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How to design the bonus scheme for sales staff? This article tells you

2022-05-08 05:28:45Brother Han

 How to design the bonus scheme for salespeople ? This article tells you

How to design the bonus scheme for salespeople ?

First of all, we should look at the impact of different types of salespeople on performance , If it's all by the guests themselves or through advertising , This proportion is bound to be low , If it all depends on the initiative of the salesperson , This proportion will be high .

So when doing percentage design , You should think about this one clearly , In the end, which part of the sales staff in our company should be responsible for , What factors are they ? How difficult is it for them to sell? They should think clearly .

It also depends on the company's overall competitive situation and internal strategy , There are two points , First, look at the analysis of competitors , Look at the competitors' price strategy , Product advantage , Commission ratio , In order to attract talents, excellent companies , Retain excellent employees , Your percentage of commission must be higher than that of your competitors , Only in this way, those who do well will come to you . If you earn less for excellence , His men ran away , Leaving only mediocre people .

Then look at the maturity of the company's products , Different types of products throughout the company , Its competitive model , It depends on different strategies , Then your whole salary design in the middle , Have something to do with him .

There should be a balance between the whole incentive and cost , First, policies should be incentive , Encourage employees to work more , We should pay the bonus beyond the expectations of the company , Clap for you without exceeding the company's expectations , No bonus .

 How to design the bonus scheme for salespeople ? This article tells you

second 、 Reasonably control the salary cost , In general, the larger the company , Its salary proportion will be low , Small companies and start-ups account for a high proportion , Then the core idea is to stimulate high performing employees , Last year's performance 20% Employees within , Look, they earn more according to the new policy , Or earn less , If you can earn more, it shows that the salary system is more effective .

The maturity of the product should be considered in the Commission proportion of the bonus , And the difficulty of selling , This involves a core idea , Many companies are interesting , There is an e-commerce company , Their little water in the past month 20 ten thousand ,30 ten thousand , The income of millions a year is relatively small , Then they made a rule to the sales manager , Because his salary is also relatively low , Then give him a percentage of the Commission , for instance 3%, do 20 Wan Wan 6000 Block royalty , Then he did it according to this logic .

As a result, the company's business has developed very well , The original one month 20 ten thousand , In an instant 300 ten thousand ,300 ten thousand ×3%, Royalty 9 Ten thousand yuan , His manager gets... Every month 9 ten thousand .

At this time, the boss came to me and said , Teacher, do you think this ratio is right ?

 How to design the bonus scheme for salespeople ? This article tells you

I said your ratio must be wrong , In the past, your commission was based on achievement , It is only when I have realized that I can have this value , A company like him , It should be increased according to , The sales manager doesn't do this position , Anyone in this position may be able to do 300 ten thousand , Why I set up a sales manager is because he can do 400 ten thousand , So you should give him the excess , Give him the next indicator , Only when the excess part is reached will he be given the relevant bonus , Because this is called excess bonus .

After I finish talking like this , The boss suddenly figured it out .

I think every company is doing , This one must make it clear , But how to do the excess part , Let me give you a suggestion , First of all, we have a basic salary , Generally, the proportion of commission will be low at the beginning .

For example, I saw a company , New employee sales 3000 The following percentage of Commission 2%, It's very low , Then the highest time mentioned 9%, How much more than 9%, exceed 9% It means he can get a high proportion .

 How to design the bonus scheme for salespeople ? This article tells you

This part of the money in the low proportion , Include the fixed salary part , Then when you reach more than one goal , Above the target value , Give him another High Commission .

When it's done , I suggest three paragraphs and two points , The first point is to choose a lowest point , For example, let's hit a pass line , Calculate according to the formula , I think the life and death line is supposed to be a month 5000 Gross profit of yuan , That's it 5000 Yuan , The other is the average , Give him a high commission for exceeding the average , The purpose is to tell employees , Want to earn a high salary , Above the company average .

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