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There is a hundred billion market hidden on the ankle. The new store has a powder rise of 500000 a year, and Yang Chaoyue and Hu Ke are also in the game

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How do trendsetters of different ages distinguish the same kind ? The answer is ankle .

Barefoot sandals used to be in 90 In the fashion dictionary after , Left a thick ink and heavy color . Trendsetters ten years ago , Never allow yourself to show a pair of wrinkled socks under your Capris . Times have changed , Now it's red or green , Or striped or splashed wet socks , It includes the fashion that trendy people have to show their legs when they cross their legs “ Self-respect ”.

“ Socks don't cost , Why buy it ?” Once it was just used to separate feet from shoes 、 Socks that mainly absorb sweat, prevent odor or keep warm , Already from a consumable item , Gradually move closer to fashion items . socks “ More and more flowers ”. Although taote 、 Pinduoduo and other e-commerce platforms will still 1.99 element 60 Only black and white grey socks are used as drainage , But in the eyes of trendy people , Socks are an indispensable finishing touch for daily wear .

On the little red books piled up by trendsetters , Search keywords “ socks ”, The number of notes is up to 212 Ten thousand , yes “ belt ” Close to 4 times ,“ sunglasses ” Of 2 Twice as many .

In Europe and America ,“ Flower socks ” Is also being given more meaning . Wall Street in the United States has “ Friday socks ” Activities , This day , Financial men may still be in suits , But I will wear bright damp socks to work , Represents the end of the week , A wonderful weekend is coming . At Silicon Valley , Trendy socks are a kind of... Between technical men “ Social symbols ”.

Yang Chaochao launched a trendy brand BABT

Changes in consumer demand , Often set off a new wave of business . Trendy socks with a sense of fashion and design , It has also attracted the attention of star Entrepreneurs . last year 10 month , Yang Chaochao launched a trendy brand as the manager BABT. After half a year ,BABT Tmall flagship store , Sports trendy socks account for nearly half of the share . This year, , Hu Ke, who has transformed from a star to a Taobao anchor, has also repeatedly promoted his trendy socks brand ——“ Half wheat ” Move into the studio .

Emerging fashion socks Market

“ Ten years ago , The domestic brand market of fashionable socks is almost blank .”ISKU Founder Haitao witnessed the rise of the industry step by step . At the time , Brand channels are almost TUTUANNA、Happy Socks、STANCE Wait for Japan, Europe and the United States to firmly control .

Throughout the country , Although holding a mature production supply chain , But socks are still in “ Big category , Fewer brands ” The state of . Langsha 、 Antarctica and other domestic brands familiar to some domestic consumers , The main push is not silk stockings , It's solid color 、 Regular style with simple pattern . When consumers choose socks , Also focus more on “ texture of material 、 Warmth 、 Air permeability 、 Wear resistance ” And other functional features , Value the cost performance of socks . pay attention to “ Design ”“ style ” My damp socks , Not familiar to most consumers .

36 Krypton data shows ,2015 year , Japan's per capita sock consumption reached 37.3 dollar , Per capita sock consumption in European and American countries 20 dollar , China's per capita sock consumption is only 15.1 dollar . This also means that domestic sock consumption has a lot of room for growth .“ in fact , China has a very mature production and supply chain , Is the world's largest exporter of socks .” In Haitao's view , Damp socks “ Revival ”, It's just a matter of time .

 2016 In the summer , A trend of wearing sandals with medium socks has swept the streets . Socks finally stopped curling up under their trouser legs , Standing on the absolute of this fashion trend C position . White, monotonous , Black is boring , Bold colors , Fashionable socks with novel patterns suddenly appear in public view .

90 Later entrepreneur Chen Cai also felt the change of wind direction . After graduation, , He has been acting as a channel provider , He runs a sock shop on Taobao C shop .“ before , The consumption explosion period of socks is mostly in autumn and winter , However, the purchase of socks in spring and summer of that year increased significantly .”

Changes in consumer demand , It also triggered a chain reaction in the entrepreneurial market . Zhong Yaodong 2016 Officially launched in ISKU.2017 year , Chen CAI has also transformed from a channel to a trendy socks brand Primeet founder . According to the data of qicha cat prospective industry Research Institute ,2017 In, the number of newly established enterprises in China's sock industry crossed the threshold of 10000 for the first time , As many as 11311 home , Compare with 2015 The year has increased by nearly 150%.

Feel the stone to cross the river

Even if the consumer side has changed significantly , However, the challenges faced by fashion socks brands are not easy .

First , Different from the changeable materials 、 Rich in style 、 Seasonal clothes , Socks have a single style , The space to play is extremely limited . secondly , The manufacturing process of socks is simple , Coupled with the impact of the merchant price war , The market price has not been high all the time .

“ Our initial pricing was 59 element 5 double ”, Chen Cai told 《 The world's online merchants 》. Put it in 5 Years ago , Such a price has little advantage in the market . Socks in offline stores are mostly 10 Yuan Yishuang . On Taobao 10 element 3 Double or even 10 element 5 Pairs of socks are everywhere , Taote 、 Pinduoduo and other platforms will 1.99 element 60 Only black and white grey socks are used as drainage .

  As a new brand ,Primeet The user's portrait is not clear , How to find consumers who are willing to pay , This is the first problem Chen Cai faces .

“ In limine , We use the mode of shooting shrapnel to spread the quantity , Through a lot of SKU( Minimum inventory unit ) And frequent new arrivals to test consumer preferences .” Most of the time , The design team can produce nearly... In a month 200 The manuscript of the payment . The production cycle of damp socks is short , A pair of socks from design draft to mass production , When it's fast, just 15 God ~20 God ; The life cycle of a pair of popular models can be as long as 2~3 year . Attract guests through socks of various styles and colors ,Primeet The first year of Launch , Store fans reached 50 ten thousand .

“ Almost all seed users are 95 Young consumers after .”Primeet In this way, the basic style positioning is also built . It is mainly divided into four categories : The first is fashion commuting ; The second type is the vanguard movement ; The third kind is sweet, cool and sassy ; The fourth kind is to cure cute fun .

Like Chen Cai , Zhong Yaodong is also in the process of starting a business , Keep it clear ISKU The audience group of China .“ Age 23~32 s , Like to dress up , Have certain fashion taste and aesthetics , There is a certain economic basis . Consumption habits , Often buy clothes 、 Fashion accessories 、 Make up, etc .”

In the consumption concept of fashion socks lovers , Price 、 Function is not the core measure of buying socks , They prefer to pursue the of products “ Level of appearance ”“ The fineness of the pattern ”“ Uniqueness ”.

This also means that brands can reach higher pricing space , From the design concept 、IP Start in the direction of joint signature and so on , Increase your premium ability .ISKU Worked with SMILEY Jointly launched the smiling face socks series , As soon as it came into the market, there was a sales volume 10 ten thousand + My explosive .

2020 year , Zhang Yongjie, who has been deeply engaged in brand operation for many years, began to plan and launch a product called “ Implicit words ” Fashion socks brand . Brand design starts with exploring Chinese culture , The original price is 99 Yuan Yishuang . Among the domestic fashion socks brands , This price band is almost a no man's land . Even the Swedish sock brand representing the high price area Happy Socks, The price of single and double is only 60~70 yuan .

  Open the official flagship store of Yinyan tmall , Products are highly cultural story attributes , For example, Dunhuang series 、 Shanhaijing series 、 Intangible cultural heritage series . Quickly build brand intelligence , Catch the eye of the target user , Implicitly decided to take the channel as the starting point .2021 year 6 month 6 Japan , Yin Yan's first new product appeared in Li Jiaqi's live studio .“ We only tested the water 1000 Pieces in stock , It sold out in a few seconds .”

What's the next watershed ?

Zhong Yaodong 、 Chen CAI 、 Zhang Yongjie all went to 《 The world's online merchants 》 I mentioned a point : Upgrade brand SKU, Create matrix category .

So-called “ Building a matrix ”, Is to try to develop other categories besides socks , For example, home clothes . The two tracks seem irrelevant , In fact, there is a very similar growth logic . From the perspective of the client , Home clothes are like socks , It started with functional products , It doesn't have the attribute of fashion .

Today, , Home clothes are like socks , Have been given more interpretation . A Disney Co branded home dress hides a childlike heart , A piece of fabric is smooth 、 High quality silk home clothes are the embodiment of identity and taste . Regarding this , Zhang Yongjie proposed “ Three kilometers ” The concept of .“ I hope that our mass-produced home clothes in the future will not only be comfortable , It also has the same story and fashion as socks , Be able to wear it and move freely within three kilometers from home .” In his opinion , Trendy socks are more like a brand to attract core audiences 、 An anchor point thrown to the market .

Except for home clothes ,ISKU We will also try men's and women's underwear this year 、 Damp clothes 、 Development of accessories and other products .“ On the one hand, it can provide value-added services for old customers , On the other hand, it can also attract new users for the brand ”, Zhong Yaodong explained .

  If we say to create matrix category , It's the fashion socks brands that stretch their tentacles , Then the detailed consumption scenario is to deepen the root system .

Take the motion scene as an example , suffer NBA Athletes influence , Previous fashion socks brands paid more attention to the style of matching basketball shoes . And the main gym scene RIPPED Tearing tissue is another way , At the ankle of the sock “ print ” With interesting words , for example : Energetic girl 、 Latte sweetheart 、 Daily rowing 、 Defatted youth, etc . And in the Primeet The official flagship store , We also saw five finger split toe damp socks suitable for Yoga scenes .

According to the 《 Analysis report on market demand prospect and investment planning of China's sock industry 》 Show ,2022 The market scale of China's socks industry is expected to reach 3571 One hundred million yuan . Humble socks , It has become a 100 billion scale “ Star track ”.

Under the strong demand , There is no benchmarking in China Happy Socks Such a benchmarking brand . For Chinese fashion socks , The ceiling of the market , There is still a lot of room for imagination .

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