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Hard to quit personalized recommendation: every time you "guess what you like", you are "peeping" into your life

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“ We have a greater impact on your life than you think , We'll tell you where your home is , Your position in school , Decide if you can get a loan to buy your dream car , Tell you when the bus will come , Which friends should you know , Even boyfriends or girlfriends …… We call it algorithm , And we are everywhere .”

In the documentary 《 Algorithm : How to dominate the human world 》 in , In the first person “ Algorithm ” Power . And in daily life , We are also more or less dominated by algorithms . A typical item , Is the recommendation algorithm .

More and more accurate recommendation algorithms , It has become an important part of major Internet platforms “ weapons ”, It seems that every minute is competing for who can be faster “ Guess you like ”. Especially on Taobao 、 Leisure fish and other e-commerce platforms , Direct will “ Guess you like ” As the main section recommended by the home page . Personalized recommendation imperceptibly changes users' consumption habits , At the same time, it also changes the marketing strategy of businesses .

But like Pandora's box , When major platforms rely more and more on Algorithms , Personalized recommendation algorithms are gradually breaking the boundaries , It also raises concerns about the abuse of algorithms by regulators and users .

stay 2022 year 3 month 1 Japan 《 Internet information service algorithm recommendation management regulations 》 After the formal implementation , Taobao, which involves algorithm recommendation 、 Tiktok 、 Well quickly A lot of spelling 、 The little red book 、 Microblogging and other head platforms allow users to “ One click off personalized recommendation ”, it seems , This gives the user to turn off “ NextBox ” The opportunity of , However , Want to escape the domination of the algorithm , It's not that easy .

Algorithm “ Addiction ” when : By “ domestication ” Users of

“ We can finally end the feeling of being watched !”27 Year old Sasha found that many software, including Taobao, can be closed “ Personalized recommendation ” after , Open the software immediately and close it one by one ,“ The days of no privacy and information explosion are finally over ”.

For a long time , Shasha is distressed by the personalized recommendation of e-commerce platforms . The initial distress comes from the growing desire to consume ,“ Sometimes you just accidentally mention something to your best friend or boyfriend , For example, the skirt worn by my best friend is very beautiful , Or ask your boyfriend to take a bottle of soda from the fridge , As a result, you will soon see all kinds of skirts pushed by Taobao , Or drinks of different flavors and brands .” Sasha, turn it on , I looked at it and made an order ,“ Unconsciously, it increases your purchase rate , For example, you just bought a cup , Taobao seems to be asking you , You want to buy more 123456 A? ?”

If we say that the desire for consumption can at least be controlled by ourselves , A large number of home page recommendation information presents “ I know you best ”, Let Sasha think more carefully and fear .

“ I always suspect that I was monitored by these shopping platforms , Mingming hasn't searched any keywords at all , Just said something , Open Taobao, but you can also see the recommended related things .” The most exaggerated one is , Sasha said to her dog at home that she touched the dog's head several times ,“ In the evening, I took a look at the home page of Taobao , Push me a dog head doll and a dog head cover .”

Like Sasha, there are many recommendations to get rid of the algorithm , China Youth Daily Social Survey Center joint questionnaire network on 1144 A survey of respondents showed that ,53.8% Of respondents said they would choose to turn off the algorithm recommendation function , They hope 《 Regulations 》 Can curb and induce excessive consumption (68.2%)、 Big data kill (61.9%)、 Induce addiction (57.5%)、 Excessive collection of personal information (46.0%) And so on .

In the process of turning off personalized recommendation , Sasha feels irritable several times , Because this setting requires a lot of steps ,“ obviously , The platform doesn't want you to shut down ”. There are media estimates , At present, the operation of turning off personalized content recommendation given by the platform is 5-7 Between steps , The steps are complicated . And if the user doesn't deliberately close , Personalized recommendation is enabled by default , No update prompt will be given to users .“ I also specifically looked for a detailed step introduction , One by one , But if you are impatient , Maybe I gave up .”

Steps for closing personalized recommendation of major software . Picture source : Leopard change

therefore , After closing the personalized recommendation of many software , Shasha is relieved .

However , What made her feel helpless was , Two days later , She turned on Personalized Recommendation again ,“ You think the world is quiet after you turn off personalized recommendation , In fact, it's more like being polluted , Without personalized recommendation, make random recommendation , Stuff a bunch of things that have nothing to do with my life in the original way of information flow .”

in fact , There are not many users like Sasha , On Weibo, xiaohongshu and other platforms , Zinc scale found that many netizens said ,“ Taobao's personalized recommendation was closed in the morning , It opens again at night ”、“ I realized , Or I can only guess you like , Or just throw it away ”、“ People who are used to personalized recommendation still think they can get rid of it ?”……

and “ NextBox ” The other side that's hard to close is , Except that forced reopening algorithms like Sasha recommend , Many other users have been recommended by personalized algorithms “ domestication ”, It's hard to leave this “ information cocoons ”.

“ Although sometimes I feel like I'm being monitored , But the content of personalized recommendation is really accurate , If you get your favorite content quickly 、 Screen out what you like , Giving up privacy is the price we have to pay as users , We may have to accept .” Working in an Internet company Milly He was also a programmer , She is well aware that the user information held by the Internet platform is far beyond the imagination of users , But she didn't choose to turn off personalized recommendation ,“ After all , You think you turned off personalized recommendation , Did you escape the algorithm ?”

When I first saw the algorithm : be-all “ benefit ” The price has been marked

Let's talk about how the recommendation algorithm works step by step “ domestication ” Users , Let's turn back the time first , Back when we first saw the algorithm .

just as 《 Financial world 》 written , The recommendation algorithm first came into public view , Today's headlines of the main products starting from byte beating , On 2012 year 8 Monthly online , As the first news and information in China with machine recommendation as the main distribution method App, Today's headlines are only 90 God , Then sweep 1000 Million users , And brought fire in China for the first time “ Recommendation algorithm ” The concept of .

thereafter , From information platform to short video platform , More and more Internet companies see “ Recommendation algorithm ” Power . The e-commerce platform led by Taobao , It depends on the recommendation algorithm step by step .

Take Taobao for example , Zinc scale search previously published information , Sort out its personalized algorithm recommendation . As early as 2013 year , Taobao launched the ranking algorithm ——“ One thousand thousand ”, Relying on Taobao's database , Grab the promotion products whose features match the user's interest points from the subdivided categories .

2015 Annual double 11, Hand Amoy has adopted personalized recommendation on a large scale for the first time , And that day 912 Of the billion yuan transaction volume ,2/3 It happened on the phone . here we are 2017 year 3 month , Taobao has increased... For the first time “ Guess you like ” modular , At that time, there was a word washing button in the lower left corner of the hand washing home page , Click in to guess your favorite entrance .

since 2018 Around the year , Taobao has officially realized the importance of personalized recommendation , stay Alibaba 2018 At the global investors Conference , Jiang Fan, President of Taobao, introduced the progress and achievements of Taobao's content strategy to investors at the meeting , It also focuses on the reform of information flow on the home page of mobile Taobao , This includes a comprehensive upgrade of the recommended algorithm . And after double 11 in the same year , Jiang Fan said that the traffic brought by personalized recommendation , Has exceeded the traffic generated by search . That year, after hand Amoy and revision , Personalized recommendation as the core “ Guess you like ” Jump from the seventh screen to the second screen .

Two years later, , According to the 《 A bit late LatePost》 reports ,2020 On the eve of the double eleventh of ,“ Mobile Taobao will usher in a major revision again : Hand Taobao home page will comprehensively fluidize information , The original focus map display advertisement at the top will be changed to vertical version , Move to the first position of the algorithm recommendation information flow at the bottom of the page . The revised , information flow ‘ Guess you like ’ Will become the protagonist of Taobao's first screen .” 

When the e-commerce platform builds its own recommendation algorithm Empire step by step , Users didn't realize it was a double-edged sword at first , I even feel that I have tasted the sweetness .

Need to know , At present, I'm very tired of recommending algorithms , Once and for a time, I relied on this .“ In fact, I didn't realize what was behind this recommendation at first , And the algorithm at that time may not be as out of control as it is now , As a user, I simply feel that shopping is more convenient , Because after you search for something , It may recommend many similar , You can compare more quickly .”

On major social platforms , There is no lack “ Taobao's guess I like , I really like ”、“ Personalized recommendation really understands me ”…… Such a sound .

And this sweetness , In fact, it is “ Induction ” Businesses change their marketing strategies . Zinc scale found , On many platforms, there are how businesses enter Taobao “ Guess you like ” Introduction to flow pool , There is even an industrial chain that ensures that you like material audit by guessing .

The customer service of a related enterprise told me , They are mainly responsible for submitting the recommended content of Taobao guess your favorite talent , Guide consumers to enter the store and transform through content exposure , But it's not guaranteed to be on the home page ,“ Because there are thousands of people on the home page , We just guarantee that the audit is passed , As for the home page display, it is randomly arranged by Taobao system .” The contribution price of such a content is 100 Yuan one , The customer service told me ,“ Many businesses buy more than one at a time , One a week ”.

Quotation of relevant contents

And some stores have also launched related packages , The package price of one of them is , There are good goods + Stroll around + Guess you like each 1 The price is 288 element ; There are good goods + Stroll around + I guess you like two articles each. The price is 500 element : One article per month and one article per day. The price is 3000 element . As for Taobao, guess you like the short video of the plate , Make sure the price on the front page is 800 Yuan one .

Besides Taobao , Tiktok shop 、 Xiaohongshu and other platforms also have relevant industrial chains or tutorials , claim “ Core operation will explode in a month , Later maintenance and continuous profitability .”

For the platform , It is also the beneficiary of the algorithm .《 harvard Business Review 》 It has been reported that , In terms of marketing , Personalization of user experience can increase the return on investment by five to eight times , And increase sales 10% above .

therefore ,“ Rustles ” The sweetness of personalized recommendation , In fact, the price has already been secretly marked .

Under the Siege : Why put the algorithm in a cage ?

“ Take a look at the data used in Taobao's personalized recommendation , What data can be used indicates what data can be collected , It's a pity that this technology doesn't do Skynet .” A netizen tried to turn off Taobao's personalized recommendation , According to Taobao's reminder, we see that its personalized recommendation will be based on the following necessary information : Service log when you visit or use Taobao platform website or client , Including browsing records 、 Click to view the record 、 Search query records 、 Collection 、 Add to cart 、 transaction 、 after-sales 、 Focus on sharing information 、 Publish the information , as well as IP Address 、 Browser type 、 Telecom operators …… Information about the device you are using , Including equipment model 、 Operating system version 、 devices setting up 、 Equipment environment, etc .

in fact , The e-commerce platform led by Taobao is just an aspect of an algorithm Siege .

Whether it's video software 、 Q & a social software or various information software , Even music software , The tentacles of the algorithm are extending into people's lives Surface . just as 《 Financial world 》 written , Even those Internet companies that are not strong in algorithms , Most of them are also on the home page of the mobile terminal launched Recommendation system , for example Iqiyi 、 Bili Bili home page is “ recommend ” bar , Youku home page is “ Guess you're chasing ”.

With the algorithm, the siege is built step by step , Potential risks are also gradually emerging .

《 Finance and economics, 》E Chen Qianling, a special commentator of France, once pointed out in his article that , Fairness and justice is the universal pursuit of mankind World value , But in the world of algorithms , The primary pursuit is efficiency , The essence of the algorithm is to seek “ Optimal solution ” Problem solving tools , Especially in its designers 、 When the user is an enterprise , It often takes the maximization of business interests as the primary goal . therefore , In a world dominated by algorithmic power , Man is no longer a rich individual with complex connotation , But alienated by the accumulation of digital fragments “ Particle man ”, The goal is to maximize personal utility , Become defined 、 Be classified 、 Be rated 、 The object used .

Fortunately , At least change has begun to happen .2022 year 3 month 1 Japan , Ministry of industry 、 Jointly issued by the Internet information office and other departments 《 Internet information service algorithm recommendation management regulations 》 Put into effect , This is a precedent to open the algorithm specification all over the world .

A variety of software has also been launched “ Personal information collection list ”, Users can view the specific personal information collected and the number of times collected . Some software gives “ Clear personalized records ” The option to , You can clear the user's previous historical behavior with one click . For example, Weibo has specially posted a document to explain the search popularity 、 Discussion heat 、 The formation mechanism of the hot search list , Byte runout has also specifically explained the principle of the recommended algorithm .

It's just , To really turn the algorithm into “ cage ”, We also need various Internet platforms to make the tentacles of the algorithm more limited , More rationally weigh the interests of commercialization and the rights and interests of users , Really give the option back to the user . After all , Only by guarding the border , Algorithms don't get out of the scope of tools .

This article is from WeChat official account. “ Zinc scale ”(ID:znkedu), author : Li Xuanqi , edit : Wen Jie ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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