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Lan Xiang, is vocational education for money or for people?

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“ It's better to learn excavator ?”

“ Which one is better to learn beauty salon ?”

With the famous old drama bone “ Tang Guoqiang ”, A word of “ Look for Lanxiang in Shandong, China !” The advertising language of , This Vocational Education College held by people from Henan in Shandong , Instantly resounded through the north and south of the river .

but “ People are afraid of famous pigs ”, from 2006 In, Lanxiang asked Tang Guoqiang to speak for him , In a matter of 8 After years of 2014 year , LAN Xiangshi and Rong Lanxiang began to “ have a domestic disturbance ”, It even broke out “9·5 Lanxiang technical school fights across provinces ” The scandal of .2021 year , Rong Lanxiang's ex-wife Kong Suying broke out that Rong Lanxiang had evaded taxes , Later, Rong Lanxiang denied it .

When netizens eat melons , Rong Ting, daughter of Rong Lanxiang , stay 2022 year 4 month 27 Japanese real name report to their mother Kong Suying , Said it already has overseas green cards and real estate , Dedicated to the disposal of real estate in Shangqiu Tianlun Garden Community , I want to transfer the house sale money . Kong Suying naturally denied this , And said she would not blame her daughter , Understand their behavior , And throw a heavy bomb .

according to Check the inner eye data , Enterprises under Rong Lanxiang's name are mainly Lanxiang , Even cancel Lanxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd , Focus on vocational school business , As an executive in an enterprise , In addition to Lanxiang technical school under its name , There is also a small loan Co., Ltd. controlled by heavy truck .

actually , Lanxiang technical school, which has been ridiculed by netizens for many years , Not only helped Rong Lanxiang accumulate a lot of wealth , And help them accumulate some fame , It's just that Rong Lanxiang has been tossed about by himself , Some netizens concluded that : DE don't deserve a , It will suffer .

01  Where did Lanxiang's huge money come from ?

Rong Lanxiang was born in 1962 year ,1984 Founded the predecessor of Lanxiang in , About its history of making a fortune , Two versions have been circulating on the Internet .

There is a saying that Rong Lanxiang 1984 With his wife , And what my father-in-law provided 2000 element “ Start up money ”, Founded Jinan 57 Overpass vocational and technical training school run by the middle school .

But combined with Rong Lanxiang 、 Kong Suying's civil judgment of second instance on divorce dispute , They are 1987 Registered in , Although many couples didn't pay attention to “ registration ” technological process , Children can even register for soy sauce , But this document , It does reduce “ Father in law provides start-up funds ” The credibility of this statement , Lanxiang also relied on this document , It shows that the company is Rong Lanxiang a move Created .

No matter how Lanxiang was founded , An undeniable fact is , according to 2017 Documents disclosed in , Lanxiang is here 33 Year , It has provided Rong Lanxiang with a lot of wealth , And because of Lanxiang's family business model , Lanxiang's company property , The boundary between Rong Lanxiang's private property and Rong Lanxiang's is extremely blurred .

According to the document , Ronglanxiang 、 Kong Suying 2017 The joint property in involved 7 The earth , super 400 The remaining houses ; Value exceeding 3000 10000 yuan of jewelry, equity and related interests of Lanxiang company .

In order to divide the property , The family went to court many times ,2016 year , Rong Lanxiang lost the lawsuit in the dispute over the right of reputation with Kong Suying , stay 《 Nanfang Metropolis Daily 》 Make a public apology to Kong Suying in writing , And compensation for spiritual solace 2 Ten thousand yuan .

2018 year , Illegally dispose and seal up in Rongyan 、 The seizure of 、 Frozen property , Rong Xin was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years and eight months. Rong Yan was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of one year , A year's probation , Recover illegal income 271 Ten thousand yuan was returned to Shandong Lanxiang real estate .

2020 end of the year , Kong Suying illegally disposed of the seized property , Sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years and three months . In this series of disputes , Kong Suying fell directly into the economic crisis , Facing repayment difficulties 、 Arrears of attorney fees and other issues . And Rong Lanxiang during this period , No delay in making money .

Since it is to do “ education ”, Lanxiang's main income is naturally the tuition fees of students , Although Tang Guoqiang's advertisement made it clear that :“ There is no charge for trying for a month ”, But the students didn't find out until a month later , The admissions office is old The teacher said Of “ The annual tuition fee is 10000 yuan ” It's just nonsense .

According to the students : A two-and-a-half-year senior technician class , The total cost is nearly 8 ten thousand ; Two and a half years of steam Vehicle maintenance class 3.289 Ten thousand yuan , Including advertising expenses 2000 element , Teachers' salaries 7500 element ; Two and a half year senior mechanic “ Head cook ” Class tuition 3.298 Ten thousand yuan , Including Internship expenses 1.865 Ten thousand yuan .

About tuition fees “ Advertising fee ”, Lan Xiang's principal Rong Lanxiang said publicly that : Almost all the students came after watching the advertisement , Lanxiang spends tens of millions of advertising every year , It is reasonable to apportion the advertising expenses among the tuition fees . Rong Lanxiang is right about this “ be perfectly logical and reasonable ” The advertising fee is also “ Be flexible ”, The proportion of advertising fees of popular majors in tuition fees will be higher than that of ordinary majors .

In addition to the outrageous items in the tuition fees , Lanxiang's closed management , As a result, students cannot leave the school at will , Daily life needs to be solved in school , Lanxiang's shopping mall is self operated by the school , The price is extraordinarily high , Some students even take instant noodles Live a life , And the reason why students don't drop out , First, it is difficult to refund the tuition fees paid , Second, because the school said after all “ Rate of employment 100%”.

But they didn't find out until they graduated ,“100%” Employment rate in China , It's based on “ Obey the school arrangement unconditionally ” On the basis of . Lan Xiang asked the graduates to obey the school “ Distribute ”, And only to assign the least work to the unit 4 Months , To get a diploma , If you don't want to go , You have to pay again 1000 yuan “ Employment fee ”, alike , Also in 4 I can't get my diploma until months later .

Find your own job , Still have to pay 1000 yuan “ Guarantee fee ”, Most students have to choose to obey the school arrangement .2013 year , Lanxiang also registered a human services company , Be responsible for finding recruitment information on the Internet and then helping students contact , But according to the students :“ Sometimes they don't even fully verify ”.

In arranging jobs for students , Lan Xiang's efforts are obviously not as much as his thoughts when recruiting students .

02  get both praise and blame

Lanxiang's “ overseas student ” Not going abroad to exchange , But simply “ Try for a month ” My students stay .

A retired chef teacher once publicly disclosed , If a student who has been trying for a month leaves , The head teacher will deduct money . A retired chef teacher once said publicly ,“ The head teacher is to try every means to study abroad , Even if it's a lie .”

In addition to losing students 、 Tuition arrears, etc , It's all linked to teacher performance , To ensure that more students stay in Lanxiang for a long time , Rong Lanxiang is exhausted “ make every attempt ”.

Rong Lanxiang set up in the school “ Neighborhood group of hundred people gang ”, Let the head teacher 、 The dean of the Department , Set up a group of 100 people with other teaching staff . If someone drops out , rest 98 Teaching staff , To help the first two share part of the loss , similar “ Continuous sitting ”. In Lanxiang's complicated management rules , It's just a drop of water in the sea .

Access to information , Lanxiang's internal management manual has two volumes , There are seven chapters 、500 Multi page , It involves all departments , For example, students play mobile phones in class , The teacher will deduct points ; The teacher smokes a cigarette for the students , Two hundred points will be fined and expelled from school .“ Points will be deducted if you violate one article, and points will be added if you do well .”

For these almost demanding requirements , Rong Lanxiang believes that “ System is system , A school cannot adopt two systems ”. His paranoia , Maybe it has something to do with Lanxiang's rich history .

A few years before Lanxiang was founded , Just in time for a relatively special period of development , At that time, China needed to vigorously develop its economy , Not only encourage rural surplus labor to enter the city , And the following picture and “ Tertiary industry ” A surge in demand , Lanxiang closely follows the development and changes of domestic industrial structure , Not only take the opportunity to introduce a large number of professional technicians after retransmission , Also through the cooperation of both sides , Receive a large number of retransmission personnel who need training .

With this background , When the process of migrant workers needs technical training , Naturally, they are more inclined to choose Lanxiang . To 1997 At the end of the third production year , Lanxiang's Students in school The scale has changed from 1989 In, the number of 1000 people surged to more than 10000 , And the number of majors in Lanxiang has reached the current scale .

so to speak ,1984-1997 year , Lanxiang got the first social development bonus . It is through the foundation laid at this time , Lanxiang received a second bonus .

According to Rong Lanxiang ,2008 At the 2008 Olympic Games , The organizing committee found Lan Xiang , I hope Lanxiang will participate in the Olympic security work , In the subsequent bidding of catering groups , Yes 400 Many students from Lanxiang entered the chef team , Rong Lanxiang believes that , This is mainly due to Lanxiang's management system , The trained students have the ability , And good discipline , According to Lan Xiang , These students later stayed in Beijing .

There are Olympic endorsements , Lanxiang chef students also participated in the subsequent World Expo 、 National Games and other important activities , The chef profession has once again become a popular profession in society .

Maybe it's two leapfrog developments , Let Rong Lanxiang mistook it for his ability , Little do I know that this is the time to choose Lanxiang , When Lanxiang can't catch up with the pace of social development , It is bound to be eliminated again . This iteration , Including both teaching ability , It also includes teaching ideas .

03  Vocational Education , For money ? Still a person ?

Lanxiang wants to keep up with the times , At least understand what the latest vocational education law advocates .

2022 year 5 month 1 The date of , China has officially implemented the revised vocational education law , This is also 26 Over the years , The vocational education law was revised for the first time .

This revision , Make it clear “ Vocational education is an education type with the same important status as general education ”, contain “ Vocational school education and vocational education and training ” Two forms . This means that vocational education should open up the development channel of vocational school education , Upward includes specialist 、 Vocational colleges and universities at the undergraduate level , Promote the through training of middle and higher vocational colleges , Implement a flexible school system ; Strengthen the vocational enlightenment in the stage of compulsory education .

This is obviously different from the educational system of the educational society that has been maintained for a long time , While promoting the status of Vocational Education , It also opens a rising channel for students to further improve , To a great extent, vocational education students , Various restrictions on the channels and levels of entering higher education .

In this context , Improving teaching quality is not limited to making students understand technology , And require students to be technically proficient . In this context , The Faculty of the school , Once again become an important indicator to measure the quality of schools . And the extensive development of private vocational schools like Lanxiang , Obviously, it can't meet the standard , After all, Lan Xiang never looked at the title of a teacher , Just look at the teacher's ability , This business idea , And Lanxiang pays attention to students' practice , But it's too extreme .

Disclosure of information , Yes “ Qingbei vocational college ” Shenzhen Vocational and technical college , The integration ability of production and learning has long been recognized by all sectors of society , And Shenzhen Vocational College 1623 Among the on-the-job teaching staff , It's high 208 people , deputy senior ranks 647 people ; Doctor 297 people ; National excellent teaching team 2 individual , National famous teachers 2 people , Provincial famous teachers 8 people , Pearl River scholars 2 people , Distinguished Pengcheng scholar 5 people , Among the full-time teachers in the College “ Double division ” The proportion of qualified teachers reaches 82%, The School has National boutique specialty 1 individual 、 National demonstration specialty 12 individual 、 Provincial demonstration specialty 17 individual 、 National Quality Courses 53 door 、 Provincial quality courses 16 door .

Although Shenzhen Vocational College has opened a large number of majors in the field of information and innovation , Compare Lanxiang to cook 、 For excavator and other majors , We really need more talents with high professional titles , But that doesn't mean Lanxiang's Excavator 、 Cooking and other courses , There is no need for high-quality teachers .

Lanxiang has developed so far , Just keep close to social development in the setting of professional courses , But teaching quality is not necessarily innovative , Take Shenzhen Vocational College as an example , In the past few years , The school has held school enterprise matchmaking meetings 12 Sessions , Collect nearly 100 pieces of enterprise demand information .2020 year , Shenzhen Vocational College has a total of horizontal technical service projects 66 term , The cost of horizontal projects is up to 2483.09 Ten thousand yuan , Provide intellectual support for regional social and economic development .

If Lanxiang can fully interact with enterprises in the province , Really consider the talent needs of enterprises , There must be no need to set it artificially “ Employment fee ” threshold , Walk in the gray field , So as to achieve the real meaning of “100%” employment , This is to do education from the perspective of students , Not for better publicity for enterprises 、 Constantly attract students , It's hard “ It's drawn 100% employment ”.

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