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Open up the blocking points and speed up the resumption of work. Enterprises in the automobile industry chain work overtime during the May Day holiday

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4 month 25 Japan , Shanghai Volkswagen MEB After a week-long stress test between the factory and Anting No. 3 automobile factory , Start the whole line , Welcome the first batch of finished vehicles off the production line after the factory resumes production , Including Tiguan L、 Hui ang 、 New audi A7L、ID. Pure electric family and other models .

First financial reporter learned , Including SAIC's complete vehicle and parts companies , And most of the other complete vehicle and parts companies in the Shanghai automobile industry chain do not “ enjoy ” May Day holiday , But use the holidays to speed up the resumption of work and production , Make up for lost production .

4 month 18 Since then , SAIC passenger car 、 Shanghai Volkswagen 、 SAIC general 、 China Automotive 、 Anji logistics and other enterprises have successively started the pressure test of returning to work and production .3 Since the month , Accumulated 4 More than 10000 SAIC new cars are sent all over the world .

4 month 30 The press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Shanghai held on the th mentioned , The first batch in Shanghai “ White list ” The resumption rate of enterprises exceeds 80%. saic 、 Tesla and other vehicle enterprises have continuously realized vehicle offline , Relevant parts supporting enterprises have also returned to work one after another , Automobile enterprises are developing rapidly 、 Capacity utilization has improved . On the basis of improving the preliminary work , Recently, Shanghai launched the second batch of 1188 home “ White list ” Enterprises .

“ The automotive industry is a precision industry 、 Representative of efficient supply chain system , image just in time This management model ( Low inventory or zero inventory ) It brings a great cost advantage , It also brings risks .” Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the passenger Federation, believes that , The auto industry should reflect on this epidemic , Speed up the adjustment of the supply chain .

 Open up the blocking point and speed up the resumption of work , Automobile industry chain enterprises work overtime during the May Day holiday and are busy with production

Speed up the resumption of work and production

4 month 19 Japan , In the resumption test , The first complete vehicle of SAIC Lingang factory went offline . The model is a new SAIC compact passenger car SUV roewe RX5 PLUS. The relevant person in charge of SAIC said , Due to the good flexibility of the production line , By 4 month 23 Japan , Already, including Zhiji 、 Feifan 、 roewe 、MG Including brands such as mingjue 700 A number of complete vehicles have been offline .

thereafter , Shanghai Volkswagen 、 SAIC general 、 United Electronics and other SAIC subsidiaries have passed the pressure test one after another , Start to go back to work . Approaching May Day holiday , In order to speed up the ramp of production capacity , Supply chain only , SAIC passenger car port base has been lined up for nearly 400 Home supplier , And the supplier's capacity 、 stock 、 The raw materials have been thoroughly investigated . Sealing control management brings a lot of inconvenience to project R & D and production , Engineers and employees of SAIC enterprises “ retrograde ” Garrison company , Ensure that product R & D is promoted according to nodes .

at present , SAIC Group already includes Zhiji 、 Feifan 、 roewe 、MG After the resumption of work and production, a number of complete vehicles, including the four brands of mingjue, went offline one after another in SAIC Lingang factory . meanwhile , The cumulative number of resident production of all affiliated enterprises of Huayu automobile exceeds 11000 people , Strive to meet all kinds of needs of vehicle customers inside and outside Shanghai .

As one of the most important automobile industry cities in China , Many global auto parts multinational enterprises are also concentrated in Shanghai and its surrounding areas , And a large number of local parts suppliers in China , The business scope covers automobile engines in the industrial chain 、 Power battery 、 chip 、 Body interior and exterior decoration and other links . The number of parts in a car exceeds 1 m , It involves distribution in thousands of producing areas 、 Parts from hundreds of suppliers , Be short of one cannot .

SAIC's stress test is not only a signal of the gradual recovery of vehicle production , It also involves the upstream enterprises of the industrial chain , It will accelerate the restart of the automobile industry chain .

“ During the worst period of the epidemic , Minhang factory has less than 30 Individual stationed in the factory . Then we entered the white list of resumption of work , At present, there are 100 Several workers returned to the factory for closed production , The return rate exceeds 60%.” An auto parts supplier HRBP Wang Lei told the first financial reporter .

A new energy auto parts supplier in Shanghai provided reporters with a set of data and corresponding measures for resumption of work and production . at present , The proportion of the company's employees in the factory has increased from... In the initial stage 10% To improve the 50%, Above the industry average . In order to increase the enthusiasm of employees to return to the factory , The company has launched a series of safeguard measures and additional benefits . In addition to basic accommodation and catering , The company also provides cigarettes for employees 、 badminton 、 Hot pot and other materials to improve the quality of life . In addition, in terms of income , During closed production , Employees can get 300 Yuan subsidy , Double pay on weekends .

“ May Day holiday , We are located in Jilin 、 Factories in Shanghai will maintain production , The resident workers will be the same as in previous years , Get 3 Days of 3 Double salary and 2 Days of 1.5 Double salary , The company still hopes to seize the time , Make up for the lost capacity .” Wang Lei told reporters , At present, most of the workers returning to the factory are production line workers , Earlier, the blocking point of logistics is also gradually getting through .

Shanghai family Tier 1 The supplier's engineer told reporters , Before sealing in Shanghai , The company arranged some road test engineers to live in Chongming Hotel , At the same time, some test materials were transferred to Chongming , As the epidemic improves , Part of the road test work also began to resume .

There is an auto parts manufacturing enterprise in Fengxian District of Shanghai , The main business scope is automobile parts manufacturing 、 machining , hardware 、 Metal material 、 Mechanical and electrical equipment 、 Rubber and plastic products 、 auto parts 、 Sales of molds and their accessories . The company is SAIC Volkswagen 、 Parts suppliers of SAIC GM and other vehicle manufacturing enterprises , It mainly produces bearing pedestal 、 Front lid hinge assembly 、 Front lid hinge body parts 、 Control arm seat and other auto parts . Affected by the epidemic , From 3 month 27 The factory will be shut down from the th to 4 month 25 Japan , Directly affected SAIC Volkswagen 、 Production and manufacturing of SAIC GM and other companies .

As the first batch of white list enterprises to resume work and production in Shanghai , The above-mentioned parts manufacturing enterprises have applied to relevant departments for resumption of work and production , And get approval after confirming various conditions and safeguard measures . since 4 month 26 The date of , The company has obtained a permit to resume production , And recall on the same day 5 Workers enter the factory ,4 month 27 Recall again 6 Workers enter the factory . The company said , After leaving the community, the employees move to the factory to live , Before the community releases the closed control , Employees no longer return to the community , The responsibility for epidemic prevention is entirely borne by the company .

meanwhile , stay 3 month 27 After the day of shutdown , There are almost 20 Resident employees ( I usually live in the factory staff dormitory ) Stay in the factory all the time , However, due to the lack of official approval for resumption of work and production , therefore , These employees are near 1 During the three-month stay in the factory , No closed production .

With two batches of workers returning to the factory , The resumption rate of the company's front-line production staff is close to 20%. The company also said , Then employees will be recalled gradually , Return to work as soon as possible 50% above .

In order to deliver the backlog of orders as soon as possible , And provide key parts for the normal production of vehicle enterprises , The company will work overtime during May Day , Continue to promote production 、 Restore capacity . meanwhile , For employees returning to the factory for closed production , The company will also give certain bonus subsidies .

Break through the blockage

Although Shanghai's auto industry chain is accelerating its recovery , However, the shortage of chips and logistics are still the blocking points on the road of recovery .

Shanghai and its surrounding areas are the core gathering areas of China's automobile industry .2021 year , The national automobile output is 2652.8 Thousands of cars . among , The output of cars in Shanghai is 283.32 Thousands of cars , It accounts for about of the country's total automobile production 10.7%.

In recent days, , The zhangjiang high-tech 895 The entrepreneurship camp held a seminar on “ The automobile industry chain under the epidemic ” Online forums , A person in charge of an auto parts enterprise said at the meeting , Most of the country's logistics have been affected to varying degrees , The goods sent by the company to the southwest should be disinfection and sterilization at the transfer station , Some stations even need the main engine factory to pick up the sealed goods in person .

As the current round of epidemic is sporadic , The impact on the supply chain is becoming more and more serious . people 、 equipment 、 materiel 、 logistics 、 Epidemic prevention safety in the process , These are all problems that car companies and suppliers need to consider and solve .

A person related to Baosteel logistics told reporters , since 3 Since mid month , Baosteel has built temporary dormitories in the plant 、 Tents are also provided for some employees 、 Sleeping bags and other daily necessities , Has been in closed production , However, the stagnation of logistics makes it difficult for products to leave the factory , Supply downstream . Recently, more employees began to return to the factory , The logistics situation has gradually improved , With a pass , Logistics can ensure the transportation of urgent items .

Besides , Some people in the industry point out that , At present, some small enterprises in the automobile industry chain have not returned to work , At present, the automobile production line is short of small parts produced by small enterprises , The whole production line can't run .

“ A car has tens of thousands of parts , There's no way to produce any .” A person in charge of a parts supplier said , When the epidemic started , The company worked overtime , Hope to deliver to the customer on time . But it's not enough just to deliver the parts produced by the company to customers , All other suppliers' parts must be in place , In order to ensure the production of the whole vehicle .

The shortage of chips is still a major problem in the automotive industry “ Land Rover ”. not long ago , Be wise L7 Overcome many challenges , Held a new online listing meeting .

“ Be wise L7 It is a high-end new energy vehicle , Using a lot of very advanced chips , There are also some chips used for the first time in the world . But the more high-end chips are used , The greater the pressure on the supply chain , Because the lead time of the chip is long .” Wang Jianfeng, general manager of Zhiji automobile supply chain, said , Now? , The company has to work with... In the whole supply chain every night TOP The supplier holds a risk supply meeting , It's been going on for nearly a month .

In the opinion of Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the passenger Federation , SAIC's resumption of work and production has a great role in promoting the industry , Shanghai accelerates the dynamic clearing of social aspects , It will also make the auto market enter a good production state . meanwhile , This epidemic reminds the supply chain system to establish a new risk prevention mechanism .

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