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The transcription accuracy rate is 95%. Sogou opens AI technology to realize the evolution of recording pen industry

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 Transcribe accuracy 95%, Sogou open AI Technology enables the evolution of the recording pen industry

8 month 28 Japan , Sogou held in Beijing “ new 「 The sound 」 state AI future ” Sogou dictation service is open AI Press conference for the establishment of innovation alliance . At the meeting , Sogou announced that it will open its dictation service to the recorder industry , And with the Patriots 、 Newman 、 Sony recording pen 、 Four digital technology head enterprises of Wancheng group were established AI Innovation Alliance .

Sogou dictation service is based on Sogou AI Leading achievements in voice technology , It can provide users with cloud storage of audio files 、 Audio transcribing 、 Multi terminal synchronous editing and other one-stop services . User access PC End 、App End 、Web Access the service through any channel at the end , Realize real-time text transfer of recording files . meanwhile , The completed recording can be recorded and transcribed in non real time , Support 1 The fastest audio per hour 5 Minute draft . It is worth noting that , The accuracy of audio direct transcription is as high as 95% above .

 Transcribe accuracy 95%, Sogou open AI Technology enables the evolution of the recording pen industry

Open dictation service establish AI Innovation Alliance

before , Sogou's intelligent recording pen C1 High definition and portability , It meets the use needs of relevant users , It has won unanimous praise in the market . all the time , The R & D of traditional recording industry focuses on human voice fidelity and scene noise reduction , The subsequent productivity transformation of recording and audio has been ignored by the industry . Sogou intelligent recording pen is favored by the market , In addition to its excellent radio effect , It also lies in the support of Sogou dictation service . Based on Sogou dictation service , Sogou has creatively developed a professional recording file post intelligent processing platform , Help users easily realize the conversion from recorded audio to text , Effectively save labor and time costs .

Press conference site , Sogou also united with patriots 、 Newman 、 Sony recording pen 、 Wancheng group established AI Innovation Alliance , The joining of these four recording pen manufacturers , Will be in AI The intelligent recording pen industry brings a collision between software and hardware . product AI turn , yes 5G The general trend of the Internet age , Electronic devices are blessed by artificial intelligence , No longer rigid, lack of versatility , And will become more intelligent 、 Convenience . After this press conference , Sogou opens dictation service to the whole industry , Not only for the traditional recording pen industry AI Technical support , Make audio more than “ audible ” and “ Visible ”, It also promotes the innovative and leapfrog development of the recording pen industry, which has been slow for many years .

 Transcribe accuracy 95%, Sogou open AI Technology enables the evolution of the recording pen industry

Independent research and development AI technology Focus on Detail experience

For the technology industry , The breakthrough point of some key technologies often lies in the treatment of product details . Sogou passed on AI Independent research and development of voice technology , Technical optimization of recording and real-time transcribing , The transcribe result exceeds 95% Accuracy of , Sogou company AI The general manager of the interactive technology center made a detailed technical analysis of Sogou dictation service at the press conference .

At present, the peak voice request of Sogou input method has exceeded 7 100 million times , It is the largest Chinese voice application in the world , Depending on this , The transcription technology behind Sogou dictation service has been in the leading position in the industry , The real-time voice transcription uses the delay controllable method developed by Sogou Adaptive Attention-based End to end modeling technology , Non real-time voice transcribing uses industry-leading voice transcribing technology Transformer-based End to end speech recognition technology , The accuracy of voice transcription can reach 95% above . In speech enhancement , Sogou developed it by itself Smart Voice Microphone array algorithm can optimize multiple depths of noise and reverberation , Ensure the high fidelity restoration of human voice . In Intelligent Aided Editing , Sogou voice transcription can be achieved through cloud intelligent error correction editing technology , Based on word graph Search for And input error correction model , Provide multiple candidate words for transcription results with low confidence , Help users correct the transcribed results , At the same time, it also has a good ability to automatically distinguish speakers 、 Intelligent text smoothing and punctuation prediction , It can provide users with more convenient functions .

 Transcribe accuracy 95%, Sogou open AI Technology enables the evolution of the recording pen industry

AI Promote technological change Professional equipment specialization

The emergence of smart phones , It has a huge impact on the electronic equipment industry with coincidence function . Take the traditional recording pen industry as an example , The audio recording function that can be realized by the recording pen , Mobile smartphones can also achieve , And in terms of use experience , There is no significant difference . Internet age , A product that loses its differentiation advantage is almost equal to disappearing . Sogou opens dictation service , Qianenyi AI Technology helps recording pen products to realize convenient and intelligent upgrading . Based on the frontier AI Speech technology , Sogou dictation service takes the lead in realizing one click processing of recording files in the later stage in the industry , Make up for “ Audio to text ” Aspect: the complete structure of the user usage scenario chain , Really improve the convenience of recording pen , Open the professional gap between it and mobile phone products .

patriot 、 Newman 、 Sony recording pen 、 The four digital technology brands of Wancheng group have a pivotal position in the Internet industry , The sales volume of its recording pen related products accounts for half of the industry , This time, it was jointly established with Sogou AI The innovation alliance has also sent a signal that the traditional recording industry is seeking a breakthrough and transformation . The three giants spoke highly of and strongly supported Sogou's open dictation service , It indicates that the recording industry will usher in a revolution , Intelligent recording pen and post-processing platform are bound to form a new AI Intelligent industry chain , It will also bring disruptive changes to related industries with recording demand , Lead the recording industry to achieve intelligent upgrading .

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