wolves is to pilot first and then roll out , However, we refer to the suggestions of the smart retail team , The decision was made immediately. All direct stores across the country were launched .

In addition to the support of the leadership , The rapid advancement of the project also benefits from a large number of internal training and forerunners , Divide the operation methodology learned in multiplication into different modules and spread it within the enterprise : Including the brand ordering meeting and the publicity of thousands of people 、 National video training . Besides , After doubling online , The business department will go to the terminal store for one-on-one training , Ensure the application and promotion of offline shopping guides .

 This little program , Let the seven wolves 400 Every shop has one heart

The seven wolves team said :“ I always felt that I couldn't find a breakthrough in the increment of business , Now there is such a chance , The morale of the store has been greatly enhanced , It also strengthens our confidence to run on this road .”

The multiplication plan is not an end point . Next , Seven wolves' franchise store system will also embrace applets in succession . meanwhile , Around the needs of users , The applet itself will constantly improve the layout of contacts : Store Booking 、 Private services 、 Inventory sharing and other functions will be launched one after another , Provide more convenience for consumers 、 personality 、 Intimate shopping experience .

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Multiplication college is a new column launched by smart retail observation , We are committed to explaining the successful cases of retail merchants in the doubling plan .

Doubling plan , Offline training 、 Brainstorming 、 Project customization 、 Merchant growth plan consultation with competitive effect , Help retail merchants solve the problem of front-end contact financing , Promote the ladder rise of wechat business .

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