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With more than 2 billion financing, can the tongue hero recreate the "Ruixing myth"?

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Lu Zhengyao, who created Ruixing with one hand , Still looking for the next lucky in the catering industry .

Lu Zhengyao in 2021 year 6 In June, it was included in the list of compulsory execution by the court , The execution amount is up to 12 More than one hundred million yuan .

This led to the successful listing of at least two enterprises 52 I'm an entrepreneur , There seems to be an urgent need to turn over , In terms of money , From the market position . And dry catering , It became his choice .

Although the catering industry is greatly affected by the epidemic , but “ Food is the staff of life ”, It is still the biggest and most direct demand of the people . Maybe it's the long-term potential of the industry , After Ruixing , Lu Zhengyao's three startups focused on the catering sector .

Often hurt often war , Lu Zhengyao “ screwing ” Restaurant

Officially left Ruixing less than a year , Lu Zhengyao started his second business in the catering industry , This time, he is interested in the once popular Chongqing Xiaomian track , The brand is called “ Interesting noodles ”.

Lu Zhengyao once said , Entering the mini track is his last battle before retirement , It seems to be full of hope and confidence in fun facets .

2021 year 8 month , Quxiaomian opened two stores in Beijing and Chongqing at the same time , It focuses on all kinds of noodles 、 Now made brine goods 、 Dessert drinks 、 Eight series of special cold dishes , And expand in many parts of the country .

△ picture source :“ Interesting noodles ”

Not long after that , Search meituan for interesting noodle stores , It shows 106 stores , among 81 The family is still waiting to open . Right now , According to the media and sources , Interesting facets are looking for 1 One hundred million yuan financing , Valuation about 10 One hundred million yuan .

Operate financing so quickly , And it's a large amount of financing , It's almost unimaginable to put it on other catering items . But put it on Lu Zhengyao , But it seems to be a routine operation , China in those days 、 Rui xing , It's all fast financing 、 Rapid expansion to win the market .

But this time , Lu Zhengyao failed to continue the myth of Ruixing , We didn't wait for the news of the success of Xiaomian financing , But wait for the news of the renaming of fun noodles .

2021 year 10 month , Opening only 2 Last month's fun noodle was renamed “ Qu Bayu ”, The main products are from the classic bench surface 、 Variable topping surface, etc , Turn into fat sausage duck blood pot 、 Sichuan and Chongqing casseroles with beef brisket and chicken feet . To the naked eye , Lu Zhengyao wants to expand the track , From small noodles to larger Sichuan and Chongqing dishes .

△ Cuisines from quebayu , picture source : Qu Ba Yu official blog

​ However, the development of Quba Chongqing is not smooth , Its category expansion does not directly hit the core pain points of brand products and tastes , In many competitive products, the performance is not outstanding .

According to the red meal website , The number of stores in qubayu has been revolving around twenty or thirty , In the year to 2 month , There are only... Stores in qubayu across the country 8 home , Qubayu official account is also in 1 month 18 The update stopped after .

In chubayu “ crumbling ” Occasion , last year 12 On June, Lu Zhengyao launched another one called “ Tip of the tongue Workshop ” New projects , The main products are prefabricated ingredients and quick cooking dishes , And announced the adoption of “ Only join 、 Not directly operated ” The model is expanding rapidly , The project was later renamed “ Tongue hero ”.

The expansion idea of the tip of the tongue hero , Just like Lu Zhengyao's creation of Ruixing coffee .

The first is to spend a lot of money on Marketing , This year, 1 Month begins , The advertising campaign of the tip of the tongue hero is fully unfolded . Actor Liu Yiwei as the spokesperson , A hero with the tip of his tongue appears on the high-speed railway 、 The elevator 、 Information flow and other advertising scenes . Besides , Its ads also cover Tiktok 、 Today's headline 、 Watermelon video and other online channels .

△ picture source : Tip of the tongue hero official website

The second is the familiar fission Promotion , On the pull new , The tip of the tongue hero continued to use Ruixing coffee “ Invite friends to get rewards ” Methods .

Heroes with sharp tongues have been in the limelight since this year , There is media coverage , Since its launch , Tongue hero 3 Signed the contract in three months 6000 stores , get 16 One hundred million yuan financing . It is reported that , It is also planned to 5 Land again in a month 3000 stores .

it seems , Lu Zhengyao seems to want to recreate a Ruixing myth . But things , Maybe it's not that simple .

Fun noodles didn't succeed , The tongue hero may not be able to copy the Ruixing myth

Can the tongue hero copy Ruixing's “ myth ”? Maybe we should start from the fun side 、 Chubayu talked about .

Although everyone says “ Restaurant ”, but “ meal ” and “ drink ” In fact, there are still large divisions . Ruixing is “ drink ”, Interesting noodles later 、 Qu Bayu , All belong to “ meal ”.

Operationally ,“ drink ” Compared with “ meal ” It's still a simple model , Whether milk tea or coffee , There is no threshold to take out , Stores can be large or small , Kitchen 、 The raw materials are not complicated , It can be made into light mode , Also suitable for rapid expansion .

Have to say , Lu Zhengyao is indeed “ Wind chaser ”.

When Ruixing starts , Like tea 、 Na Xue 、 Honey snow ice city and other brands are putting “ drink ” The track is hot , In the public, people almost only know Starbucks' coffee track , Chain coffee brands are basically in a vacuum , This is a real existence , And often ignored or dare not try . Lu Zhengyao did , In the simplest and most brutal way , succeed .

△ picture source : Ruixing coffee official wechat

When it comes to fun noodles 、 Qu Bayu , from “ drink ” Turned into “ meal ”, In fact, the operation mode has undergone essential changes .

Compared to chain coffee shops ,“ meal ” To really sit down and eat , For store area 、 Store operations 、 There are many more professional requirements for the back kitchen , The pattern is heavier , The cost of higher , Expansion requires more capital and cash flow circulation . Chain coffee can replicate the simple operation mode of milk tea shop , And expand rapidly , but “ meal ” You can't .

And fun noodles 、 The early stage of qubayu , The store model has not been finely polished , Began to use Ruixing's method to expand rapidly , National distribution , Open more than ten stores . But just these more than ten stores , People inside and outside the industry often comment on it as gimmicks rather than products and services , The latter two are just the two most important elements of catering .

As an insider said ,“ Be lucky , What Lu Zhengyao does is serve customers 、 big data 、 on-line 、 platform , It's coffee . To make fun noodles, you should start to get involved in rent 、 staff 、 decorate 、 equipment 、 Management of equal assets , Previously, his advantages in customer experience and online big data have been erased by these . Lu Zhengyao buried himself deeply in the dining pit ”.

△ Fun noodle shop , Photography : The legend of shrimp is Jiang Yi

Although qubayu has expanded the business scope and audience of quxiaomian , But the operating kernel has not changed , Therefore , Lu Zhengyao still failed to solve the problem .

And after all this , Lu Zhengyao probably realized that he was spinning in the dining pit , So he focused on the prefabricated dishes , Launched a more light tongue hero , Return to what you are good at .

Prefabricated dishes don't need to be eaten in the classroom , Factory supply , Store operations 、 It's easy to operate , It looks very much like Ruixing , We can also apply Ruixing's development model .

“ Only join , Not directly operated ” Principles , The minimum number of franchised stores is 8 Square meters , These are laying the foundation for rapid expansion . One and a half months 6000 stores , Seems to be telling everyone , The hero with the tip of the tongue may be the next Ruixing myth .

But the food is still different from coffee , The food still belongs to “ meal ”, Purchase from raw materials 、 Research and development 、 production , To transport 、 Delivery 、 Secondary processing , What consumers want from them 、 Tolerance is also different . You can accept that coffee is not hard to drink , But I can't accept the ordinary food , Especially not cheap 、 Do it yourself meals .

From the current consumer feedback , The cost performance of tongue heroes is not high , taste 、 There is no obvious competitive advantage in efficiency .

The tongue of a hero 100 Multiple products , In the case of prefabricated vegetable tracks , Not a lot , These products are purchased through third-party raw materials 、 Make , Then the outsourcing cold chain , Transport to C End .

On the whole , The tip of the tongue hero doesn't really control a certain link , And rely on cooperation with third parties , It will inevitably increase the loss of intermediate links , Expensive procurement 、 transport 、 The cost of storage loss can only be passed on to C End consumers . meanwhile , Complex outsourcing supply chain will also increase the risk of quality control .

The prefabricated vegetable track is very hot , But many entrants are either the original catering To B supplier , Research and development 、 Production experience , Or catering enterprises , Know first-hand consumer needs , And brand endorsement and sales channels . And now the hero of the tongue , It's not so much a prefabricated food company , It's more like a packaging factory , The core competitiveness probably lies in the ability to quickly replicate 、 The model of rapid expansion .

In this mode , The sharp tongued hero has to consider another problem : The future of prefabricated dishes .

According to AI media consulting data ,2021 The market scale of China's Prefabricated vegetables is estimated to be 3459 One hundred million yuan , It is expected that China's Prefabricated vegetable market will remain 20% High growth around . Although the market is hot , But the future is not very clear , Everyone knows that it has a future , But this “ future ” When will it arrive , Actually, I'm not sure yet .

According to the current sales situation and consumer feedback , The taste of prepared dishes is mixed , And nutrition 、 Health problems are still a thorn in the throat of consumers .

In terms of taste , Many new frozen snacks , And many reheating products, such as some big meals 、 Cakes and Pastries , The evaluation is also seriously polarized , Some can do it, which is not far from the current system , Some are in the taste 、 The taste is very different , So that many consumers dare not easily start with reheated prefabricated dishes .

Besides , Consumers' greater concern still comes from nutrition 、 Food safety . Yes, the sauce bag 、 Semi finished prefabricated vegetable bag , Or products on the production line , Many consumers still don't accept , Feel full of industrial flavor . When these products began to try to further penetrate into Chinese people's home diet , nutrition 、 Health issues are bound to become the focus of attention again .

In a bad way , Once there is a prefabricated vegetable enterprise that does not follow the routine , Cause food safety problems , Then the whole prefabricated vegetable market is likely to be dragged down . By that time , The hero with the tip of the tongue can only become the cannon fodder of the market .

As some people in the industry say ,“ There is still a long cultivation period in the prefabricated vegetable market , The overall product taste and cost performance are not very ideal , The track is still in the process of optimization ”.

The uncertainty of the prefabricated vegetable track itself , Plus front-end research and development 、 Production supply chain , transport 、 Distribution chain , And the professionalism and complexity of franchisees' profitability and other links , Yes, a sharp tongue hero who is good at playing fast , For Lu Zhengyao, who has not really stepped into the catering threshold , Still a huge challenge .

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