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Tesla expects to resume production capacity in mid May: "full of confidence in China, the epidemic is only a short-term challenge"

2022-05-08 03:25:03Chinese industry information station

According to the previous data of China Passenger Car Association , Tesla Shanghai Super factory this year 3 A total of... Were assembled in January 55462 Vehicle , The production of this month is about 6 God . Calculated according to Tesla's established weekly output , The weekly output is expected to be close to 17000 car .

People familiar with the matter told the first financial reporter , Tesla expects that it may be in 5 Around the middle of the month , Increase production capacity to pre epidemic levels , But did not disclose specific production targets .

“ We still have a backlog of orders without production and delivery , Now the top priority is to increase production capacity as soon as possible .” A relevant person told the first financial reporter that . The first financial reporter learned from Tesla sales staff that , Order now , Wait at least 6 It takes months to collect the car .

Recently, it was reported that , Tesla will further expand the capacity of its Shanghai plant , The production capacity level is increased on the current basis 45 Thousands of cars , Thus, it is expected to achieve an annual output of one million electric vehicles . When will the million year capacity be realized , Tesla did not comment to the first financial reporter .

Tao Lin, global vice president of Tesla, told the first financial reporter that :“ We are full of confidence in China's development , I believe the epidemic is only a short test and challenge , From the process of returning to work, we have also seen the ability of all sectors to deal with challenges , Believe in ( production ) It will return to normal soon .”

Tao Lin said , Automobile is an industry with a very long industrial chain , Tesla's return to work means that many suppliers will also return to work , To ensure the stability of Tesla production 、 On going .

The complexity of the supply chain is the biggest challenge for Tesla and other auto manufacturers to resume production . Tesla reported last month that , Affected by the new crown epidemic , Tesla Shanghai Super factory lost about 1 Months of production ( about 5 Thousands of cars ). However, it is still expected that , The output in the second quarter will be equal to that in the first quarter .

The first financial reporter learned from the aspect of Tesla supplier anbofu , At present, the factories of anbofu Shanghai, including connectors and harness products, have resumed production , However, due to shortage of manpower and other reasons , The capacity level is currently maintained at a normal level 50% to 60%.

“ With the gradual recovery of supply chain and logistics , Downstream demand is also gradually recovering .” A relevant person in charge told the first financial reporter .

Tesla told the first financial reporter that , The company previously provided... To Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission 100 A number of suppliers in the automotive industry chain , These suppliers include enterprises in the surrounding Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions , The government has also provided strong assistance , So as to solve the problems including logistics and so on .

Besides , The resumption of production of Tesla super factory has also received strong support from its port government . A Tesla source told the first financial reporter , The government sent special personnel to live in the office to assist in relevant work , To ensure that Tesla's production returns to normal as soon as possible .

At present, Tesla's super factory near the port mainly produces Model 3 and Model Y Electric cars , First quarter of this year , Tesla's sales in China have increased 56%. Last year , Tesla's Shanghai Port plant delivered a total of 484100 Electric vehicle , And become Tesla's most important export center in the world .

According to Tesla CEO Musk's goal , The company is making every effort to increase global production capacity , To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles . He expects this year and the next few years , The annual delivery growth rate will remain 50% Above level .

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