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Baidu company was sentenced to civil liability for reputation infringement related to netizen editing entries

2022-05-08 04:06:05Yangzi

The reporter learned from the Beijing Internet court a few days ago , Because I think Baidu users are “ Baidu Encyclopedia ” The editing of his late father's entry infringed on his father's reputation , The plaintiff Zhao Moumou sued Baidu company, the platform party, to the Beijing Internet court .

The plaintiff Zhao said ,2013 year 1 The month and 6 month , Baidu users to Zhao's father “ Baidu Encyclopedia ” Edit the entry twice , To join his father is “ Da Wen thief ” Words and expressions 、 Delete the opera script in his father's masterpiece 《 red coral 》. The above act of adding insulting words “ Baidu Encyclopedia ” The editor reviews the release and keeps it until 2018 year 7 month , His father's masterpiece has not been restored .

Zhao thinks , The act infringes on the reputation of his father and his family , Baidu company's review of the entry editor is wrong , Should undertake to stop the infringement 、 To restore to the original 、 Apologize 、 Legal liability for damages . The court held that , Our laws 、 Judicial interpretation clearly gives the right of the deceased's close relatives to file a lawsuit for infringement of the right of reputation . Negative social evaluation of the dead , Not only the reputation of the dead , It also affects the reputation of the deceased's close relatives as a whole and their personal reputation . Any close relative of the deceased , They have the right to investigate the responsibility of infringing on their own reputation based on their status as close relatives .

The court said , In this case , Baidu users involved in the case cover up Zhao's paternal opera by deleting the content of the entry 《 red coral 》 The author's actions , It will affect the reality of Internet users 、 A comprehensive understanding of his father's life and his representative works , To a certain extent, it causes the consequence of the reduction of his father's social evaluation . Add an obvious insult to the professional ethics and personality of Zhao's father at the end of the entry involved in the case 、 Derogatory remarks , be based on “ Baidu Encyclopedia ” Openness , The above content will be displayed to non-specific Internet users for five years , Seriously damaged the reputation of Zhao's father . Baidu company in can know when the network user uses its network service to infringe upon the civil rights and interests of others , Not taking the necessary measures , Failed to fulfill the management obligations of the network service provider , Should bear the civil tort liability to Zhao .

Final , The court ruled that Baidu company published an apology notice in the prominent position of the entry page involved in the case , Apologize to Zhao , Eliminate the influence and compensate Zhao for his mental damage 6 element .

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 Netizens edit entries involving reputation infringement Baidu was sentenced to civil liability

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