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Apple admitted that the speed of the old mobile phone was reduced and the old owner received a "full" refund

2022-05-08 04:57:1336kr

Some time ago , We talked to everyone iPhone 6S The news that apple is about to give up .iOS 16 Give up on these old iPhone Support for

Strong as iPhone 6S Can't escape the fate of being eliminated , quite a lot 6S Nail households are therefore determined to prepare for a new mobile phone .

But listen to Lao Hu's advice , I'm not in a hurry to change my mobile phone , There are still a lot of it iPhone 4S Nail households are insisting ,iPhone 6S A proper fight again 3 year , Don't give up easily !

because 2015 Apple sued in iPhone 4S “ Speed gate ” The case has finally come to an end , Apple is about to give everyone iPhone 4S Users pay 15 Claims in US dollars .

It's true that it's rumored that the newer the mobile phone, the more stuck it is ......

1 “ Speed gate ” It's the end  

In fact, after the mobile phone is updated , appear BUG 、 Or Caton 、 Increased power consumption is common , Generally, the official will provide a patch soon , It has little impact on daily use .

but 2015 In the updated iOS 9 System , Yes iPhone 4S The impact of users is devastating .

After the update , Users find that the performance of their mobile phones has fallen sharply , Both first-party and third-party applications have startup delays 、 Slow response of touch screen input , Serious impact on daily use .

therefore , A group of iPhone 4S Users have initiated a class action lawsuit against Apple , At the same time, apple is required to pay a total amount of no less than 500 Ten thousand dollars in damages , And may achieve 1500 Thousands of dollars .

Apple is a big company after all , More lawsuits than others go to restaurants , There's no shortage of money , As long as it doesn't affect the market .

therefore , This lawsuit is a dozen 6 year , Up to now iPhone 4S It's almost out of production 10 Years. ,iOS All updated to 15 了 , The result of the lawsuit is for Apple , It doesn't matter anymore .

therefore , After the game between the two sides , Finally, the plaintiff proposed a settlement , On the condition that : Give each qualified iPhone 4S Equipment compensation 15 dollar .

although 15 The dollar is in 2015 You can't buy one in a year iPhone 4S , But in 2022 year , You can start with the whole model of this classic magic machine to quit Internet addiction !

Sounds like I've made , But then iPhone 4S The sufferings of users can't come back , And this 15 Users spend dollars, too , It's just Apple returning it to users , I can't say where I made money ......

2 “ Speed gate ” More than once

In fact, in China ,iPhone 4S The impact of the deceleration gate is not as big as that of foreign countries , because iPhone 4S The domestic sales volume of is far less than that of foreign countries , iPhone The real take-off at home is from iPhone 6 Start .

and iPhone 6 Iterative machine iPhone 6S It's a magic machine , Up to now, there are still a large number of users using , therefore , If 6S Encounter deceleration gate , That will have a great impact on everyone .

What a coincidence , Apple's most famous deceleration gate incident comes from iPhone 6S ,2017 year , User found upgrade iOS10.2.1 after , iPhone6s And other models have added the frequency reduction function , The device is in a low power state , Run very Caton , Serious impact on daily use .

iPhone 6s Running points in different versions of the system . picture source :Geekbench

In the face of complaints from a large number of users , Apple is still not soft , And said never 、 And never by any means , To intentionally shorten the life of any apple product , It will not reduce the user experience to force everyone to upgrade the device .

Even kindly put forward solutions to users , Launched a preferential activity for battery replacement outside warranty , Bank of China 608 Yuan down 218 element ,iPhone6s The model also enjoys three years of free battery replacement service .

But it's no use talking hard , And users don't buy it , In the next two years , Apple faces the least problems worldwide 60 A class action lawsuit , The reason is to accuse apple of deliberately holding down iPhone performance , Entice users to upgrade their devices in advance .

A lawsuit is better than apple, and it can't stand lawsuits all over the world , therefore 2020 Apple completely recognized , Admit that the battery capacity of the mobile phone is insufficient or the function is damaged , to update iOS The system may affect the performance of the mobile phone .

And agreed to compensate up to 5 $billion in class action compensation , That is, every affected user 25 dollar .

The most important thing is that , The compensation object does not include Chinese users , I said before. iPhone 6S It has a huge amount in China , The sales volume of the Bank of China alone has exceeded ten million , It can be said that BoC users are the most deserving of compensation , But it was ignored by Apple , Have to say , The pay gap is still quite obvious .

3 No one can get used to

Some time ago , There are also rumors on the Internet about iPhone Change the region to France , The mobile phone becomes fluent immediately .

Although after testing , I found it a joke , But France is indeed the owner that Apple dare not fool .

Not only is the deceleration gate punished 2500 Thousands of euros , Also warned that apple must give iPhone With headphones , Or France will have to ban iPhone !

What a domineering rule , therefore , stay 2022 Years ago , France is the only country in the world that can buy accessories with headphones iPhone The country ......( It has been cancelled )

therefore , No matter who , You can't get used to any enterprise , You let them step , They will ask you for two bedrooms and one living room , When you return it back , And collect money from you , This minute can kill people ......

Don't want to be angry with yourself , Then make a firm agreement with them , If you cross the line, you will be severely punished , Pay hard , Ordinary people argue with them , That's something I can't talk about all my life ......

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