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2021 mobile phone SOC chip ranking inventory: more than 40 models, there is always one by your side

2022-05-08 00:16:52Blue dream Maple Creek

SoC, That's what the public calls “ processor / chip ”, It is one of the core components of the mobile phone . For most users , The most important thing to choose a mobile phone is to choose SoC. but SoC A large number , Easily confused . Despite the performance ladder diagram , But not comprehensive enough , I can't easily read the specifications . In order to reduce the number of people choosing machines / The trouble of comparison , Let's take an inventory of 2021 Models on sale in SoC, And sort according to performance .

in addition , By the way, join Kirin 960/970、 Xiao dragon 835/845 Wait for the familiar old flagship as a reference , Convenient for old flagship users ( Or users ready to start with the old flagship ), Know where these machines are now . We used... In those years / In use SoC More than 40 paragraph , There will always be one by your side .

This article is for entry-level users , Senior users or machine operators can skip the description section by themselves . Because there are many products involved , There are inevitably omissions , Don't hesitate to correct .

Basic description 、 cold / Thermal knowledge

2021 Mobile phone SoC Chip ranking inventory : super 40 paragraph , There is always one by your side

  • SoC yes System on Chip Abbreviation , Called system on chip or system on chip . Mobile phone CPU( Affect the running speed )、GPU( Affect game performance )、 baseband ( Affect the network ) And other core components are inside ; The biggest impact on performance is “CPU Single core 、CPU Multicore and GPU” Three parts , This article is mainly based on CPU Rank multi-core performance ;

  • CPU The key is the architecture (A78>A77>A76>>A75>A73>>>A55/A53)、 frequency ( Same framework , The higher the frequency is. , The stronger )、 Number of large cores ( When others are the same , The four nuclei are stronger than the natural two nuclei );

  • Although the schema name is the same , but 1+3+4 and 1+1+4 Super nuclei in the structure , Its cache is generally larger than the large core , Even with the same frequency , It's going to be stronger . But space is limited , There is no special note below ;

  • Products of the same level CPU and GPU Performance is generally corresponding , Rarely “ strong CPU+ weak GPU” or “ weak CPU with GPU” The situation of ( After all, manufacturers squeeze toothpaste according to their opponents ), But the flagship platform GPU It's usually relatively fierce . Cross Generational Comparison will find , qualcomm 800 The old flagship of the Department ,GPU There is a performance gap of two or more generations between the perennial and the midrange (2 Flagship years ago , Even if the CPU Being hanged by the current middle end , but GPU Can still kill . This is also CPU Performance of architecture bottleneck );

  • Qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 system 、 Huawei Haisi Qilin 900 system 、 MediaTek Tianji 1000 All are flagship ( The numbers are bigger and bigger , kirin 2020 Jump directly to Kirin 9000, complete “ Last-gasp goal ”), The middle position is Xiaolong 700/600 system 、 Kirin and MediaTek are both 700/800 system ;

  • Apple's A Series of chips , And Qualcomm in the Android camp / Huawei Hisilicon / mediatek / samsung Exynos, It's a completely different path . from A11 Start , Apples are “2 Big 、4 Small ” Of CPU structure , Its CPU The core scale is huge , Apple “ Little core ” Are already the big core level of the Android camp . therefore A Series single core invincible , Multi core performance is generally caught up every other year ( After all, the Android camp is shaped in 8 The core ). In addition, Apple has used self-developed architecture for many years , Its frequency cannot be compared with that of the Android camp .

1. Survival line :

  • Xiao dragon 439( Can only satisfy “ It works ” The requirements of , Wechat is a little hard ),4x1.95G+4x1.45G Of A53. Some strange offline and overseas models are used more ;

  • mediatek G25( Performance is almost better than Xiaolong 439, However, the optimization gap of stacking platform , It's fifty fifty ),4x2G+4x1.5G Of A53. The masterpiece is 4+64 edition 599 yuan Redmi 9A.

2. Satiety line ( Performance below 1000 yuan , Wechat is basically smooth ):

  • mediatek G80,2x2G Of A75+6x1.8G Of A55.4+64 Version of Redmi 9 use 799 Yuan can buy it , There are also many offline models G80 and G85;

  • mediatek G85, hold G80 Of GPU Overclock 50MHz I changed my name ,“ The water here is very deep ” series ;

  • Xiao dragon 662( A generation of god U Xiao dragon 660 Heirs of ),11nm,4x2G class A73+4x1.8G class A53, Old architecture , Mononuclear weakness , But at least 4 Meganucleus . Now only Redmi Note 9 4G A few models are on sale ;

  • kirin 710/710F/710A( Still on sale , But few shipments ), The first two are 12nm,4x2.2G Of A73+4x1.7G Of A53. and 710A yes 14nm,A73 The frequency is only 2G.

3. Well off line ( Basic fluency of life , New products even support 5G):

2021 Mobile phone SoC Chip ranking inventory : super 40 paragraph , There is always one by your side

Thousand yuan position SoC The most. , The representative is Tianji of MediaTek 700/720/800U/800 Four brothers ( Tianji 820 Not many shipments ), And high pass snapdragon 750G/765G/768G Three brothers .

  • kirin 960(2016-17 year ,Mate9/P10/ glory 9/ glory V9),4x2.36G Of A73+4x1.84G Of A53;

  • kirin 970(2017-18 year ,Mate10/P20/ glory 10/ glory V10. In those days, the selling point was very strong NPU, But it has little impact on the speed experience ), Process from 16nm Jump to the 10nm, and 960 Same CPU Set up ,GPU Greatly enhanced , Whole and Xiaolong 835 Same level ;

  • Xiao dragon 835(2017 Standard configuration of domestic flagship in , A generation that is more energy efficient than ever , Now there are still a lot of millet 6“ Nail house ”),4x2.4G class A73+4x1.9G class A53.CPU Multi core performance is only 765G Of 88% about , Single core is more 70% Less than , but GPU Can kill 765G,yyds!

  • Tianji 720( Blue green factory loves to use , The streets below the line are full of ),2×2G Of A76+6×2GHz Of A55,Mali-G57 MC3;

  • mediatek G90/G90T/G95( Once forcibly advertised as “ Game core ”,2019 Year of Redmi Note 8 Pro Used to G90T, It is often used by thousand yuan machine manufacturers suddenly ),CPU All are 2x2.05G Of A76+6x2G class A53, but GPU It's really relatively strong , Just don't guarantee heating control , Namely 720、800、900MHz( Super smoky ) Of Mali G76 MC4;

  • Tianji 700(CPU Performance is better than Tianji 720 They were stronger ,Surprise!),2×2.2G Of A76+6×2GHz Of A55, The price is GPU from Mali-G57 MC3 Castration MC2. But for users who play less games , This wave of losses ;

  • Xiao dragon 765G( Last year's shipments were huge , But the actual performance is average ),2.4G+2.3G Class A76+6x1.8G class A55,Adreno 620;

  • Tianji 800U( Fage version 765G),2×2.4G Of A76+6×2G Of A55,Mali-G57 [email protected];

  • Tianji 800( It's rare 4 Meganucleus , Unfortunately, the frequency is too low ),4×2G Of A76+4×2G Of A55,Mali-G57 MC4. Multicore than snapdragon 750G Duqiang , But Tianji 700 Class single core performance is a hindrance ;

  • Xiao dragon 768G(765G My overclocking vest , Middle end / The strongest single core performance of Xiaokang line . Just released OPPO K9 and iQOO Z3 In use , It is expected that the shipment volume will be large ),2.8G+2.4G Class A76+6x1.8G class A55,Adreno 620;

  • Xiao dragon 750G( Yes A77 framework , Single core is slightly weaker than 768G, Multicore ratio 765G/768G Duqiang ,Surprise! but GPU even 765G Can't win ),2x2.2G class A77+6x1.8G class A55,Adreno 619;

  • Xiao dragon 845(2018 Products of the year , A lot of hundreds of dollars “ The garbage ” The heart of the . Multi core is OK , But class A75 The single core performance of the architecture is weak , Drag down the experience ),4*2.8G class A75+1.8G class A55. The single core model is weaker than the single core model , Multi core is better than Xiaolong 768G, Weaker than Tianji 820, but GPU Hang Tianji 820;

Because there are too many products , Kirin, which now has a low shipment volume 810、 kirin 820 5G Kirin 820E 5G Not together . And Xiao dragon 720G/730G/732G( Performance in Tianji 720 To Tianji 800U Between ), At present, domestic shipments and prices are not dominant , You can skip directly when you see :

  • Xiao dragon 720G,2x2.3G class A76+1.8G class A55,Adreno 618

  • Xiao dragon 730G,2x2.2G class A76+1.8G class A55( There are minor upgrades to the core architecture ),Adreno 618

  • Xiao dragon 732G,2x2.3G class A76+1.8G class A55,Adreno 618

Huawei Hisilicon 7nm Conscience midrange series :

  • kirin 810( Tianji 700 Level , In the past, the shipment volume was huge ),2x2.27G Of A76+6x1.9G Of A55,Mali-G52 [email protected];

  • kirin 820E 5G,4x2.22G Of A76+4x1.84G Of A55( Cancelled the super nuclear design ),Mali-G57 MP6;

  • kirin 820 5G( Conscience products , Better than snapdragon 768G, Weaker than Tianji 820, It is already close to the middle line ),2.36G+3x2.22G Of A76+4x1.84G Of A55,Mali-G57 MP6;

4. Middle class line ( Full of blood 90Hz/ Blood 120Hz)

2021 Mobile phone SoC Chip ranking inventory : super 40 paragraph , There is always one by your side

  • Tianji 820( The real middle end is the strongest , Next to it are old flagship / A flagship .CPU Mononuclear is obviously weak , Only slightly better than 765G, But multi-core performance in Kirin 980 And apple A11 above .GPU Also significantly weaker than Xiaolong 845 Kirin 980, Just crush the snapdragon 768G One end ).4×2.6G Of A76+4×2G Of A55,Mali-G57 [email protected];

  • kirin 980(2018 end of the year , Huawei Mate20/P30/ glory 20/ glory V20, It has a huge amount of ), Single core performance is even in Xiaolong 768G above , Multicore is slightly weaker than Tianji 820,GPU Xiaosheng Xiaolong 845.2x2.6G+2x1.92G Of A76+1.8G Of A55,Mali-G76 [email protected];

  • kirin 985( glory 30 First episode , Then appear in nova7、nova8 In the series , Shipments are also huge ), Although the core frequency and GPU Different , But the performance is only small super Kirin 980( Call out good Sabre technique ).2.58G+3x2.4G Of A76+1.8G Of A55,Mali-G77 MP8;

  • Apple A11(2017 Year of A11:emm? Why am I on the middle line ?), from iPhone 8、8 Plus、iPhone X carrying . Xiao dragon 865 Level of single core performance , Multi core performance is close to Tianji 820,GPU Only with Xiaolong 845 Five five open ;

  • Xiao dragon 855(2019 Flagship standard configuration in the first half of the year ),2.84G+3x2.42G class A76+4x1.8G class A55,Adreno [email protected];

  • Tianji 1000+(PDD A lot of prices OK Relevant models .A77 The architecture is balanced , but GPU Low energy efficiency ratio , Eat vendor optimization ),4x2.6G Of A77+4x2G Of A55,Mali-G77 [email protected]

  • Xiao dragon 855+(2019 Flagship standard configuration in the second half of the year , Xiao dragon 855 Super core and GPU Over frequency version ), Play a good model , Single core performance and GPU Are slightly better than Tianji 1000+.2.96G+3x2.42G class A76+4x1.8G class A55,Adreno [email protected];

  • Apple A12( Apple 2018 Products of the year , stay iPhone XR、XS、XS Max On the body ),CPU Mononuclear than snapdragon 888 All of the following Android SoC Duqiang , Multicore is a snapdragon 855 Level ,GPU Bi Tianji 1200 And Xiao dragon 865 Duqiang ( unfortunately iPhone Heat dissipation is too stingy , Unable to continue output );

  • kirin 990 series :

    • kirin 990 5G( Mononuclear is slightly stronger than Tianji 1000+, Polynuclear and early snapdragon 865 near ,GPU and 855+ near ),2x2.86G+2x2.36G Of A76+4x1.95G Of A55,Mali-G76 MP16

    • kirin 990 4G( Get rid of 5G baseband , Weaker 7nm process , The frequency of midnuclei and small nuclei is lower , Multi core performance cannot win Tianji 820, but GPU ok ),2x2.86G+2x2.09G Of A76+4x1.86G Of A55,Mali-G76 MP16

    • kirin 990E 5G( Craft and CPU It hasn't changed , But two less GPU The core ),2x2.86G+2x2.36G Of A76+4x1.95G Of A55,Mali-G76 MP14

  • Tianji 1100( Tianji 1000+ Of 6nm+A78 Enhanced energy efficiency ratio , And finally UFS 3.1, Multi core plays a better role , Single core ),4x2.6G Of A78+4x2G Of A55,GPU still Mali-G77 MC9.

5. The affluence line ( Fluency, freedom , Cancer and proto God are very few app With the exception of )

2021 Mobile phone SoC Chip ranking inventory : super 40 paragraph , There is always one by your side

  • samsung Exynos 1080, Only vivo X60 Pro Such as a very few models in use , Xiao dragon 865 Level , But the energy efficiency ratio is lower ( Warm up ).2.8G+3x2.6G Of A78+4x2G Of A55,Mali G78 MP10;

  • Xiao dragon 865( thank 888 Not to force , Let me fight for another year ),2.84G+3x2.42G Class A77+4x1.8G class A55,Adreno [email protected];

  • Tianji 1200( MediaTek's version of Xiaolong 870, Super nuclear and GPU Overclock ),3G+3x2.6G Of A78+4x2G Of A55,Mali-G77 [email protected];

  • Xiao dragon 865+/ Xiao dragon 870( Because of the high energy efficiency ratio /888 stretch hip as exercise , It's the best game today SoC), It's all dragons 865 Over frequency version , The former is super nuclear 3.1G, The latter is super nuclear 3.2G, The graphics performance is obviously better than Tianji 1200.3.1/3.2G+3x2.42G Class A77+4x1.8G class A55,Adreno [email protected];

  • Apple A13(iPhone 11、11 Pro、11 Pro Max、2020 paragraph SE), Single core is far away from today's Android flagship , Multicore “ Just a small win ” Tianji 1200,GPU And the Android camp a year later , But because of the fever 、 Poor heat dissipation , The game continues to lose ;

  • kirin 9000E( Get rid of 2 individual GPU The core Kirin 9000, The rest remains the same ),

  • kirin 9000( Public Edition GPU The strongest pile in history , Full of blood G78 MP24), Mononuclear is just slightly stronger than Xiaolong 870, Multi core Xiaosheng Xiaolong 888,GPU and 888 Five five open ( TSMC 5nm frigging awesome !),3.13G+3x2.54G Of A77+2.05G Of A55,Mali-G78 [email protected];

  • Xiao dragon 888( Use Samsung 5nm, Save money , But it costs electricity ),X1 The architecture core has the strongest single core of Android ,GPU It's also super smoking , Extreme performance , But it's really hot .2.84G class X1+3x2.42G class A78+1.8G class A55,Adreno [email protected];

  • A14, Overwhelming omni-directional hegemony ,A14 All beings are equal before us : Is my brother . But apple is still too stingy to dissipate heat , Unable to continue output .

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