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A large number of "trend" apps appear, and the Internet industry sticks to the word "tide"

2022-05-08 03:56:1636kr

recently , Alibaba Once again, it's on the bar “ Trend ” Two words . 

Following the trend launched last month, e-commerce 、 Launch a model focusing on young communities “ Great ”APP after , Taobao recently launched “ Wu Yan ”APP, Combine fashion with home once again , And positioned as “ One stop fashion home platform ”, It can provide users with design from the whole house 、 Custom service 、 Purchase of household goods , And the one-stop all inclusive service of delivering and loading to the door . 

According to our actual experience ,“ Wu Yan ” The layout is similar to IKEA APP, A living room is provided 、 Bedroom 、 The restaurant 、 Study 、 The porch 、 Children's room and other scene subjects , There are corresponding household products in each theme . according to the understanding of ,“ Wu Yan ” As a direct selected household brand under Alibaba , At present, there are also offline home experience halls , Users can go to the store to understand the physical goods . 

in fact , Launched in Ali “ Wu Yan ” front , Already launched For the home decoration industry under the wiring “ Every flat, every house ”, As well as providing housing sales and leasing business “ Tmall house ”. meanwhile , Taobao's tmall decoration localization project was launched last year , And carry out linkage with several offline head merchants “ Reliable decoration Festival ” Activities . 

And home furnishing and home decoration as a sub category in the field of e-commerce , In recent years, it has also attracted the attention of many Internet enterprises . Before that, the byte beat was as early as 2018 In, it launched the home decoration service platform “ Live in a small group ”, JD.COM In the past year, it also took 12 Billion yuan strategic investment in customized furniture enterprises Shangpin house accessories

It's not hard to find out ,“ Wu Yan ”APP On line , On the one hand, it is undoubtedly to better tap the subdivided categories of e-commerce , On the other hand, it is also an important part of this ecology . 

From these two models recently launched by Ali “ Trend ”APP The path is not difficult to find , Basic and “ Trend ” The two words are inseparable , But are the goods sold there really so different from those in Taobao ? 

Perhaps this can be regarded as the myth of the Internet industry , This front-line store publicity “ Baroque style ”、“ Mediterranean style ” Wait for the wind , Online as long as “ tide ” Just put it on the side . In the e-commerce platform, no matter what goods , Just add “ National tide ”、“ Tide play ” Two words are like “ gold-plated ” commonly , But a cold kettle 、 tissue , Even for bathroom products “ tide ” To describe , Don't you feel too hard ? 

It seems that at any time ,“ Trend ” Always one of the best propaganda terms . Now there are many APP Doing this , For example, has tested the trend attitude sharing platform on wechat “ Mustard ”、 A lot of spelling Once online trend community “ Multi tide ”、 The trend of social networking launched by microblog in the same city APP Hobby, And the trend e-commerce launched last year APP“ Tiktok box ”. In these self styled trend e-commerce 、 Trendy social 、 Of the trendy community APP After continuous emergence ,“ Home trend ” Not surprisingly . 

With “ Trendy goods ”、 With the exchange of trendy products “ Trendy community ”, And there's a way to integrate the two “ Trendy e-commerce ”, Naturally, there are also around “ Trendy people ” Our program appears . Prior to 2020 year , Aiyouteng has launched trendy variety shows , for example 《 Trend partners 》、《720 Trend Manager 》 And so on all take the trend as the incision , To show the so-called “ Trend culture ”, And development “ Chaopin IP”. But in the endless “ Trend ”APP and “ National tide ” In the face of commodity trends , Have you ever asked whether consumers have aesthetic fatigue ? 

that , consumption “ Trend ” Users of , What are you buying ? Initially, I positioned myself as a member of the trendy online shopping community “ Get something ”APP( It was originally called “ poison ”, Hatched by a tiger ) It was previously revealed that , The main trend of contemporary consumption is 95 After Z Age crowd 、 Proportion is as high as 85%. And according to Sina 《 Contemporary youth trend consumption questionnaire 》( Hereinafter referred to as “ questionnaire ”) Show , Fashion categories that have attracted much attention from consumers include clothing 、 Gym shoes 、 Luggage and bags 、 Beauty makeup 、 Jewelry 、 Hand run tide play, etc . Besides , Take Li Ning 、 Anta 、 National products represented by cultural and creative works of the Forbidden City , It did set off a wave “ National tide ” wind . 

At the same time in this “ questionnaire ” Pointed out in , Social media and trends App It has become a source of information for contemporary young people , This has further affected the consumption trend of young people . So many platforms are competing with “ Trend ” Put it on the side , Perhaps it is to provide a for these users A letter Access to information , And then combined with their own business . 

However, in the track of trendy e-commerce and grass planting community , Now dewu and xiaohongshu haven't come out of a broad road . Although the former has expanded from sneakers to more categories , But it is still limited by the frequent exposure of “ Sale of counterfeit goods ”, And it's hard to call it a broken circle ; It was founded on 2013 The little red book of , As a content community for sharing lifestyle , Its 80% Our revenue also comes from advertising , It is also on the road of e-commerce “ Struggle ”. 

Although based on the trend , To attract young users is understandable , But it's just like the get things and little red books that currently lead the fashion of this kind of users , We still have to face the problem of survival, just like the pressure of liquidation , Today, the e-commerce platform plunged into the tide 、 Social networking platform , Maybe it's all “ Old wine in new bottles ”, In essence, they are using “ Trend ” It's just a gimmick to attract young users . Although there is no data to show , add “ tide ” How much premium can there be for the goods with Chinese characters 、 How much benefit does it bring to the platform , But it is obviously qualified as a marketing word that has failed in a hundred attempts . 

However , What exactly is the trend ? In the fashion industry , The trend may come from the major fashion weeks and Gaoding in the latest season . But the current trend seems to be no longer “ tide ”, But constantly changing 、 Flowing fashion elements , Plus all kinds of hype on the Internet , Boost the current “ Trends ”. 

And the so-called trend APP Maybe it's just another expression of homogenization , Use it in things like home 、 There are even some nonsense in snacks and other goods , But these seem to be related to what the trend once contained “ rebel ” and “ Individualization ” On the contrary . 

Interestingly , The fire in recent years “ Hong Kong Style ”、“ Zhaohefeng ”、“Y2K” Wait for the retro boom , After decades of precipitation, these pronouns of fashion elements in those years , It has unique characteristics of that era . such as Y2K Originally refers to the Millennium Bug virus problem in the program , From the visual presentation, it is plastic 、 leather 、 Metal , And black 、 silvery 、 Digital neon and other modern colors , But now it has become a style that some people pursue individuality . And Hong Kong wind is mainly “ Bright and flamboyant ”,“ Big waves ” Other characteristics , What it carries is the specific culture that once flourished , And the cultural symbolic meaning behind these upsurge , Maybe that's why it turns red again . 

But like now “ National tide ” The goods have cooled down ,“ Trend ” How far can this more vague concept go ? What will be the next hot word on the Internet . 

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