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Wuling "betrays" workers?

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Wuling Automobile has become a little floating recently .

2020 Since then , with “ What the people need , What Wuling makes ” The slogan of the , This was “ Cargo carrying capacity ” Famous brands began to suck powder crazily , Followed by Hongguang MINIEV Hot sale of , Wuling seems to be “ Can play with stem ”“ Close enough to the people ” The representative of the , And opened the Wuling card x The way of peripheral marketing of all things .

Wuling brand snail powder 、 Ice cream 、 Snail powder flavored zongzi 、2020 Custom masks for the Spring Festival Gala fire and “ Stall truck ”、 Intelligent mobile temperature measuring vehicle …… It seems that I really should this slogan : As long as the people need , There's nothing Wuling can't make .

see , lately , Wuling again launched A new product for workers —— Wuling First class The seat . however , This seat has not received high praise from everyone , The reason is that the price ——3999 element .

This is not a migrant worker at all .

The voice of online roast is also constant :“3999 element ? It's not what the people need, it's what they make , This price is too expensive ……”“ The RMB can be fished wherever it is easy ?”“ So expensive? , What does Wuling think ?”

“ People series ” Sell well , Wuling suddenly “ betrayal ” What about the workers ?

01 8 A seat , About equal to a Hongguang MINIEV?

In Wuling LING Club APP/ Small program , Including plush dolls 、 Key buckle 、 Car models and air purifiers , All kinds of surroundings , But few are as expensive as first-class seats .

If Hongguang MINIEV This car is a reference , that 8 The price of a first-class seat is equivalent to a battery life 120 Kilometers MINIEV 2022 Easy style ( The price is 32800 element ).

For this brand which always focuses on low price and people-friendly , The price of seats is really not cheap .

source / Wuling auto microblog

It is different from the common functional seats and ergonomic seats on the market , The overall shape of Wuling first-class seats not only looks similar to car seats , And the manufacturing process is also very similar —— According to introducing , The first-class seat was directly removed from Wuling Kaijie .

Seats from Capgemini plus seat chassis and universal wheels , Supplemented by the repeated training of Engineers , A Wuling first class seat was born .

On the whole , As an office seat , Wuling first-class seats have vehicle specification level ergonomic design , Head pillow 、 Handrail 、 Leg supports are also available . among , The headrest supports up and down adjustment , There's no problem even taking it off ; The handrail angle can also be adjusted , Just like the one on the car ; Leg bracket length 290 mm , It can be automatically displayed with one key 72 Degree open , Support in place to ensure that your legs are relaxed .

meanwhile , The seat back also supports 180 Degree completely flat , It can help workers lie down for lunch break , Quick return of blood , Throw yourself into a new round of work . According to the data disclosed by Wuling , The seat is controlled by a hydraulic device , It can also support 10 Height adjustment within cm .

Since it is said to open “ Office chair 3.0 Time ”, Then this first-class seat must have something that other seats don't have .

The answer may be seat belts . Maybe it's for the safety of workers , This first-class seat is also equipped with an integrated safety belt , The highest affordability 16000N Load of . meanwhile , There are also grooves on the side of the seat , Specially set for mobile phones .

source / Wuling auto microblog

From price to design , Wuling first class seat gives people the feeling of two words : Confuse . Wuling auto microblog also has many netizens' comments :“ Today is not 4 month 1 No ?”

however , In the current car circle , First class seats are not the only peripheral product that makes people feel ridiculous . Before that , Tesla online “ Short ” shorts 、 Glass bottles 、 Shaped like a Cybertruck My whistle , Short lived Xiaopeng krypton metal mahjong, etc , Have sparked everyone's discussion .

Most of these surrounding areas are expensive, but they have little practical value , But Wuling first class seats seem different from these . The outrageous surroundings of other brands just belong to A small circle Son of entertaining , Wuling is really going to sell .

Not only for the first-class seats in Tiktok “ Wuling spring new product launch ”, Wuling is also vigorously promoting , Send seven or eight microblogs in a row , Luck draw 、 Experience activities round after round , A look to enter the home furnishing industry .

02 The biggest competitor is idle fish ?

Such hard publicity , How about Wuling's first-class seats ?

unfortunately , Wuling, which has become popular in minicars and various joint surrounding markets , I'm afraid we're going to break the seat track this time , It met its strongest competitor —— Idle fish .

source / Idle fish

In idle fish APP in , Just enter Wuling Capgemini seat in the search box , All kinds of high-quality seats ranging from 1000 yuan to 100 yuan will appear on the screen .

Not just lower prices , Even the manufacturing time has been greatly reduced .

At the Spring Conference , Wuling said it would take seven to forty-nine days to build a first-class seat , And now the first batch has been off the shelf , The time of the second batch on the shelves is to be determined .

But on idle fish , This time has been greatly shortened , Consumers with strong hands-on ability in most areas only need four days , You can have Wuling first-class seats of the same type . among , Three and a half days to wait for the delivery of seats and bases , The remaining half day is used to assemble .

Except Capgemini , Free fish also offers options for other car seats , There is no lack of Mercedes Benz Weiting 、 buick GL8 Lu Zun 、 Classic business car seats like Toyota Senna , The price also ranges from hundreds to thousands .

“ Wuling's first-class seats are nothing new , Someone has been selling it for a long time , This kind of seat has no technical content , Ordinary people can assemble by themselves .” Wang Wen, who sells car dismantling chairs on idle fish, told Shentu , He had been doing auto parts business in Zengcheng, Guangzhou , Most of them face customers like repair shops , Later, the car seat was refitted on fire , He just started recycling a lot of car seats , After cleaning and correcting, put it in the idle fish 、 Little red book is sold on such a platform .

source / Chart of respondents

among , With GL8 Take the seat as an example , Wang Wen is currently holding ES Lu Zun 653T Model seats , Cortical 680 Yuan a , Cloth faced 500 Yuan a ,“ After ordinary people buy seats , You can add a bracket with rollers or five claw rollers and air pump to the seat , among , The former needs to pay attention to the inclination of the seat itself , The latter five claw roller scheme is easy to lift the chair very high , Sit up, feet off the ground .” however , No matter which modification scheme , The seat comfort is completely suspended from the common office chair in the market .

source / What is worth buying APP

Besides , Wang Wen also told Shentu , Before the car seat is converted into an ergonomic seat and it catches fire , First half of last year GL8 The price of single chair is basically 200 Within yuan , Sold in sets, probably 400 A couple of yuan . If you count the tens of dollars for the base , That means , as long as 300 element , Wuling's happiness can be taken home .

03 Marketing wizard “ harvest ” Young people

300 Genna 3999 The gap between Yuan , For any Wuling target user , Are a number that cannot be ignored . that , What is the picture of Wuling launching first-class seats ?

“ Wuling first class seat has actually played its role .” Lin Xiao, an auto analyst, told Shentu , Whether you can make money is the second , The focus is to attract everyone's attention and discussion ,“ An enterprise selling 30000 yuan cars has launched a first-class seat that is more expensive than Chivas , This contrast makes Wuling's topic come up at once , It can attract more consumers to pay attention to themselves .”

in fact , This is not the first time Wuling has used peripheral Marketing , Crazy to attract the attention of consumers . before , Wuling gives everyone the impression that it can pull goods in the streets 、 The civilians who catch shrimp on the autumn famous mountain “ God car ” brand , It has nothing to do with youth , Selling peripheral products like the new forces of car making , It's not even related to Wuling .

But since 2020 At the beginning of the outbreak in , Wuling 7 It was delivered in... Days 100 After ten thousand masks ,“ What the people need , Wuling does what ” The slogan began to take root in the hearts of the people . meanwhile , This wave of heat also seemed to open up Ren Du's two veins for Wuling .

From making masks 、 Selling happy tea to producing snail powder 、 traditional Chinese rice-pudding , From Hongguang MINIEV To the stall truck 、 Snail powder selling car 、 Ice cream truck 、 Mobile dining car, etc “ Wanghong brothers car ”, It can be said that there is no hot spot that Wuling can't rub against , Even playing cross-border Marketing , Wuling has a bigger brain hole than the young new forces of making cars , The road is wilder .

Especially recently , Wuling returned to his Hongguang MINIEV New members of the family GAMEBOY Use various homophonic stems to name colors , For example, Health Code Green 、 Snail powder 、 Tony gray 、 Black paint, hemp black 、 Northeast silver, etc , Once again, the broken circle communication is realized .

source / Wuling auto microblog

This frequent follow-up hot spot 、 From time to time, he boarded the hot search posture , Let many young people have a new understanding of Wuling , Even many non Wuling target users remember Wuling , And willing to participate in the interaction with Wuling .

Tiktok as an example , On this platform , Wuling Auto's number of fans has reached 205.2 ten thousand , The number of fans of Shanghai Wuling auto account has also reached 183.8 ten thousand , And the car circle celebrity Tesla account fans 118.2 ten thousand , Wei Laicai 68.9 ten thousand . In addition to the official accounts of millions of fans , Even brand dealer accounts in various regions , Wuling has also achieved online popularity level fan traffic , Press the official number of a group of friends and businessmen .

Tiktok not only , stay B standing 、 The little red book 、 Microblog and other social platforms , Wuling new media account traffic 、 Activity and fan stickiness belong to the leading position in the auto industry .

An insider close to Wuling told Shentu , At present, both the new forces of car making and the traditional automobile main engine factory are committed to user operation , But in fact, the thinking of internal management still stays in the past , The operation effect is not ideal ,“ Wuling has set up a new media center in order to do a good job in marketing , And boldly delegate power to Z Generations of young people are responsible for managing their own content and fan operations on social media , This can build a private domain traffic pool to retain young users .”

A group of user portraits from SAIC Wuling statistics show , Agatsuma MINIEV Yes 78% Our sales are made by “ Wuling girl ” Propped up ; Agatsuma MINIEV GAMEBOY since 3 month 9 Scheduled to go on the market on the th , The reservation has exceeded 3 ten thousand , among 77% It's a young urban man .

From the data , Wuling undoubtedly caught the traffic password ,Z Generations of boys and girls are willing to pay for it .

however , Traffic is always a double-edged sword .“ When the attention is getting higher and higher , People will unconsciously look at you with a magnifying glass , Once something goes wrong , Will be backfired by marketing .” Lin Xiao tells Shentu , this 3999 After the launch of Yuan first-class seats, everyone questioned “ Is Wuling floating ”, In the final analysis, it is the price of Wuling “ the people ” The settings do not match . In Lin Xiao's opinion , Car companies, whether they go out of the surrounding areas or , Do marketing , Be sure to grasp the appropriate degree .

Maybe I also sensed everyone's attitude towards the price , Wuling replied in a microblog related to first-class seats “ The sale plan and price have not been finalized ”, He said he could try to knock down the price .

Of course , If the final price of Wuling first-class seats really drops to within 1000 yuan , Wuling will no longer lack topic in the next period of time , Perhaps this will become a successful automobile marketing case again .

* The picture is from microblog @ Wuling Automobile . Respondent's request , Wang Wen 、 Lin Xiao's pseudonym is .

This article is from WeChat official account. “ Shentu ”(ID:shentucar), author : Liu Dandan , edit : The dawn ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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