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Xbox cloud games support fortress night. Apple is going to feel bad now

2022-05-08 03:56:2936kr

At the recent Microsoft earnings conference call , The company CEO NADELLA once revealed , There are more than 1000 Million users through Xbox Cloud Gaming Let's play cloud games . Obviously , A large part of these users are because Xbox Cloud Gaming It's Microsoft for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate( Hereinafter referred to as XGPU) Benefits offered by premium subscription services , Experience with an early taste attitude .

But maybe in the near future , Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming Or there will be a large number of real players .

Recently, Microsoft and Epic Games Jointly announce , Anyone who has run Android、iOS or iPadOS The user of the device , Will be able to use Xbox Cloud Gaming For free 《 Fort night 》, And you don't need to buy extra XGPU.

Microsoft is in the official Community Xbox Wire That's what I said ,“ No installation or membership required , All you need to do is visit a specific website on the browser , Then log in with a Microsoft account , Get together with friends or at 《 Fort night 》 Get the next big escape victory ”. In other words, you only need to have a Microsoft account , You can go to Xbox Cloud Gaming Platform experience 《 Fort night 》 了 .

Don't look, it's just that players can Xbox Cloud Gaming This little change of playing a game for free , But behind it is likely to be a sign that the application store economy, the backbone of the mobile Internet Ecosystem, has been completely overturned .

in fact , Microsoft and Epic Games This cooperation did not come out of thin air , As early as last year Epic Games At the trial against Apple , Microsoft is not just supporting , I chose to be Epic Games To testify in court . And specifically to 《 Fort night 》 land Xbox Cloud Gaming, And Microsoft this year GDC The game developer conference announced the establishment of a separate cloud game department , And the work of this department is “ Will cooperate with game studio to develop cloud native games , And introduce them into Xbox The ecological system ”.

As a close partner of Microsoft ,Epic Games use 《 Fort night 》 Such a has hundreds of millions of users , And popular games all over the world “ Hold a personal field ” It's obviously a matter of course .

As a famous game manufacturer , Microsoft itself actually has a large number of popular games , but 《 Fort night 》 But it has a rare advantage of other games , That is, this is a cross platform game . Although cross platform games are not uncommon , But there are certainly not so many games that support cross platform online , Cross platform online is naturally in line with the characteristics of cloud games , After all, the latter is screen based 、 Not platform based . What is more wonderful is that , In today's games that support cross platform online ,《 Fort night 》 Or the largest number of players , This means that a large number of players will be led to Xbox In the cloud game system , And is expected to accelerate the maturity of Microsoft's cloud game business .

As for the other side Epic Games, In this cooperation, it can almost be said that the profits are huge , And may be the biggest winner .Epic Games In a word , Namely 《 Fort night 》 Finally curve landing iOS Yes .

Prior to 2020 Summer in summer ,Epic Games Updated its popular games 《 Fort night 》, But it sets the direction Epic Games The option of direct payment . But this is an attempt to bypass App Store In app purchase (IAP) The operation of the mechanism , It soon caused a blow from Apple , On the afternoon of the 《 Fort night 》 From App Store Off the shelf , Since then, Apple has even revoked Epic Games Developer account and certificate .

thus ,Epic Games About Apple App Store The monopoly drama officially kicked off . The cost of trying to bypass the in app purchase mechanism , yes 《 Fort night 》 It has been taken off the shelves by apple until now , This means that the game can't be expanded in iOS Number of users on the client side , Even the user base may shrink . At that time, there were data given by the analysis organization , yes Epic Games Because of being taken off the shelves by Apple , The monthly loss may be as high as 2500 Over ten thousand dollars .

in consideration of 《 Fort night 》 In fact, it is no longer the peak , from 2020 year 8 Month to 2022 year 5 This month 18 In a month's time ,Epic Games Because I lost iOS End 《 Fort night 》 The resulting loss of income may reach 4.5 A billion dollars . Similar to the volume 《 Glory of Kings 》 To calculate , Obviously, it is also a large number , This is for those trying to force the distribution of digital games Epic games Come on , Nature is also unbearable .

With the help of Xbox Cloud Gaming platform ,《 Fort night 》 Will finally be able to communicate with iOS End players meet again . What's more, Microsoft is not Apple , There is little possibility of charging a bonus , It's like saying Epic Games This time, we can really achieve the original goal IAP Conception .

After two years of litigation with apple ,Epic Games It's like holding 18 Months 《 Fort night 》IOS End revenue , Set off a wave of attacks against App Store The wave of public opinion of the system , And let Apple realize IAP The key support of the system —— Anti diversion clause (anti-steering provisions) Is legally prohibited . Even makes Apple have to be in some countries and regions , It is proposed to open third-party payment channels .

From this point of view , Microsoft and Epic Games The cooperation of , Apple was almost a flop . Although Microsoft and Epic Games There is no mention of payment related information , But it's time to go back to Apple IAP Payment is only theoretically possible .

For Apple , Go around and come down , Originally off the shelf 《 Fort night 》 It warns developers to avoid IAP The system has only a dead end , But now this one “ chicken ” Survived through cloud games , It's a big loss . Apple may not have thought , last year 6 Monthly consent Xbox Cloud Gaming land iOS Decision , Will usher in such a dramatic scene in a year .

And the consequences of this operation are also quite straightforward , That's apple for App Store Your control will drop , There may even be a phenomenon of being unable to control the behavior of developers . In a highly enclosed and listening to the apple baton dance iOS Within the ecology , Appear to defy Apple 、 But at a relatively small cost “ Thorn head ”, Then maybe “ Lose kingship , The world pursues it ” The play of .

So next , Apple probably wants to stand up , Microsoft and Epic Games Your cooperation turns yellow , otherwise , If other game manufacturers follow suit , No, it's a mess .

But the problem is , How should Apple react ? Cloud games are essentially , And Netflix Video streaming is the same , And like 2020 In the winter of 2008, cloud games were banned directly APP shelves , In the context of today's antitrust market, it seems impossible .

But I believe apple and even Google , Not for Microsoft and Epic Games I was indifferent to this operation , Because fundamentally , This is Microsoft competing for the power of game distribution from the app store . as everyone knows , Although game apps are only a small part of the app store , But no matter App Store still Google Play, Or various Android third-party channels in China , The revenue contributed by game applications accounts for the absolute main force .

according to Sensor Tower The published data show that , Last year, apple started from App Store Among the income obtained from 69% From the game . In a sense , Thanks to the contribution of game applications , Each app store has the ability to continuously operate and update iterations . Now? 《 Fort night 》 land Xbox Cloud Gaming, It brings a different choice to other game manufacturers .

Once game developers go to work with the cloud game platform , Then the revenue of the app store will naturally decline . On the other hand , If the cloud game cannot capture the mobile terminal , Can't even stand on the mobile end , Naturally, there is no need to talk about the future .

So next , Apple 、 Google 、 Microsoft , Even Epic Games It is very likely that they will jointly present a big play that may determine the future of the cloud game industry .

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