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The first batch of apple-1 computers sold for more than $250000 at the auction

2022-05-08 04:44:37TechWeb

5 month 7 Daily news , A rare Apple-1 Computers are being auctioned , The bid for this computer has exceeded 25 Thousands of dollars .Apple-1 It's Steve · Jobs and Steve · Wozniak created the first Apple product when Apple computer was founded , Now it's rarely used .


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For auction Apple-1 Models are often sold at high prices because of their rarity , And this special one for sale Apple-1 Rank No.. In the registry 7, With Steve · Jobs's handwritten serial number . This is the first batch of machines , According to the auction website , It's the only first auction in years Apple-1, It is also the first one with Steve Jobs's personally certified serial number Apple-1.

Daniel Kottke He was one of the first employees to work at Apple , He has confirmed that the computer is working properly . It comes with a power supply and other contemporary accessories , Include Sanyo VM-4509 A display and a Datanetics keyboard . It is also equipped with a modern tape interface 、 Power Supply 、 Connecting wires and cables · Wozniak and Ronald · A copy of the original operating manual signed by Wayne .

The website also sells one 1993 Year of Apple MacTV, This is Apple's first attempt to build a TV - Computer hybrid equipment , And Steve · Steve jobs The famous brand of 、 Versace shirts and leather wallets .

Apple-1 The auction will be held on 5 month 21 Sunday ends on Saturday , Therefore, there are still two weeks for more collectors to participate in the bidding .

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