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Chairman of zhongqingbao resigned: where will the company go without Li Ruijie?

2022-05-08 04:43:2636kr

A A game company Zhongqingbao (300052.SZ), Recently, there has been a huge personnel earthquake .

Zhongqingbao official said in an announcement released today that , The board of directors received the written resignation report of chairman Li Ruijie , The latter is called because “ Work adjustment ”, Therefore, he resigned as chairman and director , At the same time, he resigned from the chairman of the strategy committee of the Fifth Board of Directors 、 Member of the Audit Committee 、 Members of the Remuneration Committee, etc . Announcement shows that , After Li Ruijie resigned from the above position , Will continue to serve as the director of the company's Strategic Development Department , Annual salary 11.43 Ten thousand yuan .

As for Li Ruijie's successor , The board of directors chose Li Yilun, the director and general manager of the company, to succeed all the positions resigned by the former —— It is worth noting that , From the encyclopedia information , Li Yilun is the son of Li Ruijie and Zhang Yunxia , And even excluding Li Ruijie's position as chairman , The couple also hold the control of zhongqingbao through direct and indirect shareholding . It means , Li Ruijie's departure will not cause much change to the ownership structure and nature of zhongqingbao , Family management is still its label .

But another problem also surfaced —— As the chairman of a listed company and one of the actual controllers of the company , Why did Li Ruijie leave ? The announcement did not elaborate . however , The negative events some time ago seem to tell us some answers .

Before that, netizens disclosed that , Li Ruijie forced zhongqingbao employees to work overtime on May Day , Also put on a statement “ If you disagree , Fire... Right away ”. After the news spread , Zhongqingbao immediately issued an apology statement , Said the company didn't achieve the set performance target in the first quarter , In a hurry, the chairman made inappropriate remarks in the company group , After the event, I was deeply aware of the seriousness of the matter , Did... Introspection and introspection .

actually , Li Ruijie is in the whole A The circle of leaders of listed companies also belongs to “ A man of nature ”, Open your mouth and move easily “ Hit someone on the head ” Your hot temper , It is synonymous with him in the market for many years .

2011 year , Li Ruijie once assaulted a female lawyer performing her duties because of an intellectual property dispute , Six stitches on his head , And multiple soft tissue contusions , More Than This , Let him out , call “ Who dares to sue me , I'll teach anyone , I'll beat anyone ”;2013 year , Another report pointed out that , Li Ruijie injured Wu Peng, former vice president of the company, by beating him on the head .

These incidents once caused heated public debate . At that time, some people in the industry pointed out that , Li Ruijie is too impulsive , This will not only damage the corporate image , At the same time, it will not help make the enterprise bigger and stronger .

This prediction does seem to have some truth —— Under the leadership of Li Ruijie , Although zhongqingbao went to the secondary market early , However , After its listing, there have been many violations of the letter , It has become the focus of the regulatory authorities “ Problem baby ”.

2015 year , Zhongqingbao has made mistakes in the data in the annual performance announcement , The company and Li Ruijie himself were criticized by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ;2017 year , Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau to zhongqingbao 2014 Since, relevant game projects have been transferred 、 Equity transfer and other matters have been inspected , It is found that there are many problems in zhongqingbao and its subsidiaries , Including but not limited to failure to disclose in time 《 Kings 3》 Related transactions 、《300 hero 》 Statement and agreement on copyright ownership in game transfer announcement Appointment Inconsistency, etc .

After this , Zhongqingbao also repeatedly intended to “ Rub hot spots ”, It is suspected of deliberately pushing up the stock price .

Blockchain is a popular concept 2018 year , Zhongqingbao claimed that the digital currency mining machine independently developed by the controlling shareholder Baode technology has been sold well , It has attracted investors to bet on ; last year 7 month , Zhongqingbao also wrote on wechat official account that , its “ Profit chain ” Created the so-called “ Blockchain + Wisdom winery ” Solutions for , Combined with Huawei in 5G technology 、 Advantages of artificial intelligence , Jointly build Jinsha ancient wine wisdom winery . After the message , Zhongqingbao's share price immediately ushered in the limit .

“ Wisdom winery ” The incident was only two months apart , Zhongqingbao sent another document , This time it rubbed against “ Meta universe ” Concept . The article mentions , Zhongqingbao is creating a product called 《 Winemaker 》 New game of , According to it , This is a paragraph “ It can map the player's inner world to the metauniverse ” Simulation management game , Make the experience of virtual world more real .

《 Winemaker 》 Publicity map , The picture is from zhongqingbao wechat official account

Of course , These momentary words of rubbing heat are not supported by relevant actions . When Shenzhen Stock Exchange questioned the specific situation of zhongqingbao blockchain business , Its attitude is instantaneous “ Pragmatic ”, Means the company “ The research on blockchain technology is in the internal discussion stage , Relevant industrial applications have not yet been formed ”; Jinsha ancient wine and “ Profit chain ” Two companies , Industrial and commercial data show that they are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of zhongqingbao , However, the relevant business income has not appeared in the financial report of zhongqingbao so far .

as for 《 Winemaker 》—— It's also not what we think of as a metacosmic game masterpiece , It's a last year 8 The simulated business mobile game that was approved in the semi annual report of zhongqingbao in June , At that time, zhongqingbao didn't mention anything in the financial report “ Meta universe ”.

Query Baidu Index can find , It was last year that the term yuancosmos gained popularity in China 8 Month end to 9 At the beginning of , And zhongqingbao announced 《 Winemaker 》 The time of stepping into the metauniverse is the same . What does such a coincidence mean , It goes without saying that .

meanwhile , The financial data of zhongqingbao has not been very satisfactory in recent years .

2017 year -2021 year , The operating revenues of the company are 3.13 One hundred million yuan 、3.34 One hundred million yuan 、4.69 One hundred million yuan 、2.94 Million dollars 3.55 One hundred million yuan ; Net profits are 5029.67 Ten thousand yuan 、3636.19 Ten thousand yuan 、5172.3 Ten thousand yuan 、-1.35 Million dollars -4622.61 Ten thousand yuan . So it seems , Its performance is stagnant .

Zhongqingbao mentioned in several financial reports , The main reason for the company's poor performance is that the game business fluctuates greatly , Especially in 2021 year , A number of new mobile game products are still in the research and development stage , R & D expenses and staff costs are high , Only then did the performance fall short of expectations .2021 Annual financial report , Its game business now accounts for 46.36%.

As A A famous game company , Its game business has failed to grow for several years , It's ironic . But fortunately, , Zhongqingbao also has cloud business to support it .2021 year , Its cloud business revenue reached 1.84 One hundred million yuan , Proportion is as high as 51.79%, Become the No. 1 business of zhongqingbao .

Overall speaking , Zhongqingbao's game business is now more and more strict in the version number policy , I'm afraid the pace of development will slow down further , In the future, it is expected to focus on cloud business ; Of course , Cloud business + The two engines of the game can indeed give it the capital to enter the meta universe —— It's just , To go down this undefined track , Zhongqingbao needs an attitude of diligence and pragmatism , Not three minutes 、 Repeated violations and frequent negative news .

Maybe , This is why Li Ruijie gave Xian to his son : Compared with impulsive self , A young man is more likely to lead the company to survive in the new era .

* The picture comes from the enterprise announcement 、 Corporate earnings

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