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After more than half a year of salary arrears, Rouyu finally got paid. Where did the money come from?

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In the past, the 10 billion valuation technology Unicorn Rouyu with unparalleled scenery , After more than half a year of salary arrears, I finally got paid , However, the employee applying for arbitration did not receive . This time, “ Blood transfusion ” Where are from ? 

After more than half a year of salary arrears , Soft-Technology Finally paid .

《 Leopard change 》 I learned from a number of on-the-job and resigned employees of Rouyu ,5 month 6 Friday night , Ruoyu technology paid the unpaid salary , However, the year-end bonus and the promised salary increase were not paid .

“ Even if it's basically settled . Good news , I really didn't think I could get the money ”, Zhang BEIXIANG, the current employee of Rouyu 《 Leopard change 》 Express , Before Rouyu's salary this time “ Without warning ”, No email notification .

01 Not everyone gets paid

Soft-Technology was founded in 2012 year , Focus on flexible electronics , Since its establishment, a total of 8 Round of funding , Obtain equity investment of about 61.97 One hundred million yuan , Debt financing is about 36.53 One hundred million yuan , The valuation once exceeded 500 One hundred million yuan .

2018 year 10 month , Ruoyu technology releases the world's first folding screen mobile phone ——FlexPai Sophie school . Two years later, , Rouyu has released the second generation of folding screen mobile phones . however , Ruoyu folding screen mobile phone has never entered the mainstream folding screen mobile phone market .2020 end of the year , Rouyu technology submitted the prospectus and rushed to the scientific innovation board , But the next year 2 The listing application was withdrawn in June . They have no hematopoietic capacity , Rouyu technology, which can only rely on Financing , After that, there are problems in the capital chain .

《 Leopard change 》 Previously published 《 From Benz to no salary , Why is Ruoyu technology so far ?》, since 2021 year 10 The month before the month of receipt 40% After salary , Ma Wei never received any more news about salary entry . This time, Rouyu is paid , Ma Wei still hasn't received , He guessed that it was because he applied for Labor Arbitration .

This has also aroused the dissatisfaction of many former employees of Rouyu . Another former employee of Rouyu who applied for arbitration also submitted to 《 Leopard change 》 Prove that you really didn't get paid , The screenshot provided by the employee is called ,“ Notify in time after the withdrawal of the lawsuit HR, The company will arrange for the payment of... Earlier than the person who has not withdrawn the lawsuit ”.

The above employees have not received HR The notice of , I do not intend to withdraw the arbitration for the time being . Ma Wei is asking Rouyu HR, No reply has been received so far , If you withdraw from arbitration, you can receive salary , Ma Wei will choose to withdraw .

According to 《 Leopard change 》 understand , By 5 month 6 Friday night , The total number of on-the-job employees of Rouyu 510 Many people , near 20 The number of employees reduced by nearly 100 people .2018 year 11 At the beginning of , That is to release the world's first folding screen mobile phone roupai in Rouyu technology 1 Post generational , A letter from Liu Zihong, founder of Ruoyu technology, revealed that the total number of employees of Ruoyu at that time reached 2200 people .

02 Where does the money come from ?

Although many in-service employees have received salaries , But they do not know the source of funds .

One detail is , Different from the normal salary payment in the past , The remittance bank comes from Huaxia Bank , And the remitter is “ Soft-Technology ( Qingdao ) Co., LTD. ”( Hereinafter referred to as Rouyu Qingdao ).

Companies check data display , Rouyu Qingdao was founded in 2021 year 8 month , The registered capital 1000 Ten thousand yuan , By Ruoyu Technology 100% holding . 

Another recent action of Rouyu related to Qingdao is , This year, 3 month 18 Day and 25 Japan , Rouyu technology has pledged a number of patents to the construction and development of Qingdao urban investment project ( The group ) Limited liability company and Qingdao city Real investment Industry investment ( The group ) Co., LTD. , Both are controlled by Qingdao SASAC .

The prospectus of Ruoyu technology shows that ,2020 year 9 month , Rouyu technology and China - Shanghai Cooperation Organization local economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone 、 Qingdao urban construction investment ( The group ) company with limited liability 、 Qingdao CAITONG Group Co., Ltd. signed the project strategic cooperation agreement , Promote and help the new generation of flexible display production line of Ruoyu technology to land in Qingdao Shanghe demonstration area . According to Qingdao's urban construction investment ( The group ) Official website of limited liability company , The estimated total investment of the above projects is 160 One hundred million yuan .

This year, 1 month , Issued by Qingdao municipal government 《 About the announcement of Qingdao 2022 Notice on the list of key projects in 》, Among them “ Rou Yudi 6 Generation full flexible color AMOLED Display production line project ”.

4 month 13 Japan , Liu Shuwei, independent director of Ruoyu technology, wrote that , In the fourth quarter of last year, the Shenzhen Municipal Government hired a number of professional institutions to conduct on-site assessment on the full flexible screen projection production line of Ruoyu technology , It lasted nearly 1 Months , The yield of the film is up to 81.6%. Liu Shuwei suggested that governments at all levels actively help Rouyu technology solve the shortage of funds , Help Rouyu technology introduce strategic investors .

Half a month later , Rou Yu, who is plagued by negative public opinion, seems to be a little relieved .

5 month 7 Japan , The official website of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission announced 《 shenzhen 2022 List of major projects in 》, Among them, Shenzhen Rouyu Display Technology Co., Ltd “ class 6 Generation of flexible display production line project ”.

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