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The game version number has become a "hard currency" industry, and the "war of robbing millions of people" is difficult to reproduce

2022-05-08 00:19:40Chinese industry information station

A game company practitioner told surging news reporters , The resumption of edition number issuance may bring a good trend to the game industry , But the industry still holds a calm and wait-and-see attitude ,2021 The phenomenon of seizing talents with millions of annual salary may be difficult to reproduce .

Previous 4 month 11 Sunday night , The State Press and Publication Administration officially announced 4 Monthly approval information of domestic online games :45 Game approved . among , Baidu 、 Gigabit 、 Heart Network 、 Notoginseng and entertainment 、 Youzu network 、 Zhongqingbao 、 lilith 、 There are games in the dream world . This is far from last year 7 In January, a batch of game version numbers were publicized , It's past and near 8 Months .

The version number is “ Hard currency ”, The industry as a whole tends to be calm

For game industry practitioners , On the evening of the day when the edition number is resumed , The degree of jubilation is no less than that of the Chinese New Year .

On the day when the edition number is resumed , Heart Network CEO Huang Yimeng made a circle of friends and said :“ Make dumplings tonight ”, Gao liandun, President of dreamworld, shared a song 《Feeling Good》; You family CEO Chen Fangcheng :“ The champagne is open .” Jun hai CEO Chen Jinhai was in the early morning 5 Click the circle of friends to say :“ It's not easy , One project in three years .”

 Heart Network CEO Huang Yimeng
Heart Network CEO Huang Yimeng

 Gao liandun, President of Chuang mengtiandi
Gao liandun, President of Chuang mengtiandi

 You family CEO Chen Fang
You family CEO Chen Fang

For all that , The promotion effect of the edition number on the game industry is still obvious . In terms of market performance , The next day after the revision number is resumed , The whole game board is red , The market intuitively gives the response of version number restart .

4 month 12 Japan , Glacier network (300533)、 Dasheng culture (600892)、 Youzu network (002174) Wait for the game stocks to rise and open , Zhongqingbao (300052)、 Gigabit (603444)、 Notoginseng and entertainment (002555) Isoinflation excess 7%. But at the close of the day , The share prices of these companies have begun to fall . Take the mutual entertainment of Panax notoginseng as an example , After opening up quickly , Dive quickly and turn green , For a time, the decline was more than 7%, Final closing report 23.63 element , fall 1.95%.

According to the reporter , At present, the industry still holds a wait-and-see attitude towards the resumption of version number issuance . Many practitioners said :“ You still need to wait until the next version number is approved and issued , In order to have a clearer grasp of the current trend .” Practitioners of a head enterprise in Shanghai told reporters , The edition number is correct T1-T2 The influence of enterprises is not big , Because the original cash flow is abundant , It mainly has a greater impact on small game enterprises and work , Will directly affect its revenue .

However, some game companies have begun to transform and adjust . Surging news reporter according to public telephone , Trying to contact includes 《 Magic eye fighting 》、《 Dream dog 》、《 Little city Lord 》 And many other game registration and operation units , Or be told “ dial the wrong number ”, Or you can't get through .

Insiders told surging journalists , It is not uncommon for the team to adjust before the release of the version number is suspended . For example, when the company sets up a project for research and development , May be optimistic about the future of the project , Then start research and development and apply for version number , But the application process takes about half a year to a year , During this period, various emergencies may occur .“ Even if the version number is sent down , Maybe the game has long stopped developing , Or give up commercialization , The suspension of edition numbers only exacerbates this situation .”

From a recruitment perspective , The version number has become the key for game companies to attract talents “ Hard currency ”. The day after the version number is restored , A game company changed its recruitment notice on its home page , It focuses on :“ The project under research has obtained the domestic version number .”

“ According to the tradition of previous years , Gold, silver and four have always been the season of frequent talent flow in the game industry , But this year is completely different .” Insiders told surging news reporters . Affected by the general layoffs of Internet enterprises this year , Before the version number is restarted , Large companies seek transformation , Small publicity seeks survival , The pace of expansion slows down , The mobility of the talent market has become worse .

A number of industry insiders said , The resumption of edition number issuance may bring a new round of recruitment , But it's hard to go back to 2021 Year of “ Rob war ”.“ After this round of edition number suspension , Most game companies are actually sober , Talent recruitment may be more demanding , After all, the current version number is a scarce resource , Can't afford to waste , If you want to do a good job in the project, you must have better talents .” Zhang Xiong, a game industry observer, introduced to surging journalists .

“ When the tide of the whole game industry going to sea is relatively hot , Most game manufacturers are also looking overseas , Then such talents may become the meat and potatoes of the industry .” Zhang Xiong believes .

Previously, the head of a game industry department disclosed to surging journalists , The game industry has great talent mobility , stay 2020 It appeared around “ Rob war ”, Many companies offer very high salaries to tap talents .

“2020 year , A company once said publicly that it would recruit artists from all over the world with an annual salary of millions ; Shanghai game circle TA、 engine 、 Salary increases for scarce positions such as art 20%-30%; A cutting-edge large factory planned to attract a Tencent , Don't hesitate to open 30w Signing fee ; Many recruiters HR Less than 30 year , But the annual salary has reached 70-80 ten thousand .”

According to the reporter's observation , At present, the resumption and issuance of the first batch of edition numbers , No significant impact on the game talent market .“ The main reason is that the total amount of this batch of edition numbers is less , It can only be said that the situation has marginal improvement , But no reversal .” According to one insider .

Securities companies pay attention to the recovery of the valuation of the game industry

2016 year 6 month , Issued by the former State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television 《 Notice on the management of mobile game publishing service 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 notice 》), Propose unapproved mobile games , No online publishing and operation . Since then , The edition number has ushered in a wave of explosive growth .

According to the statistics of surging journalists ,2017 In, the cumulative number of domestic and imported online game editions was 9368 individual ,2018 Years for 2064 individual , here we are 2019-2020 year , The number of edition numbers is 1570 And 1405 individual . stay 2021 year , The number of approved game version numbers is only 755 individual , The number of edition numbers shows an obvious downward trend year by year .

before , The game version number has also experienced a round of suspension : Due to institutional reform , The version number used to be from 2018 year 3 Suspended from 9 Months , And in 2018 year 12 Monthly resumption of distribution . And from 《 notice 》 Between distribution and the first round of suspension , It was the peak of the number of game editions : According to statistics ,2016 year 7 Month to 2018 year 3 Version number issued during the month , occupy 11 Of the total number of game editions reviewed in the past years 68%.

“ The number of editions during that time can be seen as wild growth , In the past two years , With the tightening of industrial policies , Including the formulation of relevant specifications , The total amount of version number distribution has also reached the stage of gradual regulation .” A brokerage analyst told surging news reporters .“ For the whole industry , In fact, the restart of edition number also means that there will be a new round of competition . In the context of total amount regulation , Want to apply for the scarce resource of edition number , Considering the compliance of game content , Taking the lead in getting the version number can only improve the quality , In this context , It will also promote the healthy development of the whole game industry .”

From the attitude of the capital market , On the whole, they still show confidence in the game industry . China Merchants Securities Research Report shows that , With the release of the later version number restarted, it is expected to open , It is expected that the game sector will usher in the first round of rebound . The game goes out to sea 、 The meta universe and VR/AR game , It will become the core driving line of the game sector this year .

China Merchants Securities thinks , be relative to 2018 Before and after, the order of the game industry's version numbers was chaotic 、 The supervision of chess and card games and other special categories is insufficient , At present, the overall order of the game industry is better . And game companies actively embrace regulation , Effectively and strictly implement the regulatory requirements . Strong supervision can also realize the protection of high-quality game products .

And Guojin Securities said in the Research Report , The valuation of game companies is currently at a historically low level , Focus on the recovery of the valuation center of high-quality game companies . For example, game companies represented by Tencent are still at a low valuation level , With the resumption of the edition number 、 The continuous promotion of the game to the sea , Can further layout the assets of high-quality game companies .

It is worth noting that , Including the above two securities companies , A number of research reports have shown almost consistent interest in sea going business . One of the game companies that got the version number this time , Lu Hongyan, chairman of gibbet, also stated at the performance meeting recently that , At this stage, the company requires that the subject matter of the newly approved products can be distributed overseas .

“ High quality sailing is still the main line of investment , Pay attention to the internationalization process of listed game companies . Under the background of flow shortage and total amount control , The growth of domestic game market slows down , On a large scale 、 High quality domestic games go to sea more in line with the cultural output orientation , meanwhile , Go to sea relative to the platform , As a content product, games also face less overseas regulatory risk .” According to the analysis of the Research Report of securities companies .

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